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 Gravity Water Filters>> Decorative Gravity Filters and Chillers

Doulton Ceramic pottery gravity water filters
AquaCrock gravity water filter-chiller

Set of 3 Doulton Imperial Supersterasyl ATC candles for AquaCrock™ gravity water filter-chiller.


Silent cooling operation using heat sink technology. No noisy compressor nor refrigerant. Only one moving part which is the fan that draw air over the heat sinker.

Inside, three 5 inch Doulton Imperial Supersterasyl ATC candles providing up to 18 gallons of chemical free, heavy metal and bacteria free chilled filtered water per day.

Ideal use for home or small office/workplace.

The gravity filter consists of two vessels. The upper container is filled with raw water which then filters through the ceramic candles. Safe, cool, filtered water then collects in the lower chamber to be drawn off from the spigot.

In emergency situations water filter works without electricity producing potable water from virtually any water source other than salt water.

Available in several unique patterns and finishes>>

To see larger images of gravity filters-chillers>>

Ideal for home, apartment, cottage, office or as a practical gift for you or someone special.

Doulton filtration technology, a trusted name in drinking water purification by presidents, kings, queens and millions of discerning homeowners since 1827.

Reduces up to 98.5% of dissolved lead, oxidized iron and hydrogen sulfides. Exclusive silver/ceramic/carbon-block technology reduces particles down to 0.2 micron and larger in size including pathogenic bacteria such as E.coli, Legionella etc.

Reduces asbestos fibers, dirt, chlorine taste and odor, mold, spores, algae and removes 100% Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

An economical alternative to rented water coolers, delivered bottled water, saves you more than 600 five gallon bottles delivery.

AquaCrock water chiller/filter specifications>>

To see larger images click on this link>>
Butterfly chiller
Blak Leaf gravity water filter-chiller
Black Leaf
Patriot chiller filter
The Patriot
Blue gravity filter
The original Antique white chiller
Pewter finish water chiller
Sandstone Glazed Decorative Stoneware
Black water filter
Black Onyx
Antique filnish filter
Antique Copper
Chiller/filter drawing details>>

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Glazed Decorative Stoneware Doulton Water Filtration Technology

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