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Doulton drinking water systems are ideal for:
Boats and RV's
Coffee shops
For emergencies
Traveling abroad
Beer making
Ice cube makers
Whole house
Kids and pets
Healthy lifestyle

Doulton... Worldwide experience in removing waterborne bacteria and contaminants since 1827- Pure and Simple.

Developed by Doulton, the microporous ceramic element, combined with the latest extruded carbon-block technology, effectively removes waterborne bacteria and toxic chemicals - efficiently and 100% naturally.

How the Doulton Systems Work

IP-100 Under Sink Models

Instructions & Specifications

Doulton under sink filters typical installation

Undersink filters IP100, 200, 300, IS100 & ISVR100 Models Installation Instructions Using EZ Fitting>>

Water faucet installation and servicing>>

Doulton ceramic filtration elements

Specialty elements for Doulton filters models CP200+, IP200 and 300 series

Sprite shower filters

CP-100 Work Top Model

Doulton sink top typical installation

Doulton Countertop water filters CP100 and 200+ Series Installation Instructions>> CP100UC data sheet>>
Replacing diverter valve kit on Doulton countertop filters>>

Problem: "I'm using all my strength but cannot take my filter apart in order to scrub the ceramic filter element. I know it's plugged because very little water is coming out of it, it sputters."

Answer: 1. Turn off the water to the filter
2. Pull and hold spring loaded knob (A) type or turn on on/off type knob until spout dripping stops completely.
3. Follow the instructions of the under-sink filters.

G Series Gravity Doulton/ British Berkefeld Filters

Doulton/British Berkefeld gravity water filters

Gravity SS assembling, operating and servicing instructions in PDF >>

Specialty elements installation instructions>>

LP5 gravity water filter assembly instructions.

British Berkefeld Gravity SS and LP Models Specifications>>

The GSS-Mini, Travel Filters Features>>

GSS-Mini installation instructions>>

Aquacrock gravity water chiller

Aquacrock gravity water chiller specifications

Classic Ceramic Gravity Filter Specs>>

These units are intended for use in situations where a reliable supply of safe drinking water is unavailable. Ideal for outdoor travelers, hikers, expeditions, missionaries, etc.

Due to their effectiveness at eliminating water-born diseases such as cholera and typhoid, they are being specified for field operations by many of the worlds major aid and emergency relief organizations.

Existing Doulton Customers:

Medicines Sans Frontiers
US and Foreign Embassies
British Embassies
Crown Agents
IDA Foundation
Save the Children Fund
League of Red Cross
Green Crescent
Governments agencies, military, industrial concerns and above all by millions of satisfied individuals in over 150 countries around the world.

Setting the Standardsa

Doulton water filters have been tested and certified to The World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. EPA-approved laboratory standards, European-approved laboratory standards and the national laboratory standards of over 50 countries. In fact, they are the only products in this industry to meet the rigid standards of ISO 9000.

  • Exceeds ANSI / NSF Standard 53 criteria for cyst reduction (100% removal of Giardia and Crypto oosysts) and CDC / EPA guidance on drinking water for people with severely weakened immune systems.

Doulton's extensive laboratories are continually striving to set new standards in water quality throughout the world.

The future holds no promise for safe drinking water. The only promise is in Doulton's continued pledge, achieved through the best in technology combined with enduring craftsmanship, to make the world's most effective water purifiers.

All at a small fraction of the cost of nationally advertised bottled water !

Doulton... A Product Second to None!

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