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 I-Series>> residential under sink filters>> In-line Doulton Water Filters for Residential Ice Makers and Refrigerators

In-line water filter fitted with Doulton Ultracarb ceramic candle. A compact yet very powerful filter incorporating 4 stage filtration technologies in a single housing that can be mounted in any position requiring only 2.5"x12" space.

An ideal system for water cooler manufacturers using inefficient, bacteria breeding and bulky RO's systems into the cooler production.

Typical Applications:

  • Domestic refrigerator ice makers and water dispensers
  • Bottleless office/work place water coolers
  • Drinking water fountains
  • Anywhere requiring high quality chemical free and bacteria free drinking water

Water chillers

* Instant cold water chiller. Quiet, compact and economical hides neatly under sink cabinet it uses only 60 watt electricity.

* Instant hot and chilled water systems
Doulton filters can be used with any water other than sea water.

Inline water filter stainlessIn-line ice maker refrigerator water filter By installing a Doulton in-line water filter you have taken an important step in protecting you and your family from waterborne chemicals and pathogenic bacteria. With a Doulton system you can enjoy water the way it was meant to be - pure and refreshing - glass after glass. With some quick fit connectors now you can enjoy pure water and ice from your refrigerator ice maker and chilled water dispenser. By doing so you eliminate the need of buying refrigerator with built-in filters and relying on the manufacturer of supplying you with specially designed units.

HIS/UC stainless steel in-line water filter with Ultracarb candle, 1/4" push-fit inlet/outlet connections $249.00
HIP/UC polyester/acetal in-line water filter with Ultracarb candle, 1/4" push-fit inlet/outlet connections $149.00
CN-UC Spare Ultracarb candle (part N° W9123053)
2"x10" (S) threaded mount filter with extruded carbon core and ATS media for heavy metals reduction inside Sterasyl shell (a.k.a. CU1200)
$55.00 for 1

$52.50/ea for 2

$48.00/ea for 4 

Parts for inline filter installation

1/4 in. O.D. tube push-fit ball valve1/4" O.D. tube push-fit ball valve $5.70
1/4 in x7/16-24 UNS push-fit connector for ice maker/refrigerator water line1/4"x7/16-24 UNS push-fit connector for ice maker/refrigerator water line $2.38
1/4" P.E NSF 51 compliant tube (per foot) $0.24
1/4 in. O.D. tube push-fit union1/4" O.D. tube push-fit union $2.30

Doulton Ceramic filters for restaurants, drinking water stations, commercial ice makers>>

Doulton Ceramic Filters For Commercial Ice Makers

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Doulton Inline Water Filters for Residential and Commercial Ice Makers