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Latest world news on water pollution

U.S. Air Force Academy

Steps to reduce water pollution
U.S. Air Force Academy
Academy Airmen and their families can take a few easy steps to reduce storm water pollution and cut cleanup costs, said a 10th Civil Engineer Squadron official. Storm water, generated when precipitation permeates the soil or becomes surface runoff, can ...

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

As water quality worries grow, Wisconsin plots strategy on phosphorus
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The budget contained no new funding for water pollution problems. That prompted former DNR Secretary George Meyer to urge board members to ask for more funding; or more realistically, to order a review of financial resources and regulations to bring ...

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Deutsche Welle

China says it is on track in fight against water pollution
Deutsche Welle
The state-owned China Securities Journal said the government was readying a 2 trillion-yuan ($326-billion, 253 billion-euro) plan to fight water pollution, with a special focus on cleaning up waste water deemed so dirty that it is not even fit for ...
China says first-half results exceed target for cutting water pollutionReuters UK
September 24: China Ahead of Water Pollution Goals, Government SaysCircle of Blue WaterNews

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Lake Erie water quality, algae concerns draw opinions from Ohio Statehouse ...
The Plain Dealer -
Marcus Madison (D) Elyria: We need to protect our lake, community's rivers and streams. I support the water quality action plan and believe it is a step in the right direction to protecting Lake Erie and our Great Lakes. The state should work to ...

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Lens on Paradip plants for water pollution by gypsum
Times of India
"While PPL generates about 4,000 tonnes of gypsum per day, IFFCO generates 14,000 tonnes. Both the plants have gypsum ponds where the compound is piled up. But the plants should dispose of the gypsum to prevent water pollution," said Kar.

Sam Judd: Solutions to water pollution
New Zealand Herald
A riparian site ready for volunteers to plant out at an event coordinated with the Landcare Trust. Photo / Priscilla Northe. Over and again we hear about the problems that we face with regards to water quality. I will be the first to admit my own guilt ...

AbTech Holdings' Smart Sponge® Takes Multi-Billion Dollar Water Pollution ...
For decades, stormwater runoff has been identified as one of the leading sources of pollutants to the environment. As rainwater falls into developed urban areas, the initial flush of contaminants from dryland is transported via runoff to the nearest ...

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Reducing Water Pollution Would Generate Billions in Economic Activity
Environmental Working Group
In 2010, to combat this pollution, the Environmental Protection Agency partnered with the six states and the District to create the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint for restoring the bay's ecological health. The Blueprint set goals for reducing various ...

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Summer projects wade through water pollution, teaching
The Brown Daily Herald
Recycled rainwater and gender divides in education took center stage Sept. 26 and Oct. 10 as the Brown-India Initiative undergraduate and graduate fellows gave presentations on their summer projects. The panels were held in the McKinney Conference ...

BBC News

Northumbrian Water seeks water pollution volunteers
BBC News
Walkers, runners and cyclists have been asked to monitor pollution in waterways across the North East. Northumbrian Water is seeking volunteer water rangers to patrol once a fortnight and report on conditions in their local rivers, streams and becks.
Call for volunteers to help Northumbrian Water tackle pollutionITV News
Northumbrian Water launch initiative to check waterways that could save you ...The Journal
Drive to recruit water rangers to help tackle pollutionHartlepool Mail

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Forum:Blog - The World Economic Forum (blog)

How to solve the world's water crisis
Forum:Blog - The World Economic Forum (blog)
For example, the prevailing view that the world needs good water management, though accurate, is too narrow. Water management should not be regarded as an end in itself – a single-variant solution for a single-variant problem – but as a means to ...


How tech is making the world's water safer
Hack2o will bring together makers, tinkerers, and enthusiasts who want to create innovative solutions to one of the world's biggest problems: access to clean, safe water. The professional division of the hackathon is open to anyone, and the student ...

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Matt Damon: To Solve World Poverty, You Need Clean Water
NEW YORK — The developing world has a water problem, and Matt Damon wants to solve it. The actor and philanthropist co-founded, a nonprofit organization that works to provide clean water and access to sanitation to hundreds of communities in ...

Unprecedented drought puts Sao Paulo water supply at risk
The Globe and Mail
The water shortage is already squeezing businesses in Sao Paulo and threatens to further undermine the stalled economy in Brazil, until recently one of the world's fastest-growing. The drought is also pushing up pollution levels and raising serious ...

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The Guardian

Humble spud poised to launch a world food revolution
The Guardian
“The world's water is 89% salinated, 50% of agricultural land is threatened by salt water, and there are millions of people living in salt-contaminated areas. So it's not hard to see we have a slight problem,” said van Rijsselberghe. “Up until now ...

Is World War Water looming?
The Phuket News
Aside from urging better planning of distribution of the world's most valuable resource, and reminding us that a billion people on the planet still do not have access to it, the report raises another interesting debate: Will there be a war on the ...

Sacramento Bee

Brown: California needs long-term vision on water
Dubuque Telegraph Herald
Addressing California's longstanding water problems will take tens of billions of dollars more and a large dose of political compromise, but the epic drought may provide new motivation, Gov. Jerry Brown told a Stanford University water conference on ...
Article discusses nation's connection to water, pricing schemes, steps toward ...WaterWorld
Water: Thirst for lifeFinancial Times

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New York Times

A Retreat From Weather Disasters
New York Times
Today, from Florida to Delaware, property insurance near the water is becoming harder and harder to find. “I'm worried because insurers only stay in markets until they ... This is not exclusively an American phenomenon. As the damages wrought by ...

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East Amwell Committee candidate Reid says he has business reputation for ...
Hunterdon County Democrat
He has four patents for "systems that harvest water from low-yield wells" and has published articles on that subject. His business, he said, helps people "from around the world with their water supply problems." The impetus to tackle that work, Reid ...

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Water problem in Central Asia poses global challenges
Previously they seized the water that goes around the world, now this water passes by them and falls with floods in Europe and other regions. All these factors are connected. Therefore, this is a global problem, it can not be solved within the five ...

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