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Safe drinking water is often taken for granted, yet in many parts of the world reliable supplies of clean water are at a premium.
In many circumstances a piped supply is not available and surface water from rivers, streams or water holes present the only source of water. In this case the water may appear unclear and have an unpleasant taste, but more importantly is often a source for disease. Even clear and apparently fresh water may be polluted with disease causing pathogens.

Water Systems for Boats, Yachts, RV's, Motor coachesRV's, motor coaches, boats and yachts drinking water systems fitted with Doulton ceramic micro filter cartridges. The fresh, safe alternative to costly bottled water, reverse osmosis, distillation or UV technologies.

With it's exclusive all 100% natural multi stage purification technology, even heavily polluted water can be restored to safe and wholesome drinking water without the use of harsh or distasteful chemicals. The simple design assures a long lasting and easy to maintain system that can far outlast and outperform any other filtration system on the market. Safe water can be attained anywhere at any time for all of your outdoor leisure. During short or extensive travel, in developed or developing world countries.
Featured in Trailer Life and Motor Home Magazines March 2004 issues.

Tips on how to maintain a healthy motor home fresh water system>> (Super chlorination/de chlorination and disinfections of your fresh water system).

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Boat/RV Point of Entry (POE) Drinking Water Systems Designed to Purify the Entire Craft Fresh Water Supply.

Boats and RV's Salt Free Conditioners.

10.000 gallons boat/motor home water purification systemRIF-10- Whole craft water purifying system with up to 2.3 GPM flow rate. Pump your water directly out of lake, river or from your holding tank

FSC3 - Salt free water conditionerFSC3 - Salt free water conditioner for small and medium size crafts with 3 GPM flow rate.


FSC6.2 - Salt free water conditionerFSC6.2 - Salt free water conditioner for large crafts with 6 GPM flow rate.
For more info on salt free technology >>


Large crafts water filtration system with up to 8 GPM flow rateNEW! RIF-10J - Large crafts water filtration system fitted with Doulton's multi candle carrousel with up to 5 GPM flow rate.

clear housing prefilter 10" clear housing pre-filter 1/2" female ports bracket and wrench designed as a pre-filter for RIF-10, RIF-20 and RIF-10J whole craft purifiers.

Doulton Point of Use (POU) Drinking Water Systems. Designed for drinking and cooking water with a dedicated DW "Pure water tap". Boondockers, see our gravity systems.

Doulton water filter designed for boats and RV's water purificationModel IP100SC-Single housing ABS plastic systems designed to turn raw water into high quality drinking water that will meet most stringent potable water standards. For any water supply with no objectionable water odors (other than sea water).

Doulton RV's water filters Model IP200UC plus-Compact, yet powerful system designed for "problem drinking waters". Solves water problems related to: High levels of carcinogenic chemicals and heavy metals. Swampy, musty and metallic (iron) taste and color, offensive odors due to hydrogen sulfides (rotten egg smell), etc.

Doulton boat- motorhome water purifierModel IS100SC-Single housing stainless steel systems designed to turn raw water into high quality drinking water that will meet most stringent potable water standards. For any water supply with no objectionable water odors.

Stainless steel countertop water filterNew! Stainless steel countertop water filter with Doulton ceramic filtration elements.

Boats and RV's may need to fill their water storage tanks from questionable sources. Holding tanks without inhibitors may grow bacteria and impart unpleasant tastes and odors while endangering your health with unseen bacteria. These filters sterilize your water as it flows into your glass or container all 100% naturally.

Contaminants removal: Guinea Worm (100%), Giardia Lamblia (100%), Cryptosporidium (100%) live cysts test results, Ecoli bacteria (>99.99%) live bacteria test results, Chlorine up to 2 ppm (>95%), Turbidity (>99.69%), Klebsiella Terrigena (>99.999%), Cholera (>99.999%), Shigella (>99.999%), Salmonella Typhi (>99.999%); test results, pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents.

Doulton water filters UK defense standard approved Approved to UK Defense Standard AQAP4 Reg. No. 1232580

Doulton water filters ISO 9000 accreditation
Doulton water filters WRAS approved Doulton water filters NSF approved

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