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Doulton drinking water systems are ideal for:
Boats and RV's
Coffee shops
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Doulton water filter countertop/under sink filter parts and related accessories

Doulton countertop water filter parts water filtration system

Doulton water filter parts for countertop models, IP100/HCP

Doulton filter countertop, HCP

Under the sink water filter

water filter diverter valve with tubingACC-DIV-CP Doulton countertop diverter valve w/tubing kit for HCP (countertop models) and Nimrod. (Replacing instructions>>)
Faucet spout adaptersACC-FADT Set of 2 faucet spout adapters. Adapts a diverter valve to common faucets with internal threads. One each of 15/16"-27 & 13/16"-27 adapter, plus washers.
$6.99 Chrome plated

Faucet spout universal adapterACC-FAU Faucet spout universal adapter. Adapts a diverter valve to common unthreaded faucet spouts. Grips onto outside of the faucet spout. (For overseas faucets)

ACC-ORD O-ring for HCP/HIP housing $2.89
ACC-ORING-06 3/8" EPDM O-ring for HCP/HIP inlet/outlet ports $0.80
ACC-WR-DH Wrench for Doulton IPxxx/CPxxx, HIP/HCP housings. $6.99
ACC-COLL3/8 3/8" white collet for HCP/HIP inlet/outlet ports $1.86
ACC-ATEU-0606 3/8" tube X 3/8" stem HCP spout elbow $2.85
ACC-HCPSPOUT HCP spout $9.49
CN-UC+A2 Set of Ultracarb and Fluoride candles for Doulton systems
CN-UC Spare Ultracarb candle for Doulton systems**
$55.00 for 1
$52.50/ea for 2
$50.00/ea for 3 or more
Replacement candles for Doulton pressure filters**
Faucets for cold water/water filters
Troubleshooting CP model filters inlet tube leak
*System (s) purchased directly from our company and are recorded in our data base
**Free shipping for system (s) purchased directly from our company and recorded in our data base

Accessories for Gravity water filters

Doulton British Berkegeld gravity filter ACC-GG Gravity candle gasket (comes with replacement candle) $1.99
ACC-GW Gravity candle wingnut (comes with replacement candle) $4.99
Gravity filter spigot with 2 washersACC-GSP Gravity filter spigot with 2 washers $17.50
CN-SS-2x7 2"x7" (L) Supersterasyl ceramic candle used in LP2, GSS2, GSS4, GCC and mini gravity filters $32.76
CN-SS-2x10 2"x10" (S) Supersterasyl ceramic candle for Katadyn™ Gravidyn™ filter (requires 3) and GCC model $34.09
  CN-ATC 2.75"x5" (L) Imperial Supersterasyl ATC ceramic candles w/lead reduction media for La Natural, Stefani Terracotta, GSS-Mini-A gravity water filters. $59.00
More replacement candles for gravity drip filters>>**
Doulton ceramic replacement cartridges for all NONE Doulton, industry standard filter housings, reverse osmosis (RO), bacterial fouling prevention cartridges.

Accessories for Doulton water filters and water installation fittings

John Guest™ and Mur-Lok™ push-fit fittings instructions>>

Faucet adapter ACC-UC-67/16 3/8"x7/16-24 UNS push-fit faucet connector $3.79
ACC-FA-47/16 1/4"x7/16-24 UNS push-fit connector for faucet and ice maker/refrigerator water line $3.49
John Guest valve union ACC-AHUC-0606 3/8" O.D. tube push-fit ball valve $7.92
ACC-AHUC-0404 1/4" O.D. tube push-fit ball valve $7.59
EZ faucet adapter H0830625 1/2" male X 1/2" female X 3/8" push-fit EZ faucet adapter $7.49
H0830425 1/2" male X 1/2" female X 1/4" push-fit EZ faucet adapter $6.99
John Guest stop valve adapter JG-M ACC-ASVA-06-9/16 3/8" tube stop valve adapter (for installing an under-sink filters and RO)  $7.45
ACC-ASVA-04-9/16 1/4" tube stop valve adapter (for installing an under-sink filters and RO)  $6.50
ACC-DPE-04 1/4" P.E NSF 51 compliant tube (per foot) $0.45
ACC-DPE-08 3/8" P.E NSF 51 compliant tube (per foot) $0.50
John Guest union connector ACC-AUC-0404 1/4" O.D. tube push-fit union for LLDPE tubing
Constructed of polypropylene with leak resistant dual EPDM O-rings (R0420426)
$1.99 for 1,
$0.99/ea for 10 or more
ACC-AUC-0606 3/8" O.D. tube push-fit union $3.99
John Guest tee union ACC-ATU-0606 3/8" O.D. tube push-fit union tee (V0620626) $3.60 for 1,
$1.99/ea for 10 or more
ACC-ATU-0604 Ice maker or refrigerator quick-fit tee (3/8x3/8x1/4in). $3.60
ACC ATU 0404 1/4"x1/4"x1/4" quick-fit tee (V0420426) $3.29 for 1,
$1.99/ea for 10 or more
male thread/push fit tube connector ACC AMC 0404 1/4" MPTx1/4" O.D. tube push-fit connector (O0420416) $1.92 for 1,
$1.29/ea for 10 or more
1/4in tube 3/8 stem reducer fitting ACC ARD 0406 1/4" Tube x 3/8" stem reducer fitting (S0420666) $1.72 for 1,
$0.99/ea for 10 or more
90 deg. 1/4 inch tube union tee ACC EU 0404 90° 1/4" O.D. union elbow (Q0420426) $2.19 for 1,
$1.10/ea for 10 or more

More speedfit fittings>>

Faucet shank extensionACC-FCE Water filters faucet shank extension 3 in. long. $14.95
digitl water flow meterDigital flow meter measuring from 0-9999 gallons. 3/8" push-fit ports, 0.3-3.5 GPM flow. NSF certified. $38.50

OEM filter housings

5 micron sediment pre-filter
SMF-10-5 10 inch clear filter housing w/bracket, screws, wrench. 1/2 in. ports for 2.5x9.75 in. cartridges. $32.00
ACC-BR-31 Opaque filter bracket w/screws $5.80
ACC-WR-41 Wrench for opaque filter housing $3.87
FHFM25A HD bracket for Jumbo filter $15.00
8100-J-98-05 4.25"x20" 5 microns Jumbo pleated polyester reusable sediment cartridge $43.30
8100-J-98-01 4.25"x20" 1 micron Jumbo pleated polyester reusable sediment cartridge $47.70
The Sovereign water filter for Fluoride IPI100-B2 under-sink water filter with Imperial Fluoride/metal cartridge/chrome tap $249.00
High capacity water filter for arsenic reduction IPI100-A5 under-sink water filter with Imperial arsenic cartridge/chrome tap $249.00

Which system is right for you? User's guide>> or
our quick-and-easy product configuration>>

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