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Drinking Water For Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Healthy Active Lifestyle

Wholesome water. A scarce elixir of life.

drinking water for health Few desires are so fierce as the thirst for water. Wholesome water is vital to the workings of every organ and tissues. It maintains our body temperature, flushes poisons from the bloodstream and gives form to every cell. It bathes and cushions our brain and provides our lungs with the moisture they need to breathe. Without water, arms couldn't flex, eyes couldn't see and heart couldn't beat. Yet, nature's hydrological cycle strives relentlessly to replenish our water supply, but modern society is constantly polluting it and our water may no longer be regarded as dependably wholesome.

What is a wholesome water?

bottled water Ideally drinking water should be physically attractive, free from all harmful bacteria and have a chemical content which will promote the health of the consumer. Wholesome water can now be obtained only from pristine alpine sources in the form of bottled spring water at double the premium of gasoline price.

The solution is simple!

gravity drip filter With a Doulton water filter you and your family can can enjoy water the way it was meant - wholesome and refreshing - glass after thirst - quenching glass.

Water also fuels today's active lifestyles - whether aerobics, biking or tennis.

Doulton water is fresher, better tasting and less costly than bottled water and more convenient. No worries about the source of bottled water. No hurried trips to the store when you run out. Doulton water is always in good taste. Fresh and pure. As much you want. When you want it.

For information on drinking water of health importance visit the following web sites:
"Miracles of water" by Dr. Cayer:

Global Health Solutions' website
"It is chronic dehydration that causes the pains and degenerative diseases of the human body." Miracles in Ordinary Water! On WaterCure site you can order F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. books "Your Body's Many Cries for Water", "Water Cures: Drugs Kill" ,"Water: For Health, For Healing, For Life", "Water: Rx for A Healthier Pain-Free Life".

Doulton filters are featured in Ann Louise Gittleman’s books "Fat Flush Cookbook" and "Why Am I Always So Tired?" which is about copper zinc nutritional imbalance.

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD., C.N.S., is the author of more than a dozen health books, including the best selling Fat Flush Plan. Her books have sold over 3 million copies. Ann Louise has been named one of the country's Top Ten Nutritionists by Self Magazine and has also been named a Pioneer in the 21st Century Approach to Optimum Health by Total Health for Longevity Magazine. She maintains a private practice, consults for medical establishments, contributes regularly to national magazine features, and is a popular guest on television and radio.

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Latest news and articles about world water problems and water pollution by CNN, ABC, BBC, Fox, NBC, other news sources

Seattle Post - Bottled water urged in Seattle schools. Board member expresses concerns to Manhas on inconsistent lead tests - October 27, 2004
A Seattle School Board member met with Superintendent Raj Manhas yesterday, urging him to bring back bottled water at a number of schools over concerns about inconsistent lead tests and other contaminants.

Washington Post - Lead Levels in Water Misrepresented Across U.S. - October 5, 2004
Cities across the country are manipulating the results of tests used to detect lead in water, violating federal law and putting millions of Americans at risk of drinking more of the contaminant than their suppliers are reporting.

Washington Post - District to Issue Warning on Lead. Health Advisory on Water to Target Pregnant Women, Small Children - February 25, 2004

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* "What's on Tap? Grading Drinking Water in U.S. Cities" Report released on June 11th 2003 by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

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