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I - Series under-sink (inline) drinking water filters.
The fresh alternative to costly bottled water, reverse osmosis, distillation or UV technologies.

residential under sink HIP taste the difference
Exclusively from DoultonUSA, all under-the-sink drinking water systems come complete, ready to install and include the following:
Water filter for fluoride IP200UC+FLUORIDE
Doulton Ultracarb Ceramic element plus Fluoride reduction element. $285.00
High fkow rate commercial water filterRegent I. High flow/high capacity water filter fitted with Imperial Ultracarb cartridge (1000 gals capacity) $279.00
Under the sink Ultracarb purifier Four stage system in one designed for chemical, microbiological and heavy metals (lead) reduction, bacteriostatic. From $184.00


water filter for chlorine, bacteriaStainless steel water filter
Undersink filter for chlorine, fluoride, bacteriaDoulton multistage water filter
Choice of filters with filtration elements

Filtered water faucet
Luxury Euro Soft Look faucet with choice of finishes

water filter installation kit
Enhanced installation kit with push-fit connection fittings (ice maker and/or refrigerator "quick-fit-kit" is optional)

All systems are fitted with genuine Doulton ceramic elements for chlorine, chemicals, microbiological and heavy metals (lead) reduction, they are bacteriostatic.

Ultracarb ceramic filter is four stage system in one and also removes taste, odour, particulate and turbidity and does not remove minerals from the water, which are beneficial to health.

Doulton water filters do not require electricity to function.

Models IP200UC+ (ceramic plus additional filter) or IP300UC+ (ceramic plus two additional elements) can be customized according to your filtration specifications and needs.

Single housing Ultracarb water filtration systems

Residential under sink water filters with 2"x10" Ultracarb ceramic candle.

Filters are compact, yet powerful, and conveniently hide beneath the sink.

High flow light commercial water filters fitted with Imperial 2 3/4"x9 3/4" ceramic cartridge.

Ideal for office/workplace with 5 to 50 employee, commercial ice makers, pot fillers etc.

Doulton quick change water filterQT100 Quick Change water filter. NEW!!! Auto shut-off and quarter turn action design.
From $199.00
Under the sink Ultracarb purifier Doulton Ultracarb under sink water filters HIP/DIY, IP100UC. This is a powerful four stage system that rarely one would need additional filtration. 600/2300 gals/L capacity. From $184.00 Stainless steel housing,HISDoulton Ultracarb under sink stainless steel filter IS100UC. Same as IP100UC in surgical grade stainless steel housing.
$349.00 SALE $299.00
In-line ice maker and refrigerator filter can be mounted in any position requiring only 2.5"x12" space. From $149.00 High fkow rate commercial water filterRegent I commercial water filter fitted with Imperial Ultracarb cartridge 1000 gals. capacity.
Doulton Imperial stainless steel water filter Exclusive Imperial commercial drinking water system - The Sovereign. Heavy duty industrial grade, sanitary 316L stainless steel construction with high flow rate Imperial Ultracarb ceramic cartridge. 1000 gals capacity.

Multi housings systems designed for "problem drinking waters" such as chemical, microbiological, heavy metal cocktail plus a choice of the following cartridges: Arsenic, Fluoride, MTBE, Nitrate, Hardness or sediment reduction.

Water filter with choice of candles Customize your water filter IP200UC+ Fitted with 4-stage Ultracarb ceramic filter and your choice of enhancement filter.
From $285.00
Dual under sink stainless steel water filterDoulton under sink filter model IS200UC+ Same as IP200UC+ in surgical grade stainless steel dual housing system.
$499.00 SALE $469.00
Water filter for microbiological, nitrate, arsenic reductionDoulton water filter, IP300UC+
Ceramic filter with choice of two additional specialty filters.
High flow commercial water filter Regent II commercial water filter fitted with Imperial Ultracarb ceramic cartridge plus a choice of additional carbon or sediment filter.
$379.00 SALE $349.00
Under the sink Ultracarb purifierAdd on to a single housing Doulton, MountainPure MT660 or Franke® FRX01 under sink system. Simply plugs in into your existing filter inlet. Choice of enhancement filter $129.00-$149.00

Mountain plumbing faucet collectionAll single and multi candle water filters above can be purchased with Mountain plumbing exclusive faucets.

Under sink water filter installation manual (pdf) >>

Instant hot/cold filtered water systems

Instant hot water dispenser Instant hot/cold filtered water systems include MT540/MT640/MT1100/MT1200/MT1400 hot water or MT1401 Instant Hot and Cold Water DispenserMT550/MT650/MT1101/MT1201/MT1401 hot/cold water dispenser, heating tank, Doulton IP100UC Ultracarb ceramic filter and all accessory for complete installation. Priced starting from $728.00.

Chiller with Doulton filtered water

Water chiller with Doulton FilterInstant Cold Water Chiller. Quiet, compact and economical hides neatly under sink cabinet. Ultracarb cartridge capacity is 2000 gallons or equivalent of 400 five gallon bottles. By installing our Imperial Ultracarb water filter you'll do away with all those bottled water delivery. Better and fresher than bottled water at a fraction of the cost. Priced from $749.00 Sale $689.00

Residential countertop Doulton filters>>

Click on image or the link next to the product for more details / purchase.
Contaminants removal charts for single housing (100 series), double housing (200 series), triple housing (300 series).

On single housing systems, the last two letters (UC) stand for Ultracarb water filtration element.
All filters can be easily plumbed to your ice maker and/or refrigerator.

Clean drinking water for all your needs Tap water that's healthful and great-tasting is a rare commodity these days. It's not just the matter of taste, sediment or odor. What you can't see, smell, or taste can also affect the quality of your lifestyle. Quality drinking water is something you can not simply take for granted.

With it's exclusive all 100% natural multi stage purification technology, Doulton turns tap or any water for that matter, into safe, wholesome, great-tasting healthful drinking water. You can now enjoy Pure and refreshing-glass after thirst-quenching glass!

We take great pride in our ability to offer the most comprehensive range of purifiers to suit all needs, tastes and budgets.

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