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Doulton drinking water systems are ideal for:
Boats and RV's
Coffee shops
For emergencies
Traveling abroad
Beer making
Ice cube makers
Whole house
Kids and pets
Healthy lifestyle

Doulton drinking water systems assure you of clean, safe, fresh tasting drinking water. An economical alternative to bottled water, reverse osmosis and distilled water.

The finest water purifiers and water filters manufactured since 1827. Picture of the Atriflo system

Taste. Everything you prepare using pure water will look and taste outstandingly better. Doulton water improves the flavour of tea and coffee, juices, soups and cooking in general. Even ice cubes are more appealing.

Convenience. No worries about the source of bottled water. No heavy bottles to lift and store. No more time-consuming home deliveries. Fresh and delicious water at the touch of your fingers.

Economical. Consider the Doulton water purifier as an investment. For only a few cents a gallon, you receive an endless supply of safe, fresh, better tasting water for drinking and cooking, at a fraction of what you pay for bottled water.

Environmental. 100% totally natural purification principle. No electricity required (operates on your mains water pressure), no water waste, no energy consumption, no flat, stale taste as encountered with reverse osmosis or distilled water.


Switch from bottled water to a Doulton water purifying system and do away with:

  • High Cost
  • Inconvenience
  • Flat, Stale Taste
  • Contamination
  • Water Rationing
  • Storage

Consider the Rest Then go With the Best!!

Customer Feedbacks

Report released on June 11th 2003 by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) "What's on Tap? Grading Drinking Water in U.S. Cities"

News and articles about world water problems, about water pollution by CNN, ABC, BBC, Fox, NBC, other news sources

Washington Post - District to Issue Warning on Lead. Health Advisory on Water to Target Pregnant Women, Small Children - February 25, 2004

Coca - Cola Admits That Dasani is Nothing But Tap Water

Coke Recalls Bottled Water Newly Introduced to Britain

Troubled waters keep Coke's Dasani off French shelves

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