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C - Series (Countertop) Doulton Drinking Water Filters.
The fresh alternative to costly bottled water, reverse osmosis, distillation or UV technologies.

NOTE: The C series counter-top pressure filters cannot be attached to kitchen faucet that have built in pullout spray. For overseas use, request universal faucet adapter, it's free.

All Doulton drinking water systems are fitted with genuine Doulton ceramic candles. The last two letters (UC) stand for Ultracarb filtration element.

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fluoride/metal,arsenic,MTBE,nitrate removal countertop filter Countertop filter for fluoride CP200UC+. Ceramic Ultracarb plus fluoride removal element. $237.99
GSS2 ceramic self sterilizing candlesPortable gravity fed water filter GSS2. $179.00
Doulton Ultracarb drinking water systemCP100UC Doulton Ultracarb ceramic water filter $135.96

Doulton Filtadapt counter top drinking water filterCPF100 (NEW!!!) The Doulton Filtadapt is a contemporary counter top drinking water filter system with a 360° swivel spout. The modern design of this system requires minimal counter space with no power or plumbing required since system connection is through a faucet via diverter valve. $149.00

Stainless steel water filter
CS100UC Stainless steel countertop water filter with Doulton Ultracarb ceramic candle. $249.95

fluoride/metal,arsenic,MTBE,nitrate removal countertop filter CP200UC+ Dual housing countertop filter.
Includes Ultracarb 4-stage filter technology plus your choice of a specialty cartridge.

GSS2 ceramic self sterilizing candlesGSS Series Portable gravity fed water filters. Made from high quality stainless steel. Telescopes for easy transport, it is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. Supplied for complete use including: two SuperSterasyl self-sterilizing ceramic elements and tap. GSS2 $179.00, GSS2-IMP $219.00.

Gss-Mini-A gravity fed water filterGSS-Mini Personal Emergency Gravity (drip) Water Filter. They are compact, only 10 inches in height, light weight and durable made of surgical grade 316L stainless steel.

Which of these Doulton countertop water filters will…

 CP100UC   CPF100   CS100UC   CP200UC+   GSS2/ GSS2-IMP   GSS-Mini-A 

Remove turbidity from my drinking water?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Solve my common taste and odor problems, like those of chlorine and sulfur?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Reduces dissolved lead below EPA standards?

yes yes yes yes yeswith ATC selected yes
Reduces particulate lead below 1/2 micron absolute ANSI standard? yes yes yes yes yes yes

Removes 100% of parasitic cysts, such as Giardia, Entamoeba and Cryptosporidium?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Reduces particulates like rust, dirt, oxidized iron and asbestos?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Removes pathogenic bacteria such as fecal, cholerae, salmonella etc. >99.99%?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Exceeds NSF/EPA standards for live cysts reduction?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Reduce VOC's (volatile organic chemicals), pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Prevents bacterial growth and multiplication on the filter cartridge?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Provides better biological protection than RO, ultraviolet (UV) and bottled water?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Removes natural minerals and oxygen that gives water spring-like fresh taste?

Reduces fluoride?

yeswith CN-A2 selected
Reduces chloramines? yes yes yes yeswith CN-CP1 selected yes yes
Softens water? yeswith CN-LS selected

Can be used on city water, well water or lake/river water?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Can be used on sea water?

Can be used for travel including third world countries?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Cleanable, reusable cartridge?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Using all natural filtration technology?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

meets NSF 42 & 53 in US, WRC in EU, ISO 9002 international certifications?

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Installation instructions >> Contaminants reduction tests>> User's guide>>

Stoneware gravity filter-chiller Discontinued Aquacrock series stoneware look gravity filter chiller in 9 patterns and finishes. From $359.00
Fitted with 3 Doulton Imperial Supersterasyl candles these filters provide up to 1 gallon (4 litres) an hour of safe, clean and cold water. Energy efficient, versatile and convenient alternative to bottled water, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet or rented bottled water coolers.

Doulton Classic gravity filter model GCC2 Discontinued on Classic Ceramic Gravity Filter. Supplied for complete use including two 10 inch Doulton Supersterasyl self-sterilizing ceramic candles and tap. Ideal for small office, home, camping groups, emergencies situations etc.
Under the counter Doulton ceramic filters>>

Woman drinking Doulton water Tap water that's healthful and great-tasting is a rare commodity these days. It's not just the matter of taste, sediment or odor. What you can't see, smell or taste can also affect the quality of your lifestyle. Quality drinking water is something you CAN NOT simply take for granted.

With it's exclusive all 100% natural multi stage purification technology, Doulton turns tap, or any water for that matter, into safe, wholesome, great-tasting, healthful drinking water, the way it was meant to be. Pure and refreshing-glass after thirst-quenching glass!

Countertop Doulton water filters