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Latest world news on water pollution

Oklahoma Recruits Farmers To Reduce Water Pollution
Times Record
The program is in its final days — $5.7 million in federal funding has dried up — so state scientists are measuring its impact by testing water quality, looking to see if aquatic life has recovered and analyzing levels of nitrogen, phosphorous and ...

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Extreme water pollution threatens windsurfers at Aquece Rio 2015
The local government has promised to divert sewage from Marina da Gloria, close landfills, reduce industrial pollution and increase water treatment works. Will it be enough to protect sailors from diseases and infections? "ISAF hopes that the power of ...
Rio water quality on agenda as IOC leaves for BrazilReuters
Olympic chiefs to order testing for viruses in Rio's sewage-polluted watersThe Guardian
Rio De Janeiro Under Fire Over 2016 Summer Olympics Water Pollution IssuesCasino.Org News

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A badass rapper channeled Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' to protest water pollution ...
The former Unilever thermometer factory in Kodaikanal, India, disposed of toxic mercury waste at a scrapyard in 2001, and in the time since, 45 people have died — and more than 500 have been affected. See also: Nicki Minaj is right: Women of color ...

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Water Pollution Woes Persist in Ward 99
The New Indian Express
It may be noted that an RTI activist Daniel Jesudass approached the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD) on August 2013 complaining about the quality of water supplied in the areas surrounding Vellalore dump yard and it was found that ...

August 3: Zambia Communities File Lawsuit Over Drinking Water Pollution
Circle of Blue WaterNews
Communities in Zambia have filed an international lawsuit against a mining company due to drinking water pollution, while a different company announced it will lay off workers at one of the country's copper mines due to hydropower shortages. Monsoon ...


USOC Looking Into Rio Water Pollution Reports
The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has begun collecting data on water pollution in the Rio 2016 venues. SwimSwam's Tony Carroll earlier reported on the Associated Press investigation that deemed all water venues for the games where unsafe ...
USOC collecting data on polluted Rio 2016 water venues, reveals sport

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Los Angeles Times

Water pollution at 2016 Summer Olympics remains a concern
Los Angeles Times
Amid continuing worry about pollution at open-water sites for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, a new study shows swimmers and boaters could face serious health risks. The venues where numerous events will take place are tainted with human sewage, ...
Filthy Rio de Janeiro Water a Threat at 2016 OlympicsNew York Times
Rio Olympics 2016: Water Pollution Presents 99% Risk Of Infection For ...Medical Daily
Water At Some Olympic Venues In Rio de Janeiro Reportedly Contain Virus Levels ...Huffington Post
Houston Chronicle (subscription) -Reuters
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#KState urban water expert comments on water pollution in cities, Rio de Janiero
Newswise (press release)
Stacy Hutchinson, interim director of Kansas State University's Urban Water Institute, discusses the dangers of urban water pollution and way to remedy polluted systems. The Urban Water Institute is a center of knowledge, research and engagement that ...

Water pollution
Chicago Tribune
She responded that there had been great efforts and money spent to clean up the river, yet the Tribune seems to be immune to all that by placing a picture like this without even a mention of the pollution that these 'amateur operators' are contributing.

Decoded Science

Chemical Dynamics of Water Pollution
Decoded Science
Chemistry has a long history – is it now time to turn our attention to repairing the damage chemical pollution has inflicted on the environment? The origins of today's scientific chemistry date to the turn of the 18th century from experimentation on ...

Belfast Newsletter

Hotel water at £26 a bottle 'puts focus on Third World problems'
Belfast Newsletter
Rosamond Bennett is asking patrons to consider the impact £26.45 could have on Third World villages desperately in need of disease-free water or how it could contribute to countries in crisis around the world. She said: “I have no issues with how ...


The Sea Is a Relief for Spain's Water Problems
Editor's Note: This is the 10th installment of an occasional series on water scarcity issues around the world that Stratfor will be building upon periodically. Over the coming decades, Spain will face several challenges in maintaining the viability of ...

Water Crisis Coming
Dissident Voice
Water – its dearth or its abundance – is already a global problem. It manifests itself in poor countries, poor regions and poor neighborhoods first, but most assuredly will affect us all within the next generation. In 2015, the World Economic Forum ...

Sail World

Rio's Olympic water problems - will the racing be fair?
Sail World
Prior to winning their bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, the city of Rio de Janeiro vowed to make wholesale changes that-on paper-promised to dramatically improve water quality issues on Guanabara Bay (where racing is slated to take ...

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Beef Magazine

Ignoring the water problem is no longer an option
Beef Magazine
The water crisis is about much more than water. Last of a three-part series. By Wes Ishmael. “The nexus of water, food and energy will define our quality of life in this century.” That's Jay Famiglietti's take on the world we will live in. He is senior ...

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Oneonta Daily Star

On the Bright Side:
Oneonta Daily Star
Now in its second year, the course, called Water and the Environment of Guatemala, is designed to prepare students to solve environmental issues in the developing world, according to the release. The students were accompanied by Tracy Allen, associate ...

Fast Company

News Site Water Deeply Will Tackle The California Drought Crisis
Fast Company
Today she's launching a new website, Water Deeply, which will focus on the deep-seated problems contributing to the California drought as well as how they relate to the rest of the world's water scarcity issues. The site is the third of its kind to ...
House passes another bill to stem California droughtU.S. News & World Report

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SlingShot: Inventor Dean Kamen's 15-year quest to solve the world's safe water ...
Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, people regularly die from the lack of safe water and sanitation, and while we're all busy scrolling through our friends' posts about their first world problems on Facebook, mothers and fathers are burying ...
Film Review: Why Dean Kamen's "Slingshot" Is a Global Humanitarian NecessityHuffington Post

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Tulsa World

Mayor plans to fix flooding problems in downtown Wagoner
Tulsa World
Jones also said there are plans in the works to put in newer, bigger boxes and larger pipes for the water to flow through, as well as fix other issues that create the flood in downtown Wagoner. “I'm not ... Anyone can post a comment on Tulsa World stories.

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CTV News

Are Rio de Janeiro's Waters Safe Enough for the 2016 Summer Olympics?
With a year to go before the summer Olympics begin, athletes took to the waters of Rio de Janeiro this weekend — in spite of growing concerns about the water they are sailing, rowing, canoeing and swimming in. The Associated Press reported ... No ...
World sailing body to test water for viruses at Rio Olympic venueCTV News
Rio triathlon overshadowed by doping and virus fearsThe Guardian
WHO requests virus tests on water at Rio's Olympic venuesPress Herald
Casino.Org News -AOL News -Sacramento Bee
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