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Latest world news on water pollution

More join legal fight over water pollution limits
The city of Miami and others are joining the legal fight against proposed new surface water standards approved last month by the Florida Environmental Regulation Commission. The city, in an administrative petition filed Tuesday, said the new standards ...

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Circle of Blue WaterNews

Map: US Coal-Fired Power Plants Ranked By Water Pollution
Circle of Blue WaterNews
The new rules set the first federal limits on the amount of toxic metals — including arsenic, lead, mercury, and selenium — that can be discharged in wastewater from power plants, which are some of the biggest industrial water polluters in the ...
Cross currents hit Indian Government's grand coal expansion plansEnd Coal (blog)

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Environmental Working Group

Low-Cost Solutions Can Clean Up Farms' Toxic Water Pollution
Environmental Working Group
Low-tech, low-cost prairie strips on farms – buffers of grass, trees or other permanent vegetation planted along the banks of rivers, streams, lakes and other waterways – can reduce toxic farm pollution runoff, clean up drinking water and reduce water ...

TWC News

i3 Electronics Speaking to Endicott Leaders About Water Pollution ...
TWC News
The company, i3 electronics in Endicott, will be speaking to local leaders Wednesday about a water pollution control permit they are looking to renew.

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Minneapolis Star Tribune

80 homes in Washington County getting bottled water amid pollution ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Eighty households in Washington County will get bottled water and state-funded filtration systems because their drinking water exceeds a new federal safety ...
80 Washington County Homes Offered Bottled Water Due to
80 homes with higher PFC levels to get bottled waterWoodbury Bulletin

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AdVantage News

Group awarded EPA grant for water pollution reduction
AdVantage News
HeartLands Conservancy will receive more than $500,000 in grant funding from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency toward installing projects that reduce water pollution in the upper Silver Creek watershed in Madison County. The funding is made ...

Yahoo News

The Damaging Effects of Rio's Air and Water Pollution
Yahoo News
Polluted water and air in Rio have harmful effects on the skin and the hair. (Photo: Getty Images). Carbon monoxide. Nitrogen dioxide. Cigarette smoke. Minuscule metal particles — too tiny for the eye to see. These and other noxious substances clog ...

The Guardian

Rio water pollution reflects global crisis
The Guardian
Clothes hang in the Metro-Mangueira favela, near the Olympic stadium in Rio. 'Despite Brazil being an upper-middle income country, nearly 2% of Brazilians, or 3.5 million people, have no access to clean water, and 17%, or 35 million people, live ...

The Guardian

What's in the water? Pollution fears taint Rio's picturesque bay ahead of Olympics
The Guardian
“The pollution has got worse. The fish don't like that.” Nonetheless, in this part of the bay, the water looked and smelled much cleaner and there was little floating rubbish beyond a couple of plastic bottles. Certainly, the wildlife had not yet given ...
This Is What Rio's Terrible Pollution Looks Like On the GroundTIME
Rio 2016 Olympics: Pollution threat muddies waters as Games draw nearCNN International
Rio 2016: Olympics still facing water pollution fears in Games build-upABC Online
KCRG -The Independent -International Business Times
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Managing the world's liquid asset - water
First was the Water Leaders' Summit within the context of the Singapore International Water Week, and the second was a CNBC discussion on Future of World's Water: A Business Perspective. Both events explored in depth the role that business can play in ...

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National Post

Rio's inability to act on its polluted bays highlights humanity's complicated relationship with water
National Post
Waste and sewage went straight into the winding Chicago River, which flowed into Lake Michigan, which was the source of the city's water supply. Health problems followed. Officials eventually worked out a complicated plan to reverse the flow of the ...

National Post

Rio 2016: Why water problems are far from the only worry at the Olympics
National Post
Everyone was concerned about the water in Rio — but when the world arrived, bigger problems emerged. Here are five of them. AIR QUALITY If you haven't heard about the drug-resistant “super bacteria” floating in the Olympic sailing venue… you might ...

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Strife aquatic
The Economist (blog)
The water in a pair of swimming pools turned as green as a wine bottle during the games' second week, after 160 litres of hydrogen peroxide were dumped into them without Olympic organisers' knowledge. And divers began complaining about an unpredictable ...

Real world problem-solving: Water
UT Daily Beacon
Water serves as a solution for problems of all magnitudes, from sickness to sanitation. However, in order to play its role of crucial importance in the survival of living organisms, water must maintain balance in both quality and quantity. A pure and ...

Washington Post

How air pollution is causing the world's 'Third Pole' to melt
Washington Post
And that's a big problem because meltwater from these glaciers feeds a network of rivers that supply water, directly or indirectly, to more than a billion people downstream. Rising temperatures, the product of global warming, are certainly one threat ...

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World Bank Group

Strengthening Community-Driven Development in East Asia, South Asia, and the Pacific
World Bank Group
“CDD is a bottom-up approach where a great deal of responsibility and authority is given to the local community and communes to analyze their problems and decide how best to use the resources given to them,” said Sean Bradley, the World Bank's Lead ...


Hell and High Water
Deborah Manase, deputy director of the Office of Environmental Planning and Policy Coordination at the time, outlined the existential crisis the Marshallese faced: The storms were not isolated, random phenomena. The island nation's leaders .... The ...


Climate Change is Really Dangerous. Here are 6 Environmental Issues That are Even Worse.
In the study, headed up by University of Queensland graduate student Sean Maxwell, researchers studied the threats to 8,868 species around the world currently listed as either Threatened or Near Threatened in the Red List of Threatened Species ...

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I joined a bunch of LGBT techies at the White House to help tackle some world-threatening problems
One group looked at physical and mental health issues, noting how we live in a world where you can order a cheeseburger on demand from your phone, but still have a tough time finding a doctor near you or knowing how much a hospital procedure should ...

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