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Latest world news on water pollution


Study Seeks To Identify Water Pollution Sources In Vermont
The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation is seeking to find and eliminate potential sources of water pollution in the White River watershed. The two-year study will focus on non-stormwater discharges into stormwater systems in 12 Vermont ...

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Imran Farooq murder: Scotland Yard team reaches FIA headquarters
Daily Times
Sir: Reports suggest that around 62 percent of Pakistan's urban and 84 percent of its rural population do not treat their water, resulting in 100 million cases of diarrheal diseases registered in hospitals with 40 percent of deaths attributed to ...

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DEP defends water pollution standards
“The state has some of the most comprehensive water quality standards in the country, including the most advanced numeric nutrient criteria in the entire nation,” Steverson said. “We will continue to coordinate with EPA to adopt standards that will ...
Florida might weaken water quality standardsNaples Daily News

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Tropical forest plant could save water from metal pollution
Science Daily
A biomass recovered from common plant could help purify water from contamination of copper and zinc. The article by Prof. Gustavo Ferreira Coelho from the University Center Dynamic of Cataracts in Parana, Brazil and published in Open Chemistry reports ...

Statesman Journal

Sheridan wood-preserving company fined for water pollution
Statesman Journal
State environmental regulators have fined a Washington company $7,217 for discharging pentachlorophenal and copper to the South Yamhill River above permitted levels at its Sheridan wood preserving facility. Both chemicals, used in wood preserving, are ...


State To Strengthen Water Pollution Rules
The state's water quality rules regulate everything from groundwater pollution from abandoned wells to sewer discharge into rivers. But some of those rules are outdated. The Environment Department kicked off a review process last week to study them ...

Does Minnesota have the solution to better water quality?
In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, where water recreation is a $10 billion-a-year industry, Minnesotans have seen many of their waterways slowly and inexorably become choked and polluted. The state's Pollution Control Agency released a report last year that ...

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Aberdeen Evening Express

Work well under way to improve 'poor' water quality at two North-east beaches
Aberdeen Evening Express
This year saw updated EU regulations brought into force, with new classification criteria and methods of testing water pollution levels. Fraserburgh Philorth was one of only 17 in Scotland to receive an “excellent” classification. “Good” ratings were ...

The Little Thing You Can Do To Help Save The Ocean
Yes, there are plenty of other critical ocean health concerns, from noise pollution to the warming of the waters — but whether we use plastic straws or not is one thing we can control. To be clear, I'm not saying that we have to give up straws ...

Gaza: Water pollution reaches catastrophic levels
Muhammad Abu Shamala, an official at the Khan Younis water plant, describes the situation as “catastrophic.” “Pollution of our water resources has reached alarming proportions and the salinity of the underground aquifer continues to increase,” Abu ...

Washington Post

Air and water problems are worsening on a global scale, UN says
Washington Post
In a sweeping synthesis of global data, the United Nations Environment Programme has intensively catalogued environmental assaults across the six different major regions of the globe. And it finds that, overall, damage to the planet is happening more ...
Towards a Better Planet and a Life of Dignity for AllHuffington Post
Premature Deaths from Environmental Degradation Threat to Global Public Health, UNEP Report SaysYubaNet
Tackle global environmental concernsThe Standard Digital News (press release) (blog)

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A Warming World Means Less Water, With Economic Consequences
The World Bank says that in areas where water is readily available, like Central Africa and East Asia, it could become harder to find. And in areas like the Middle East, already facing water problems, "scarcity will greatly worsen." The authors also ...

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The Guardian

A grand but faulty vision for Iran's water problems
The Guardian
These are complex issues and pressures are real on government to ensure drinking water and encourage agricultural and industrial development in the central provinces. Around the world, other desperate governments – as in Brazil and China – are looking ...

Tanzania: Looming Threats of Increased Water Problems
Amost every day, water makes the headlines somewhere in the world. Droughts, floods and pollution are all big news, as water becomes the most precious, and most contested, essential resource. Today, however, the biggest story is that more than 650 ...

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Chicago Tribune

Naperville kids Walk for Water
Chicago Tribune
The water crisis in Flint, Mich., boosted Naperville students' push to raise money and awareness about clean water issues around the world. Student organizers from Jefferson Junior High School in Naperville said the Michigan community struggling with ...


World on 'Catastrophic' Path to Run Out of Fresh Water
“The current U.S. diet provides about 3,600 calories per day with substantial meat consumption. If the whole world were to move to this standard, global fresh water resources would be exhausted at a population level of 6 billion, which the world ...

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Here's how India's water governance has failed its citizens
Rapidly growing countries of Asia and South America are facing a growing water crisis that threatens to derail their ambitious growth plans. For example, Brazil has more freshwater than any other country in the world, and yet its largest city, Sao ...

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The Inquisitr

World Will Run Out Of Fresh Water In 2050 Says Leaked Report, Earth Faces 'Catastrophic' Fate
The Inquisitr
The world will run out of fresh drinking water by 2050 because of the Western world's meat centered diet, according to a secret report just released on WikiLeaks. Nestle executives, concerned about the company's future in a world threatened by climate ...


Patagonia backs hemp legalization
WRDA FIGHT BREWING OVER PORTS SPENDING: Harbors and ports interests got a big win in the 2014 Water Resources Development Act, when lawmakers and appropriators agreed on a path for ramping up spending from the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund. ... The U.S ...

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The Guardian

Aid watchdog urges DfID to consolidate gains on water, sanitation and hygiene
The Guardian
In a new report, the Independent Commission for Aid Impact (Icai) says the Department for International Development (DfID) has made a “significant contribution” to extending global access to water, sanitation and hygiene, noting that DfID managed to ...

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