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 I-Series>> residential under sink Ultracarb ceramic water filter>> models HIP/DIY and IP100UC

residential under sink HIP taste the difference
Doulton Residential Undersink Filter HIP DIY

Four stage water filtration system designed for chemical, microbiological and heavy metals (lead) reduction, bacteriostatic.

This Ultracarb water filter also removes unpleasant taste and odour, particulate, turbidity. Does not remove minerals from the water, which are beneficial to health.

  • Ceramic candle capacity: 600 gallons (2400 L)
  • Flow Rate: 1/2 GPM (2 L @ 45/3 psi/bars) for cold water use only
  • Canister dimensions: W: 5 in. H: 11 in. D: 4.5 in.
  • Connections: 3/8 push-fit fittings
  • 3 years limited warranty on parts (excluding candle)
  • Certifications: NSF 42 and NSF 53 in US, WRC in EU, ISO 9002 int'l.
No sales tax outside Michigan.

Enhanced Kit with Luxury Faucet:
Euro style faucet in chrome

IP100UC Doulton water filter with enhanced kit and luxury faucet

- Chrome (no extra charge)

- Brushe Nickel (stainless look) $+10.00

- Oil Rubbed Bronze +$10.00

  • Quarter turn ceramic disc valve
  • Spout swings 360 degrees
  • Solid lead-free brass body
  • 3 years drip-free warranty
  • Complimentary filter shut-off valve included

Basic Kit with Standard Faucet:
Water filter installation kit

HIP/DIY Doulton water filter with basic installation kit and standard faucet
Standard chrome faucet:

Brushed nickel (stainless look) standard faucet +$9.95:
  • Spring loaded plastic lever
  • 1 year drip-free warranty
Spare Ultracarb candle CN-UC 2"x10" (S) threaded mount filter with extruded carbon core and ATS media for heavy metals reduction inside Sterasyl shell (a.k.a. CU1200) $55.00 for 1

$52.50/ea for 2

$48.00/ea for 4 

FRG-Kit for ice maker or refrigerator includes 25 or 35 ft of 1/4 in. food grade, high pressure PE tubing, 1/4"x7/16-24 UNS push-fit connector for ice maker/ refrigerator water line and 3/8x3/8x1/4 push fit tee


Mountain plumbing faucet collectionWater filter can be also purchased with Mountain plumbing exclusive faucets ("D Elite" package)


Doulton filters, a trusted name in water purification by presidents, kings, queens and millions of discerning homeowners in over 150 countries around the world.

Reduces up to 99% of soluble lead, iron and hydrogen sulfides. Exclusive ceramic/carbon-block technology reduces >99.99% of particles 1/2 micron (absolute ANSI standard) and larger in size including pathogenic bacteria.

Reduces asbestos fibers, dirt, chlorine taste and odor, mold, algae and removes 100% Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Taste the difference. Everything you make with Doulton water will taste outstandingly better.

Conveniently hides under the sink. Complete heavy duty hardware kit for quick and custom installation including elegant lead free "Pure Water Tap" with choice of finish. Can be plumbed to your ice maker and/or refrigerator.

Cartridge replacement is as easy as changing a light bulb.

An economical alternative to bottled water, reverse osmosis, distillation and ultra-violet technologies.

Which system is right for you? User's guide>> or
our quick-and-easy product configuration>>
Exclusive packages with Mountain Plumbing faucet collection>>

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water taste outstandingly better ultracarb water filter

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