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Latest Products

All products can be purchased on-line or by phone: 1-888-664-3336 (USA), 1-248-258-5500 (International) or by fax 1-248-258-6977

Point of Use (POU) Water Systems

Countertop cold water filters

Doulton countertop drinking water system CP100UC Four stage Ultracarb ceramic water filter CP100UC. fluoride/metal removal countertop filterCP200UC+ -Doulton ceramic filter plus fluoride, Chloramine, limescale, carbon block or pre-filter.
Portable gravity fed water filtration systems. See month specials on gravity drip filters.
Doulton gravity filter model GSS Mini travel potrable water filter
Doulton Filtadapt counter top drinking water filter NEW!!! The Doulton Filtadapt is a contemporary counter top drinking water filter system with a 360° swivel spout. The modern design of this system requires minimal counter space with no power or plumbing required.model CPF100. Stainless steel countertop water filterCS100UC Stainless steel countertop water filter with Doulton ceramic filtration element.

Under the sink cold water systems

All under the sink drinking water systems are complete and ready to install including filtration elements, high quality lead free solid brass Euro Soft Look Neoclassical tap with choice of finish, installation kit with push-fit connection fittings (ice maker and/or refrigerator "quick-fit kit" is optional).
Undersink water filter for safe drinking water -Ultracarb. Water filter with choice of candlesIP200UC+-Doulton ceramic filter with specific contaminants removal element Water filter for microbiological, nitrate, arsenic reduction-Designed for microbiological, chemicals, heavy metals plus custom specific inorganic contaminants reduction Stainless steel housing,Ultracarb-Supercarb/ Ultracarb filtration element in high polish stainless steel housing
Under the sink Ultracarb purifierAdd on to a single housing Doulton or Franke® under sink system. Simply plugs in into your existing filter inlet with a choice of sediment, arsenic, fluoride or nitrate reduction element. Imperial High Capacity filter plus choice of second cartridge Regent II commercial filter fitted with Doulton Imperial Ultracarb cartridge plus a choice of specialty cartridge High flow rate Imperial Ultracarb Doulton FilterRegent I commercial filter fitted with Doulton Imperial Ultracarb cartridge 1000/4000 gals./L capacity Doulton Imperial stainless steel water filter-Exclusive stainless steel water system - The Sovereign. Heavy duty industrial grade, sanitary 316L stainless steel construction with high capacity, high flow rate Imperial Ultracarb ceramic cartridge.
  Build your own Exclusive packages- choose the filter and faucet you like.
Mountain plumbing faucet collectionAll under the sink cold water filters can be purchased with Mountain Plumbing Luxury faucets. Mountain Plumbing Products, a McAlpine Company of Glasgow Scotland; is considered a leading manufacturer of high quality luxury plumbing manufacturing for over 100 years. Water filter faucet model MT800 Classic Victorian style water filter faucet Single lever cold water faucet

Instant hot filtered water systems

Heating tank

Instant hot/cold water systems

All systems feature safe for children spring loaded hot lever.
Hot water dispenser model MT540Instant hot water system -System includes MT540/640 precision-engineered quality design dispenser, heating tank, HIP/Ultracarb NSF inline filter and installation hardware .
-Available in 14 luxurious finishes
The Mountain Plumbing Little Gourmet Instant Hot System Capacity: 1/2 Gallon (1.9L). Up to 60 cups per hour.
Temperature Range: Fingertip adjustable - From 140°F to 190°F (60°C to 88°C)
Two lever Mountain Plumbing Collection faucet model MT550 for instant hot and cold waterMT650 Instant Hot and Cold Water Dispenser-System includes MT550/650 precision-engineered quality design dual lever dispenser, heating tank, HIP/Ultracarb NSF inline filter and professional installation hardware.
-Available in 14 luxurious finishes

New Arrivals of Instant Hot/Cold Systems

Filtered Instant hot/cold/chilled water systems in five distinctive designs and numerous luxurious finishes. Technologically advanced construction combined with quality old-world craftsmanship gives each system heirloom status. Manufactured in United Kingdom with most advanced processes and valve technology for uncompromising performance and elegance.
Victorian and Edwardian eras style faucetLG1101 Nostalgic memories of the opulent Victorian and Edwardian eras are recaptured with LG1101/1201 models Traditional and elegant style dual lever water faucetLG1201 A Traditional and elegant style Modern and elegant style kitchen faucetLG1401 A modern and elegant style


Commercial under sink chillerInline under-sink chiller (model UCC-II)
- Cooling Capacity per hour: 3 gallons
- Warrantee: 12 months on parts, labor and shipping cost, 2 years compressor only.
- CE, UL, CSA Certifications/Markings
- Dimensions: 12 in. D x 16.5 in. W x 12 in. H
See month specials:
- UCC-II Chiller, Commercial grade ceramic disk valve solid brass faucet in polish chrome finish, Imperial ceramic water filter, installation hardware.

Shower filters

Shower filter Brass with showerhead The high output shower filters contain a reversible filter cartridge that will filter the shower water for one year. High performance shower filters combine easy operation and maintenance with the ultimate in structural integrity and over-all reliability. This filter is the strongest replaceable shower filter available on the market today. Comes complete with filter cartridge that lasts 1 year. Adjustable shower head is optional.

In-line ice maker and refrigerator filter

HIP and HIS in-line filters fitted with Doulton Ultracarb ceramic candle. A compact yet very powerful filter incorporating 4 stage filtration technologies in a single housing that can be mounted in any position requiring only 2.5"x12" space.

Whole House (POE) Chemicals Free Water Filters

Chemical Free Iron and Sulfur Filter

Boats and RV's water filtration/softening systems

10.000 gallons boat/motor home water purification system

RIF-10- Whole craft water purifying system with up to 2.3 GPM flow rate. Pump your water directly out of lake, river or from your holding tank. 10 inch clear housing for sediment pre-filterclear housing prefilter

6 ceramic elements module water filter RIO-2000NEW! Doulton’s unique 6 ceramic elements module water filter RIO 2000.

Boats RVs no salt  softener FSC3 - Salt free softener for small and medium size crafts with 3 GPM flow rate. Boat RV salt free softenerFSC6.2 - Salt free softener for large crafts with 6 GPM flow rate. Boats/RV water filtration systemNEW! RIF-10J - Large crafts water filtration system fitted with Doulton's multi candle carrousel with up to 5 GPM flow rate.

Replacement candles and cartridges

Candle mount replacements for pressure filters (2"x10")

Replacement candles gravity filters

Open both ends (DOE) cartridges

Doulton Ceramic replacements for pressure filtersreplacement candles for the following brands pressure water filters: Doulton® filters, Franke® filter, Uniflow® and Triflow® water filters, Gary Null®, CWR, Watkins Nu Millennium®, Mountain Fresh, Mountain Pure MT660®, MT662® and other OEM pressure filtration systems. Doulton ceramic filter candle for gravity filtersreplacement candles for the following brands gravity water filters: British Berkefeld® (a.k.a. Big Berkey), Katadyn®*, AquaRain®*, Epic and other gravity or drip filtration systems including our sport bottle replacement filter. Open both ends ceramic cartridgeCarbon block cartrisgereplacement cartridges for NONE Doulton, Sediment water filterindustry standard water filter housings using open both ends (DOE) cartridges, reverse osmosis (RO) bacterial fouling prevention cartridges, ultraviolet pre or post filtration, industrial/commercial/pharmaceutical applications, none Doulton carbon block cartridges and GE SmartWater whole house filter cartridge FXHSC.
Faucet adapterFaucet/ ice maker connector John Guest valve unionTube push-fit ball valve John Guest stop valve adapter JG-MTube stop valve adapter John Guest tee unionTube push- fit union tee spigot for gravity fed water filtersGravity filter spigot with 2 washers John Guest food grade tubingNSF 51 compliant tube Water filter flow meterDigital flow meter measuring from 0-9999 gallons. 3/8" push-fit ports, 0.3-3.5 GPM flow. Faucet shank extensionFaucet shank extension Doulton countertop diverter valve w/tubing kit for HCP and Nimrod modelsCountertop diverter valve w/tubing kit for HCP and Nimrod models
And much more parts

Restaurant, commercial kitchens, drinking water stations water filtration systems

Single and multi-cartridge industrial filters for high purity potable water


Should you not find a link pointing to a specific product for your application please contact us (, however, Doulton water systems fitted with genuine Doulton ceramic candle(s) can be used virtually on any water source other than sea water.