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Latest world news on water pollution

San Antonio Express-News

Landmark Fracking Study Finds No Water Pollution
ABC News
"There are a whole wealth of harms associated with shale gas development" separate from fracking, said Maya K. van Rossum, of the Delaware Riverkeeper group. She mentioned methane gas leaks, wasteful use of fresh water and air pollution, and said the ...
Leaky gas wells cited as causing water pollutionSan Antonio Express-News
Leaky gas wells — not fracking itself — are polluting water in Pennsylvania ...Vox

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Water quality on possible Hamilton box store site worries residents
NBC Montana
We don't know if Walmart has plans to build on the site or not. The Department of Environmental Quality's public hearing focused solely on the water pollution control system. "The facility is an aeration system, followed by filtration," said DEQ's ...

Fox News

Water pollution incidents in Mexico set off political brawls as officials ...
Fox News
Water pollution disasters in Mexico have turned into political battles as officials struggled to blame each other for the problems. On Wednesday Sept 10, 2014, Sonora Gov. Guillermo Padres blamed federal authorities for not doing enough to stop or ...
Mexico pollution, water disputes turn politicalYahoo News
MEXICO CITY (AP) — Water pollution disasters in Mexico have...Mynextfone

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Federal water pollution pleas entered in court
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
A demolition company and two of its workers have pleaded guilty in federal court to illegally dumping polluted water in upstate New York. 53-year-old Mark Pullyblank of Caledonia, 53-year-old William Clements of Victor, and Crane-Hogan Structural ...

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Ohio's Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net

Farms blamed for water pollution
Toledo Blade
Perhaps former President Theodore Roosevelt said it best when he addressed a Buffalo audience in 1910, most likely in his trademark fist-pounding, cantankerous style. “Civilized people,” Mr. Roosevelt said, “should be able to dispose of sewage in a ...
How do you handle questions about water quality?Ohio's Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net

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Kentucky Issues New General Permits for Coal Mine Water Pollution
But Tim Joice from the Kentucky Waterways Alliance said there's a problem with the way these pollutants are measured. His organization has advocated for the use of a numeric value for problems like conductivity, which is the measure of the ability of ...

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DOE finds no water pollution from Pennsylvania fracking sites
Interfax Global Energy
A United States Department of Energy study released this week said there is no evidence chemicals or brine from fracking have contaminated drinking water wells it monitored in western Pennsylvania.
The Great Fracking Forward: Why the World Needs China to Frack Even MoreWired
Shale gas development can be done safely, produce new

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Work ongoing to improve water quality in the Wabash River
News Sentinel
Just as excess nutrients in the Maumee River and its tributaries contributed to the algae problem that shut down the drinking water system in Toledo, Ohio, for two days in early August, nutrient pollution causes similar problems in the Wabash, said ...

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The Guardian

The great salty mess: pollution threatens US fresh water resources
The Guardian
colorado river, salinity, water, pollution Two-thirds of the world's population is predicted to face water shortages by 2025, and nonprofits are welcoming the surge of businesses that want to help protect water quality at its source. Photograph: Joe ...

The Guardian

Finding solutions for South Africa's coal-fired water and energy problems
The Guardian
South Africa is hardly alone in its coal-fired energy and water challenges. China, Mongolia, and other countries across Asia face similarly acute issues. The US and India face challenges of their own. While solutions will always have to be locally ...

What Water's Worth
Project Syndicate
For example, the prevailing view that the world needs good water management, though accurate, is too narrow. Water management should not be regarded as an end in itself – a single-variant solution for a single-variant problem – but as a means to ...

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#IceBucketChallenge leaves Scottish island without water, highlighting ...
Scottish Water confirmed the switch off to water supply caused by the surge of the ASL challenge, highlighting that there was no shortage of water. “This does not impact water supply to customers, however, an operative does then need to go to the works ...
Matt Damon uses toilet water in ice bucket challenge to stress sanitation ...The Independent
Matt Damon uses toilet water for Ice Bucket
Buckets of Ice Water Brought in More ALS Funding in 30 Days Than the ...National Journal
Irish Times
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Addressing the World's Water Challenges Demands Business Collaboration
Huffington Post
In the last three years, the World Bank has committed $17 billion to water projects to address supply, sanitation and irrigation issues while the Millennium Development Goals have also resulted in significant improvements. However, 21st Century ...

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National Geographic

If You Think the Water Crisis Can't Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained
National Geographic
But large-scale center-pivot irrigation transformed crop production on the plains after World War II, allowing water-thirsty crops like corn and alfalfa for feeding livestock. But severe drought threatens the southern plains again, and water is being ...
In The Long Run, The Rest Of The World May Gain From California's Severe ...Forbes

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Algae continues to cause Broken Arrow water problems
Tulsa World
BROKEN ARROW — The city's request for residents to voluntarily reduce water consumption is still in effect, at least until Tuesday afternoon. A high concentration of algae in the Verdigris River has slowed production at the Verdigris River Water ...

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Fox News

Dirty water causing health problems in Kashmir after deadly flooding
Fox News
A car is partially submerged in an inundated neighborhood of Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir, Monday, Sept. 15, 2014. Flooding from days of heavy monsoon rains partially submerged Srinagar and left more than 400 people dead in northern Pakistan ...

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Water problem in Central Asia poses global challenges
Previously they seized the water that goes around the world, now this water passes by them and falls with floods in Europe and other regions. All these factors are connected. Therefore, this is a global problem, it can not be solved within the five ...

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International Business Times UK

World Water Week: Five Countries Most Affected by Water Scarcity
International Business Times UK
The World Water Week was instituted by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) in 1991 to raise awareness on water issues. This year, the event – running from 31 August till 5 September - will focus on the energy and water theme, suggesting ...

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World water crisis 'unconscionable' speaker says
The Southern
“It's actually not a lack of water that's killing all these kids all over the world. It's an environment contaminated by human feces,” he said. “That's the problem. They're not dying of thirst. They're dying of diseases because they're drinking their ...

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