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 Whole House Water Filtration/Conditioning Systems>> Multi Candle Ceramic Water Filter Model: Rio 2000

Doulton®, the brand synonymous with top quality water filters since 1827, is able to offer a new, high-flow filtration solution for the home and other applications!

Doulton countertop HCP Ultracarb water filtration
New ceramic water filter
ISO 9000, NSF, WRAAS and WQA logos

Big Blue type ceramic module for whole houseFilters you can trust - Ceramic filter elements manufactured in the UK under ISO conditions to meet NSF requirements.

Big Blue type ceramic module for whole houseHigh flow - Filter offers a superior flow rate of up to 520 gallons (2000 litres) per hour at 45 PSI (3 bars)

Big Blue type ceramic module for whole house0.9 microns absolute filtration rating as defined >99.99% efficiency.

Big Blue type ceramic module for whole houseMost efficient system for cysts removal compare to any available alternative technologies such as chlorine, ozone, UV, RO etc..

Big Blue type ceramic module for whole house Tested with live Cryptosporidium by University of Arizona in USA and Water Research Council (WRc) in Europe.

Bacteria removal prformance chart

Rio 2000 pressure chart

Parallel water filter installation

Boats-RV-Whole house ceramic water filter for bacteria

RIO 2000 system. Our filter housing is designed for complete 100% positive seal ensuring no by-passing of untreated water. Unlike most BB housing which are designed for nominal filtration (none critical application) which may or may not filter out 100% of the incoming water. Rio 2000 system Reg. $329.00 Sale $249.00

CN-RIO  One spare 1.2"x8" ceramic candle for RIO 2000, highly recommended in case of damage during cleaning intervals $28.50

RIO-REPL  RIO 2000 Replacement 6 Pack Set: $99.00

BB45975-1M 10 in Jumbo clear (same style as Rio 2000) housing with bracket, wrench and 1 micron pleated polyester washable, reusable 4.25"x9.75" sediment cartridge. 1 and or 3/4 inch filter ports size. Housing dimensions: 13 1/8" H 7 1/4" D

1 micron sediment pre filter above is highly recommended. For highly turbid or NY City supplied waters use our depth cartridge in the pre-filter housing>>

Rio 2000 multi candle filter module typical applications:

  • Whole house filtration where finest quality drinking water is desired
  • Homes drawing water from lakes, streams or microbiologically contaminated wells
  • Local and national parks, highway rest stops, etc. ensuring EPA cyst removal compliance for public drinking water
  • Small footprint for parallel installation for large volume safe drinking water
  • Bottled water pre or final filtration
  • RO post filtration ensuring cysts and bacteria removal
  • Beer and wine clarification or where high turbidity reduction is required
  • Emergency preparedness etc.

RIO 2000 Ceramic Water Filter Operating and Exchange Instructions

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