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Latest world news on water pollution


Arboretum works to clean up Baldwin Lake storm water pollution
"You actually have over 85 cities in the county are looking at meeting these same water quality requirements and different size groups within these various watersheds have banded together to conduct this kind of planning effort," said Gary Hildebrand ...


Kentucky Coal Company Falsified Water Pollution Reports, Environmental ...
Eric Chance, a water quality specialist with Appalachian Voices, told ThinkProgress that these false reports mean the people of Kentucky don't know how polluted some of their streams are. And they could have reason to worry: mountaintop removal mining, ...
Groups allege 28000 mining violations, lax enforcementThe Courier-Journal

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Struthers 7th-graders learn about watershed, water pollution
Youngstown Vindicator
“People need to care more,” said Kareem Hickman, 11, one of the students who was testing water samples from Yellow Creek in Scott Stoddart's science class at Struthers Middle School. The lesson serves as the introduction for a new program for the ...

In Florida, a water-pollution warning that glows at night
Washington Post
COCOA, Fla. — Karen McLaughlin normally carries a flashlight for her nighttime kayak trips along Florida's Banana River to spot any alligators resting on the banks. But these days, it's the river itself that glows in the dark. “It's beautiful ...

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Plan to clean up water pollution called too costly
Orlando Sentinel
In 2009, AquaFiber started up a demonstration of its secret technology at Lake Jesup and by this year had removed nearly 6,900 pounds of phosphorus pollution, which stimulates the growth of harmful algae. The pilot project cost the water district $1.6 ...

Franklin County Farm pays $40000 in water pollution fines
The Vermont attorney general says a video shot by a concerned citizen shows the illegal discharges. Leach Farms in Enosburgh Falls is accused of filling its manure spreaders with water from Bogue Brook, then driving downstream and dumping the dirty, ...
Franklin County dairy farm pays $40000 for agriculture water quality violationsVermont Biz

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Who is watching the river? The largest sources of water pollution in Oregon ...
Street Roots News
Studies repeatedly show that Oregonians identify water quality as their top environmental priority, but Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) assessments conclude that many Oregon waterways are far below acceptable water quality standards.

Appleton Post Crescent

Groups ask EPA to study water pollution from dairies
Appleton Post Crescent
The EPA, using its authority under the Safe Drinking Water Act, negotiated with five dairies to change their manure handling practices after finding that dairies were the likely source of nitrate pollution. In Kewaunee County, groundwater is the only ...

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Think the Air Pollution Is Bad? China Faces a Water Contamination Crisis
China's hazardous smog is an in-your-face and choke-your-lungs kind of problem—hard to miss, particularly when air quality soars to severely polluted levels, as it did in Beijing today (Nov.19). But an equally dire environmental threat is the ...
China Vs. Water Pollution: Who's Winning?Water Online (press release)
Half of top 10 Chinese water systems polluted: reportecns
China's Environmental WhitewashWall Street Journal

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Reducing Water Pollution Would Generate Billions in Economic Activity
Environmental Working Group
In 2010, to combat this pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency partnered with the six states and the District to create the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint for restoring the bay's ecological health. The Blueprint set goals for reducing various ...

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Business Insider

MAP: The World's Water Scarcity Problem Is Bad And Getting Worse
Business Insider
"Approximately 80 percent of the world's population already suffers serious threats to its water security, as measured by indicators including water availability, water demand and pollution," the Nobel-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ...

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Algae continues to cause Broken Arrow water problems
Tulsa World
BROKEN ARROW — The city's request for residents to voluntarily reduce water consumption is still in effect, at least until Tuesday afternoon. A high concentration of algae in the Verdigris River has slowed production at the Verdigris River Water ...

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Fox News

Brazil's biggest city desperate for water as drought causes problems for ...
Fox News
The state's largest utility, which supplies water to more than 16 million people in Sao Paulo's metropolitan area, for months avoided acknowledging the looming shortage. Only recently did the Sabesp utility release maps showing which neighborhoods were ...
Brazil drought: Sao Paulo sleepwalking into water crisisBBC News
Brazil's biggest city desperate for water as drought causes problems for millionsThe Globe and Mail

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Engineering student would like to tackle world's water problems
Online Athens
My life as an undergraduate here at UGA has been filled with both opportunities to further my learning and leadership skills and mentors to coach me along the way. My first and possibly most memorable achievement was being elected both recruitment ...

Water Wars in Iraq and Around the World
Defense One
As we study the needs for conflict prevention and conflict management in the chaotic world of 2014, we must add water management to the list of issues demanding action. Natural resources are both problems and solutions depending upon who has them.

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Access To Water Is No Longer Just A Third World Problem
Huffington Post Canada
Criminals demanding regular payments and if their victims don't deliver, the thugs warn, "Somebody dies!" But in 28 villages in northern India, there's one big difference: the gangsters don't want cash, they want water -- 35 buckets a day, delivered to ...

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Addressing the World's Water Challenges Demands Business Collaboration
Huffington Post
In the last three years, the World Bank has committed $17 billion to water projects to address supply, sanitation and irrigation issues while the Millennium Development Goals have also resulted in significant improvements. However, 21st Century ...

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The New Republic

Stop Trying to Save the World
The New Republic
Sachs, a professor at Columbia University, became a Bono-approved development celebrity with his book The End of Poverty, a screed against the rich world's complacency in letting easily solvable problems—malaria, literacy, clean water—damn an entire ...

National Geographic

If You Think the Water Crisis Can't Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained
National Geographic
Various governments at the international level must take this issue as challange before the situation go out of hand leading to water war at the world level . Along with the shortage of fresh water ,pollution of fresh water and ground water is also ...

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Daily News & Analysis

Group of women gears up for expedition to highlight clean water shortage
Daily News & Analysis
"Water scarcity is such a major problem in today's world, in fact, it is rumoured that the third world war will be fought for water. We picked the Ganges for our first expedition because it is one of the five most polluted rivers in the world. So, we ...

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