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Comparison table for the pressure filters candles

Cyst Reduction: Cryptosporidium, Giardia etc.
See cyst test
Bacteria reduction: E.coli, salmonella etc. See bacteria test >99.99% >99.99%
Chlorine Reduction
Particulate Reduction
Class 1
Class 1
Turbidity Reduction
Lead Reduction
Capacity (Gallons/Litres)
Flow Rate @ 60/4 psi/bars*
0.5 GPM
0.5 GPM

* Clean candle

The Supercarb is three stage filtration for bacteria, cysts and VOC's removal, bacteriostatic.

The Ultracarb is four stage filtration for bacteria, cysts and VOC's plus lead** removal, bacteriostatic.

**Lead is seldom found naturally in domestic water supply but can result from the dissolution of lead pipes which may still be in use in old water distribution systems. Highly recommended for older homes having low pH (acidic, less than 7 pH) water commonly found in Eastern/Northeastern US and Canadian regions.

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