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Latest world news on water pollution


Scientists Use Glow-in-the-Dark Tampons to Flush Out Water Pollution
One of the most innovative solutions for combating water pollution could be hiding in an unexpected place — the feminine hygiene aisle. Through laboratory tests and field trials, researchers from the University of Sheffield in England have found that ...
Glowing Tampons Help Detect Water PollutionRYOT
Glow-in-the-dark tampons could help identify water pollution in Britain's riversThe Independent
Glow-in-the-Dark Tampons: Surprising Solution for Detecting Water PollutionWallStreet OTC
The Monitor Daily -3News NZ -Futurity: Research News
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5188 firms to be affected by Water Pollution Control Fee Collection Regulation
China Post
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The first stage of the implementation of the Water Pollution Control Fee Collection Regulation (水汙染防治收費辦法) will begin on May 1 by focusing on collecting fees for industrial effluent and industrial park sewage systems ...

Los Angeles Times

Agencies admit failing to protect water sources from fuel pollution
Los Angeles Times
The agencies charged with overseeing oil production and protecting California's ever-dwindling water sources from the industry's pollution all fell down on the job, one state official told a panel of peeved lawmakers Tuesday. During a testy two-hour ...

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Columbus Dispatch

Court rules EPA must conduct water pollution hearings
Columbus Dispatch
In another opinion, Justice Terrence O'Donnell, joined by Justice Sharon L. Kennedy, wrote that he would not require the EPA to conduct hearings before setting pollution limits. O'Donnell expressed fears that the court's ruling would invalidate 1,761 ...

Chicopee hires new chief operator for water pollution control
CHICOPEE - A city employee has been promoted to the position as the chief operator for the Water Pollution Control division of the Department of Public Works. Joseph Kietner started work as chief operator on March 17. He previously worked as the ...

County Supervisors Debate $1 Million Contract for Water Pollution Outreach
County supervisors are slated Tuesday to discuss extending a storm water pollution outreach contract to a communications firm with campaign connections to Supervisors' Chairman Todd Spitzer and whose rates have been questioned by Supervisor Shawn ...


Common weed revealed to diminish water pollution
Francisco Delgado Vargas, from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS), researches the use of the plant Typha domingensis in reducing bacterial contamination of water for agricultural use. This plant helps to reduce up to 98 percent of pollution by ...

Woman gets prison for falsifying water quality reports
Charleston Gazette
A McDowell County woman will spend a year and a day in federal prison after she admitted to a federal charge of submitting false water pollution reports to the state Department of Environmental Protection. Bonita Witt-Hird, of Thorpe, was also ...

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Press Herald

Maine to sue EPA over tribal water pollution decision
Press Herald
The dispute is over the LePage administration's proposed water quality standards, which are subject to review by the federal agency. The EPA informed state authorities on Feb. 2 that their proposed standards are inadequate to protect sustenance ...

Water Pollution Kills More Women Than Breast Cancer
Diseases spread through dirty water and poor sanitation are the fifth biggest killer of women worldwide, causing more deaths than AIDS, diabetes or breast cancer, researchers say. Nearly 800,000 women die every year because they lack access to safe ...

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Techvibes (blog)

How Technology Could Solve the World's Water Problems, if Only We Would Let It
Techvibes (blog)
Without food we can last for days or even weeks, but without a proper supply of fresh water we'll last only a fraction of that time. Yet clean water is scarce in many third-world countries. It's a problem that's growing harder and harder to solve with ...

Could Nanotubes Solve The World's Water Problems?
The battle to use CNTs in the fight against water shortage isn't over just yet; there are still a number of challenges that need to be addressed before these tiny tubes can be used on a massive scale. For starters, CNTs are quite costly to create at ...

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The Miami Hurricane

Organizations raise awareness of water sustainability issues
The Miami Hurricane
Green organizations came together Wednesday at the University Center Patio for World Water Day to educate University of Miami students about water sustainability issues. Participants included on-campus organizations such as GreenU, The Butler Center ...

UN Water Report Not “Doom And Gloom”, Says Author
Inter Press Service
The United Nations World Water Development Report 2015, released on Mar. 20 in conjunction with World Water Day, lays out a number of troubling findings. The report predicts a world water shortage of 40 percent by 2050, largely due to a forecasted ...

The world's looming water catastrophe
CBS News
If problems such as outdated management and a lack of regulation aren't fixed, the report warns, 40 percent of the world will face a water deficit by 2030. The problem could have serious outcomes for many countries, including an increase in conflict ...

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OPINION: World Water Day highlights sustainability problems
Toowoomba Chronicle
WORLD Water Day yesterday should give us pause for thought here on the driest continent on earth. But here in Queensland, preferenceis still given to mining and coal seam gas enterprises - which have limited life - to the long-term need to save our ...

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In a warmer world, researchers say climate change is intensifying California's ...
The perfect recipe for a severe water shortage. That's how scientists are putting a human fingerprint on the drought, or any extreme weather event. By proving that it was more likely to occur because of the climate conditions humans created -- mainly ...
How 'Virtual Water' Can Help Ease California's DroughtWall Street Journal
California's new normal: In the fourth year of drought, dusty cars and no iced ...National Post

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Activist Art Intervention Celebrates World Water Day by Brazilian Artist ...
Broadway World
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - On Saturday, renowned activist artist Ronald Duarte and Emerging Collective joined forces to create "Gota D'Agua," a site-specific art intervention intended as a call to action in response to Brazil's water crisis ...

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Why Water Shortages Are the Greatest Threat to Global Security
Understanding the water shortage: To be clear, the world isn't exactly running out of usable water. Freshwater is a very small portion of the planet's entire water supply: It accounts for only about 2.5% of all water, and just 1% of freshwater is ...

My Pet World: Regular veterinary visits can catch any problems early Press
We do have a water bowl, but I don't know who's drinking what with so many cats. I read that male cats that eat only dry food are more likely to have urinary tract infections. Should I feed moist food because he's a male? Our oldest girl, Sitter, seems ...

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