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 C-Series>>Doulton countertop water filtration systems with Ultracarb candle >> model: CP100UC

Doulton countertop HCP filtration system designed for chemical Ultracarb water filtration

Doulton countertop water filter unit complete with Ultracarb cartridgeDrinking Water Filter Product Data Sheet

This unit is certified to ANSI/NSF Standards 42 & 53 and is certified by the California Department of Health Services.

Unit Description:

Doulton® CP100UC filter unit complete with Ultracarb cartridge.

General Performance:

The CP100UC slimline filter housing fitted with an Ultracarb filter element provides the user with a point of use device capable of reducing cysts, turbidity and particles contained within a water supply.

The Ultracarb element utilises advanced carbon technology to remove Chlorine and odours and improve taste. The incorporation of a heavy metal scavenging compound efficiently reduces lead.

During use, contaminants filtered from the water may build up on the outer surface of the ceramic cartridge and cause a reduction in flow through the unit. The cartridge will, therefore, need removing periodically for cleaning to restore the flow. Cleaning frequency will be dependent on the condition of the incoming water.

A cartridge that has reached the end of its life would be indicated by a reduction in the quality of the filtered water with respect to taste. The cartridge should be replaced in accordance with the rated service capacity, which would typically give a period of six months usage.

Manufactured by: Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited, England.

General Product Data:

Rated service flow 1 .9 litres/min (0.5 g/min.)
Rated capacity 2300 litres (600 galls.)
Maximum operating pressure 862 kPa( 125 psig.)
Maximum operating temperature 38°C(100°F)
Minimum operating pressure 69kPa(10psig)
Minimum operating temperature 5°C(41°F)

Performance/Test Data CP100UC

This unit conforms to ANSI/NSF Standards 42 and 53 for reduction of the substances listed below. The concentration of the indicated substances in water entering the system was reduced to a concentration less than or equal to the permissible limit for water leaving the system as specified in ANSI/NSF Standards 42 and 53.

Test ParameterEPA MCLAv. InfluentAv. EffluentMax. Effluent% Reduction (Av/Min)Reduction RequirementMax Permissible Effluent
Chlorine; (Taste & Odour)N/A1 .94 ppm0.05 ppm0.05 ppm>97.4% />94.7%>50%/
Cyst99.95%61250/L2/L5/L>99.99%/>99.99%>99.95% Pass/
Particulate (0.5 - 1 urn)N/A190000/ml207/ml930/ml>99. 9%/>99.2%> 85% Class 1/
Turbidity1 NTU24 NTU0.07 NTU 0.1 NTU >99.7%/>99.6%Pass<0.5 NTU
Lead (6.5pH)0.01 5 ppm0.1674 ppm0.0027 ppm0.008 ppm>98.4%/>96.2%Pass<0.01 ppm
Lead (8.5pH)0.015 ppm0.1 76 ppm0.003 ppm0.004 ppm>98.3%/>97.3%Pass<0.01 ppm

Tested at Rated Flow; Pressure = 60 psig; pH = 7.5±1; Temp. 10-25°C

Installation, Operation and Maintenance:

Detailed installation and operating instructions are provided with each filter unit supplied. For general guidance, however, the main points are summarised below:

1. It is important that local laws and regulations are observed and that fittings comply with such regulations. The filter is to be installed on a cold water line only.

2. When the filter is installed, to ensure that the filter is conditioned to the local water supply, the filter should be flushed for a minimum of 10 minutes and allowed to stand for 24 hours with a further short flush (2 minutes or 1 gallon) of
water to waste, after which the filter will be ready to perform at its very best.

3. The filter is designed so that the cartridge can be removed for cleaning or replacement by isolating the water supply and unscrewing the cartridge. Cleaning is a simple operation. The surface of the cartridge can be scrubbed with a stiff brush to restore the flow. Re-installation can be carried out by screwing the cartridge into the cap.


Tested and certified to ANSI/NSF International Standards 42 & 53 for the following:

Chlorine reduction (Taste and Odour);
Particulate reduction, Class 1;
Turbidity reduction;
Cyst reduction (including Giardia and live Cryptosporidium);
Lead reduction.

Systems Certified for Cyst Reduction may be used on disinfected water that may contain filterable Cysts.

The substances removed by this device are not necessarily in your water and while testing was performed under standard laboratory conditions, actual performance may vary.

Replacement Parts:

The replacement part for this unit is CN-UC Ultracarb ceramic element. Change every 6 months for family of four.

Only use genuine Doulton® replacement elements to ensure optimum filter performance.

Doulton® and Sterasyl® are registered trademarks Fairey Industrial Ceramics Limited is an authorised user.

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