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Doulton® Cartridges to fit Standard Filter Housings

Non - Chemical, 100% Totally Natural, True Absolute Sub Micron Water Purification

Doulton water purifier cartridgesDoulton Ceramic Water Filter Cartridges, Double-Open-Ends (DOE)>>

Specialty (Fluoride, Arsenic) filter cartridges for industry standard housings>>

Coconut Shell Extruded Carbon Block Cartridges>>

Pleated Polyester Washable and Reusable Sediment Cartridges>>

Clear 10 in. water filter housing for 2.5x9.75 in. cartridges>>

Designed to fit most industry standard non Doulton water filter housings such as Culligan™, US Filter™, Ametek™, Omni etc., as well as many RO and UV manufacturers such as ROTEK™, Vertex™, GE Smartwater™, Honeywell™ etc.

Ceramic cartridge elements are Double-Open-Ends (DOE). Doulton's 2x9.75 inch ceramic cartridges is designed to fit industry standard 10 inch housing. In addition they are ideal prevention for reverse osmosis (RO) membrane microbiological fouling and additional safety for UV systems in reduction of turbidity down to 0.07 NTU.

Ceramic micro-filter for 100% cysts and >99.99% E.coli removal

Sterasyl ceramic micro-filter for cysts, bacteria removalCT-S 2x9 3/4 in. used as a RO bio-guard and or final polish and UV pre or post-filter. Absolute filtration 0.9µm with >99.99% efficiency. Cleanable up to 60 times. Two stage cartridge; bacteria and cyst removal, bacteriostatic. 1.3 GPM flow @ 45 psi. Part N° W9220402 (box N° 4100008) $68.50

Carbosyl - Carbonized ceramic micro-filter for 100% cysts and >99.9999 E.coli removal

Carbonized ceramic micro filterCT-C Same as above impregnated with carbon resin and re-fired at about 1000° C. Absolute filtration 0.5 µm >99.99% efficiency. Reduces HPC bacteria to meet TUV and Alpha Institute requirements. 0.4 GPM flow @ 45.psi. Part N° W923002. $99.95

Ultracarb is carbon block core for chlorine and VOC reduction plus heavy metal reduction media in the carbon block core

CT-UC 2x9 3/4 in. used as a UV pre or post-filter as well any standard filter housing using 2.5x9 3/4 in. cartridge, 600/2400 gals./L capacity. Four stage cleanable cartridge. Part N° W9223002 (box N° 4100009) (Named CWRBCUC by CWR). $59.00
CWR BCUC Basic Crown Under counter Water Filter replacement $69.75

Imperial Ultracarb (high flow rate)

CTI-UC 2 3/4x9 3/4 in. cartridge, 1000 gals./ 4000 L capacity. 1 gals./min. flow rate. Four stage water filter cartridge. Part N° W9223022 (box N° 4100448). Regent series filer replacement. $69.87

Specialty (Fluoride, Arsenic) filter cartridges for Regent II and industry standard housings.

CTI-A2 2.75x9.75 Fluoride reducing cartridge. 750 gallons capacity
CTI-A5 2.75x9.75 Arsenic reducing cartridge. 1000 gallons capacity

100% coconut shell (sweet taste) extruded carbon blocks for chlorine, taste, odor, VOC's and sediment filtration.

The following cartridges must be used on microbiologically safe water only.


Extruded solid carbon block cartridges for industry standard water filter housings.

CT-CP2510-CHL - 2.5"x9.75" 1 µm nominal cartridge for Chloramine and Chlorine reduction. 1000 gallons capacity.
CT-CB10 - 2.5"x9.75" 10 µm nominal cartridge for Chlorine reduction. 3000 gallons capacity.
CT-PB1-25975 - 2.5"x9.75" NSF Certified 0.5 micron (nominal) particulate removal, cyst and lead reduction (99%), chlorine (20,000 gal. capacity), VOCs, MTBE and taste/odor.
CT-CP1-2520-CHL - 2.5"x20" 1 µm carbon block cartridge for Chloramine, chlorine ,taste & odor, sediment. 2000 gallons capacity.
CT-CPpB1-42520 - 4.25"x20" 0.5 µm nominal carbon block cartridge for chlorine, VOC and lead reduction (fits Big Blue housing) 17000/65000 gal/L lead reduction capacity.

Pleated polyester sediment cartridges, washable/reusable many times

Pleated polyester sediment cartridge SMF100-1 2.5"x9.75" 1 µm
SMF100-5 2.5"x9.75" 5 µm
SMF100J-5 4.25"x9.75" 5 µm
filter is interchangeable with GE SmartWater whole house filter cartridge FXHSC and fits the following GE SmartWater Whole House water filters:

* Most other brands of Whole-House filters that accept 4.25 x 9.75 inch filters

SMF100J-1 4.25"x9.75" 1 micron.

Depth Sediment Filter Cartridge

CT-SPSF-BB-1 4.25"x9.75" One Micron Melt Blown Polypropylene Depth Sediment Water Filter. $11.99

NoScale® salt free conditioner replacement cartridge

CT-NS-4510 4.25"X9.75" replacement cartridge for FSC3. Two years capacity @25 grains per gallon. $179.00

10" filter housings

Water filter housingClear 10 in. water filter housing for 2.5x9.75 in. cartridges or Doulton's slimline cartridges. 1/2" female ports w/pressure relief venting and include mounting bracket, screws and spanner wrench. For exclusive or industry common water filter faucets>>  parts and accessories for water filters>>

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Doulton Ceramic Filter Elements

All Doulton ceramic cartridges are bacteriostatic - that is, self sterilizing for bacteriological safe cleaning and handling.

This cartridge combination provides: 100% rejection of cysts and >99.99% of pathogenic bacteria such as cholera, typhus, amoebic dysentery, ecoli, colibacillose or bilharzia among others. Depth filtration of particulates >0.2 µm (dirt, turbidity etc).

In addition, a variety of dedicated fittings are placed inside the bore of the element to remove chlorine, bad taste and odor, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents and heavy metals.

The ceramic cartridge membrane offers both; absolute dead-end filtration and depth filtration. Far more economical absolute micro-filtration than any bacteria grow-through prone thin film poly-carbonate, polyester or Teflon® dead-end membrane or throw-away depth filtration membrane made of PVC, PVDF, PTFE, cellulose, nylon, polyethersulfone, polypropylene. For more details on how Doulton's ceramic micro-filtration works>>

Ceramic cartridge is less expensive no matter what you pay for it than any absolute membrane because it can be cleaned and reused over 50 times. Unlike the man-made materials used in dead-end and depth filter membranes, the micro-filter have pure silver through-out the ceramic shell preventing bacterial growth.

Doulton ceramic filter elements utilize the natural properties of high purity specialized diatomaceous earths to provide a range of strictly controlled pore sizes giving maximum filtration efficiency together with high porosity for maximum flow. Doulton ceramic water filter elements can be quickly and easily cleaned many times to prolong their working life.

0.9 micron absolute; 100%
0.5 - 0.8 microns; >99.9%
0.2 - 0.5 microns; >98%

Teflon is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Inc.

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