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 G-Series>> Gravity water filters >> model: GCC

Classic Ceramic Gravity Filter

Classic Ceramic Gravity Filter - History in Every Drop

The GCC Classic Gravity Filter is a reproduction of the original ceramic filter developed by Sir Henry Doulton in the mid-19th century to combat the cholera epidemic in England's drinking water. The Classic Gravity Filter uses the latest technology to provide safe, clean drinking water in all types of natural disasters situations, emergencies, humanitarian aids, expeditions, camping etc.

The GCC Classic Gravity Filter can also be used as an advanced pour through counter top filter that will supply thousands of gallons of safe drinking water for you and your family.

The GCC Classic Gravity Filter is made form high quality, high density polypropylene that is very durable and virtually unbreakable.

The unit consists of two containers. The inner container is filled with untreated water which then filters through a number of ceramic filter elements. Safe filtered water then collects in the lower chamber, to be drawn off from the spigot.

Including two 10 in. short mount SuperSterasyl candles.

Reg. $219.00 Discontinued

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Spare SuperSterasyl 7" Candle $32.76 ea.

MODEL GCC Absolute filtration efficiency at 0.9 (0.5 ANSI standard) microns - 100%.
Number Of Ceramic Candles 2 For particles sized 0.2 >98%
Output in Gal/L. per 24 hrs. 20/80 Granulated Activated Carbon Reduces: Chlorine, Chemicals, Bad Taste and Odor
Top Capacity Gals./L. 1.5/6 Cleanable ceramic filters, just brush off dirt and sediment lightly
Bottom Capacity Gals./L. 1.2/5 Lightweight and easy to assemble
Height in./cm. 21/53 Ceramic Reduces:100% cyst, greater than 99.99% bacterial removal
Diameter at the bottom in./cm. 8/20 Silver baked into ceramic candle - inhibits bacterial growth (self sterilized)

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