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Portable Gravity Fed Water Filters with Doulton ceramic filtration elements.

No Electricity/No Plumbing
Highly Portable
Emergency Preparedness
Micro Filtered
Contaminants Removal:
Pathogenic bacteria, Cysts, Sediment Organic Chemicals: Pesticides, herbicides, organic solvents, trihalomethanes Chemicals: Chlorine

Gravity filters achieve extraordinary filtration due to the high amount of contact time the water has with the filter media.
These units are intended for use in situations where a reliable supply of safe drinking water is unavailable. Ideal for outdoor travelers, hikers, expeditions, missionaries, etc. Due to their effectiveness at eliminating water-born diseases such as cholera and typhoid, they are being specified for field operations by many of the worlds major aid and emergency relief organizations.

All portable water filtration systems are fitted with genuine Doulton® ceramic candles. Wing nut and gasket are included with every ceramic replacement element.

GSS stainless steel filters

GSS Stainless steel gravity fed water filtraion systemMore info> High grade polished stainless steel canister.
Holding Capacity: 2.25 Gallons.
Dimensions when assembled: 8.5"x19.25"

GSS2-ATC $259.94 2x7 slimline SuperSterasylATC candles gravity system with lead reduction media:

NEW! GSS2-IMP-UF with two 2.75"x7" (L) Imperial British Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride ceramic candles. Provides superior reduction of: Fluoride, Bacteria, Cysts, Particles, Chlorine, Organics and Lead.

CN-SS-ATC7 2x7 (L) Supersterasyl ATC ceramic candles w/lead reduction media. 44.95
Spare CN-SSI-ATC-FL(L) Imperial British Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride 2.75"x7" (L) ceramic candle $79.95 ea.

Gravity water filter replacement guide:
Number of Supersterasyl candles 2 slimline 2 Imperial 2 Imperial CN-SSI-ATC-FL 4 Imperial 2 slimline 2 Imperial 1 Imperial 5"
Flow-rate Max. (24 hrs) 10 GPD 20 GPD 15 GPD 40 GPD 10 GPD 20 GPD 26 oz. per hour
Gallons/ Replacement 1000/ 12 months 1500/ 15 months 1000/ 12 months 3000/ 2.5 yrs 1000/ 12 months 1500/ 15 months 500 gallons/ 6 months
*SuperSterasyl, SuperSterasylATC and Imperial SuperSterasyl ceramic filters are interchangeable.

Only genuine Doulton Supersterasyl ceramic filters made in England are supplied with all gravity fed filters.

Supersterasyl end caps

HCA high density polypropylene filters

HCA lightweight portable water filterLightweight, durable, portable gravity water filter constructed of a high density polypropylene material.
Holding Capacity: 1.33 Gallons.
Operating Dimensions: 7.5"x19.75".

TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK, contact for more information

GSS-Mini personal stainless steel filters

Personal Stainless Drip filter GSS-Mini-A(coming soon)
Lightweight and durable filter housing made of surgical grade 316L stainless steel.
Holding Capacity: 24 oz.
Dimensions when assembled: 10"x3.25".
More info>

GSS Series - Stainless steel portable gravity water filters.

Made from high quality surgical grade stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. Telescopes for easy transport, it is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. Systems supplied complete, ready to use, including SuperSterasyl self-sterilizing ceramic elements and tap.

GSS Series Stainless steel portable gravity water filters with two Doulton® Imperial SuperSterasyl™ 7 inch filtration elements (candles) can produce over 20 gallons per day (GPD) of safe delicious drinking water.

Each filter chamber holds 2.25 gal.(9 L). GSS2-4 portable gravity filter specifications>.

Used by many of the world's leading relief organizations including US Military.

A recent study by a leading UK University showed that use of Doulton/British Berkefeld drinking water filters in a community in Zimbabwe slashed cases of potentially fatal diarrhea (a common problem in Africa caused by pathogenic bacteria and cysts in the water supply) to virtually zero. Doulton/British Berkefeld filters have been proven to work in the most demanding conditions.

Gravity SS assembling, operating and servicing instructions>>

Water filtration efficiency:

0.2 microns silver impregnated ceramic shell of SuperSterasyl™ candle (Sterasyl™) effectively remove pathogenic bacteria such as E.coli, cholera, salmonella, shigella, typhoid etc with greater than 99.99% efficiency, 100% removal of pathogenic cysts such as cryptosporidium parvum, giardia lamblia, guinea worm etc.

Inside the ceramic shell is packed bed of coconut shell granular activated carbon ( GAC) for removal of chlorine, VOC's, industrial solvents, bad taste and odor etc. For microbiologically effectiveness the ceramic shell is self-sterilized (no need for boiling) and can be cleaned up to 60 times before is worn off. For more information on Doulton's world class ceramic filtration technology visit >>

Absolute filtration rating >99.9999% 0.9 microns absolute
Effective filtration rating >99.9% 0.5 - 0.8 microns
>99.7% 0.3 - 0.5 microns
>98%0.2 - 0.3 microns
E.coli bacteria >99.99%
Fecal bacteria >99.99%
Salmonella typhi >99.999%
Vibrio cholerae >99.99%
Klebsiella Terrigena >99.999%
Shigella disinteriae >99.999%
Serratia marcescenes >99.99%
Cryptosporidium cysts 100%
Giardia cysts 100%

NOTE: It should be clearly understood that during tests performances the concentration of bacteria fed to the filtration element is artificially high in order to simulate a challenging test for the ceramic element. The most aggressive "real life" condition would normally be at least 1000 times less severe.

Replacement Candles for Discontinued Portable Gravity Filters

Aquacrock stoneware look gravity water filter-chiller

Aquacrock gravity water filter-chiller

Silent water cooling and filtration alternative to rented water coolers saving you more than 600 five gallon bottles delivery

Other Doulton/Berkefeld Pressure Systems

British Berkefeld single candle pressure filter

British Berkefeld Single Candle Pressure Water Filters

British Berkefeld Single Candle Pressure Water Filter Specifications >>
Common Replacements:

CN-UC Ultracarb candle $55.00 for 1

$52.50/ea for 2

$48.00/ea for 4 

Ultracarb (UC) is four stage system designed for chemical, microbiological and heavy metal reduction, bacteriostatic.
British Berkefeld Multi Candle Pressure Filter

British Berkefeld Multi Candle Pressure Filters

5 Doulton Ultracarb Candles Replacement:

British Berkefeld Multi Candle Pressure Filter Specifications and Replacement Guide

This product has been replaced in our store by superior Doulton RIO 2000 five ceramic elements module water filter.

Emergency Treatment of Drinking Water at Point-of-Use (POU). UN WHO (World Health Organization) Technical Note for Emergencies No.5

Gravity Systems
All products and prices are subject to change without notice.
British Berkefeld

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