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Latest world news on water pollution

Appleton Post Crescent

Groups ask EPA to study water pollution from dairies
Appleton Post Crescent
The EPA, using its authority under the Safe Drinking Water Act, negotiated with five dairies to change their manure handling practices after finding that dairies were the likely source of nitrate pollution. In Kewaunee County, groundwater is the only ...
EPA petitioned on water quality in Brown & Kewaunee
Groups ask EPA to investigate pollution causes by cattle farmsMilwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Judge orders DEP to release water pollution data
Charleston Gazette
A Kanawha County judge has ordered the state Department of Environmental Protection to provide a public interest law firm with a slice of agency data that shows recent water pollution levels at coal-mining operations across West Virginia. Kanawha ...

St. Louis Public Radio

EPA Approves Missouri's New Water Quality Standards, But Do They Go Far ...
St. Louis Public Radio
John DeLashmit directs the water quality management branch for EPA Region 7. He said prior to this, about 80 percent of Missouri's waters lacked the specific pollution limits required by federal law. "This action by the state of Missouri will add 2,300 ...
EPA Finalizes List of Polluted Water Bodies in New Jersey; PCBs, Arsenic, and ...U.S. (press release)
Letter From 155 State Reps Sent to EPA Ahead of Deadline to Finalize Coal Ash ...eNews Park Forest
CRUZ: Obama Administration is intentionally misleading Americans on ...Your Houston News
Casper Star-Tribune Online -Kearney Hub -The Providence Journal
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One Green Planet

The Gross Way Water Pollution From Livestock Effects You
One Green Planet
The U.S. EPA determined in the 2000 National Water Quality Inventory that about 40 percent of rivers and streams are impaired, and the leading cause of pollution was agriculture. Agriculture is responsible for almost half of these compromised water ...

U.S. Air Force Academy

Steps to reduce water pollution
U.S. Air Force Academy
Academy Airmen and their families can take a few easy steps to reduce storm water pollution and cut cleanup costs, said a 10th Civil Engineer Squadron official. Storm water, generated when precipitation permeates the soil or becomes surface runoff, can ...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

As water quality worries grow, Wisconsin plots strategy on phosphorus
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The budget contained no new funding for water pollution problems. That prompted former DNR Secretary George Meyer to urge board members to ask for more funding; or more realistically, to order a review of financial resources and regulations to bring ...

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Highlander co-authors book on water, pollution
The Recorder (subscription)
MONTEREY — It will come as no surprise in Highland to learn one of its own has co-authored a book on water quality. Rick Webb of Mustoe joined forces with Timothy Sullivan and Alan Herlihy on “Air Pollution and Freshwater Eco- systems: Sampling, ...


Scientists Just Discovered How To Determine If Water Contamination Comes ...
There have been many claims of water contamination since the technique gained popularity in 2008, but it's been difficult to determine if fracking was really the cause — mainly because fracking companies are not required to disclose what chemicals ...

Lake Erie water quality, algae concerns draw opinions from Ohio Statehouse ...
The Plain Dealer -
Marcus Madison (D) Elyria: We need to protect our lake, community's rivers and streams. I support the water quality action plan and believe it is a step in the right direction to protecting Lake Erie and our Great Lakes. The state should work to ...

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The Guardian

Humble spud poised to launch a world food revolution
The Guardian
“The world's water is 89% salinated, 50% of agricultural land is threatened by salt water, and there are millions of people living in salt-contaminated areas. So it's not hard to see we have a slight problem,” said van Rijsselberghe. “Up until now ...

Matt Damon: To Solve World Poverty, You Need Clean Water
NEW YORK — The developing world has a water problem, and Matt Damon wants to solve it. The actor and philanthropist co-founded, a nonprofit organization that works to provide clean water and access to sanitation to hundreds of communities in ...


How tech is making the world's water safer
Hack2o will bring together makers, tinkerers, and enthusiasts who want to create innovative solutions to one of the world's biggest problems: access to clean, safe water. The professional division of the hackathon is open to anyone, and the student ...

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Unprecedented drought puts Sao Paulo water supply at risk
The Globe and Mail
The water shortage is already squeezing businesses in Sao Paulo and threatens to further undermine the stalled economy in Brazil, until recently one of the world's fastest-growing. The drought is also pushing up pollution levels and raising serious ...

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Japan Leader Faces Crisis Over Minister for Trade
New York Times
The cleanup by Tokyo Electric Power Company, which ran the plant when it suffered a triple meltdown, has already been plagued by problems, including the leaking into the sea of tons of radioactive water. The news about the minister's stock ownership ...

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Unsafe water only adds to California drought misery
Arsenic is found naturally in soil and rock in much of the world and seeps into groundwater. Chronic low exposure to arsenic has been traced to respiratory problems in children and adults as well as having links to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and ...

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Before and after photos show the shocking extent of Sao Paulo's water crisis
Sao Paulo's got problems. Big ones. Like California, the southeastern Brazilian state and 2014 World Cup host is in the midst of an ongoing drought — its worst in eight decades — leading to a severe water crisis. Factories are halting production ...
Largest City In South America Could Run Out Of Water In 100 DaysThinkProgress

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A Disconnect: What If Everything We Know About Fixing Global Poverty is Wrong?
As an example, Kadir cites the spectacular failure of effective wastewater treatment and drinking water supply programs across the developing world. Contaminated water is a global problem that greatly exacerbates poverty. Free-flowing raw sewage and a ...

New York Times

Tiny Boxing Champion Hekkie Budler Rules in Lightest Division
New York Times
So it goes for the littlest boxing champion in the world, a battler who has a title belt that falls off his hips like old sweatpants and shoes he bought in the children's section and a baby face that people often mistake for a teenager's. But Budler, a ...

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