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Latest world news on water pollution

Bay Area Indymedia

Youth Protest Klamath River Water Pollution
Bay Area Indymedia
“As a Yurok Tribal member, I am deeply affected by what happens on the Klamath River,” said Stoney McCoy, a 16 year-old Yurok Tribal Youth Council member. “ What I saw today coming out of the Klamath Strait Drain made me sick to my stomach, I will ...

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Christian Science Monitor

Water pollution from agriculture: how wood chip bioreactors could help
Christian Science Monitor
Wood chip bioreactors are simple trenches that can be constructed on farms to clean the water that flows out of tile drains. Although the bioreactors are already a proven practice, more work remains to be done.

NBC Montana

Montana man sentenced for water pollution, protesters rally
NBC Montana
MISSOULA, Mont. - A Montana man faces 18 months in prison after prosecutors say he violated the Clean Water Act. Joe Robertson, 77, of Basin, was charged with two counts of releasing unauthorized pollutants and one count of malicious mischief in April, ...

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Wastewater discharge, beach closures highlight water pollution concerns in Vermont
He said despite the discharge problems this week, the vast majority of the water the town treats enters Lake Champlain at an extremely clean and safe level, something of which the community is proud. The discharge in Shelburne was just the latest ...

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World Bank Group

Lebanon Takes a Step in Addressing Water Pollution
World Bank Group
Due to years of neglect, large stretches of the Litani river and the Qaraoun Lake have become highly polluted. This pollution poses a threat to public health and has resulted in major economic and environmental losses.

Lake Elmo to sue 3M after water pollution with perfluorochemicals
Grand Forks Herald
Out of all the cities affected by the pollution, only Lake Elmo shut down a city well and built new water pipes to other wells. Most affected cities, including Oakdale, put extra filters on their city water plants to handle the PFCs. Officials in other ...

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New York Times

China to Pillory, or Praise, Cities Based on Water Pollution
New York Times
The system will use 21 metrics to test the levels of metals, harmful chemicals and other pollutants, the ministry said, and those will help determine a City Water Quality Index. Each month, it said, the 10 best and 10 worst cities will be announced.

The San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego facing $4.6M water pollution fine
The San Diego Union-Tribune
San Diego — Local water quality officials proposed on Tuesday fining San Diego $4.6 million for allegedly allowing private construction sites to pollute sensitive waterways, including the Los Peñasquitos Lagoon. Over a period of nearly five years ...
San Diego Faces $4.6M Fine For Alleged Failure to Prevent Water

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Panel to discuss water pollution
An initiative called “Food, Land and Water” that begins later this month includes the formation of workgroups that will focus on polluted surface water, groundwater quality, groundwater quantity and the future of Wisconsin working lands. “There has ...

CBS News

Severe water pollution clouds the Olympic games in Rio
CBS News
The horrific discovery comes as Olympics organizers deal with a raft of problems including severe pollution in the venues for sailing, rowing, and other water sports. Biologist Mario Moscatelli is the man behind the camera who has been documenting Rio ...
Water pollution still major concern for RioValley News Live
Water pollution still a major concern for Olympics athletesWILX-TV
Dangerous super bacteria found in Rio waters before Summer OlympicsInhabitat
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National Geographic

What You Need to Know About the World's Water Wars
National Geographic
Unrest in Yemen, which heavily taps into groundwater and which experienced water riots in 2009, is rooted in a water crisis. Experts say water scarcity also helped destabilize Syria and launch its civil war. Jordan, which relies on aquifers as its only ...

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Los Angeles Times

Heat wave aggravates chronic water problems in occupied West Bank
Los Angeles Times
Schor said Israel supplies Palestinian areas more than double its commitment under a 1995 water deal, and he accused Palestinians of boycotting discussions on water issues that could result in an upgraded supply network for the villages. Israel's Civil ...

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Athletes' passion always overcomes Olympic problems, sports historian says
People there talked to him about it when he visited two years ago, he said, calling it "a scandal" that the event would be held in polluted water when there were "pristine waters, you know, 50 kilometres away." There are also significant concerns about ...
Rio Olympics: Leaks, electrical outages as teams arriveU.S. News & World Report
Athletes arriving for Rio Olympics find plumbing, electrical issuesCBS News
Rio Olympics 2016: Athletes' village 'unliveable', Kitty Chiller reveals 'stress test' failureThe Sydney Morning Herald
The Australian -The Quint
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Fox News

Munich killer had planned his attack for a year, investigators reveal
Fox News
Investigators say they are still looking for a motive for the attack but Munich prosecutor Thomas Steinkraus-Koch noted the gunman apparently was undergoing psychiatric treatment for problems including depression. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere ...
Police say Munich shooting suspect was obsessed with mass killingsCBS News

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Massive Delays Stall England-To-France Vehicle Traffic
New York Times
Travelers were advised to bring extra water and food on any journey involving a Channel crossing. Weather has been hot and humid, adding to the discomfort of stranded motorists. Advertisement. Continue reading the main story. Volunteers are delivering ...
Dover ferry port chaos leads to 14-hour traffic jamsBBC News

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Hamilton Journal News

Hamilton leaders seek fountain of water innovation
Hamilton Journal News
Hamilton, home to what has been proclaimed the “World's Best Tasting Tap Water,” and municipal owner of three hydroelectric plants (two on the Ohio River and one along the Great Miami), hopes to tap into a nearly $500 billion worldwide industry of ...

The Guardian

Americans' taste for Mexican beer sucking up water supply, mayor says
The Guardian
Martínez says the deep wells supplying the brewery are located approximately 20 kilometres from the municipal seat and have caused water supply problems in Zaragoza since being drilled a decade ago. “[The government] gave them this land and these ...

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East Bay lab creates clean water technology
The Mercury News
His collaboration with Eckelberry has taken the research engineers to China, where rapid economic growth resulted in some water problems. "We consulted on groundwater contamination caused by an immense pig farm in Shenzhen, contamination caused ...

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3 U.S. Stocks Combating Asia's Water Crisis
Barron's Asia recently caught up with the multi-industry analyst in Hong Kong after he had just jetted in from mainland China, where he had spent days looking at some of the technology being used to solve arguably the world's most critical water problems.

Minnesota Public Radio News

The UN's rundown of some of the world's biggest problems
Minnesota Public Radio News
What are the biggest social and economic problems the world faces today? And how close are we to ending them? Those are the questions that the U.N. Economic and Social Council aims to answer in its first report on the Sustainable Development Goals, ...

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