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Latest world news on water pollution

Do something about Westside water pollution

Every single day of the week, the Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC) dumps millions of gallons of water polluted with pesticides and heavy metals ...

Southern Water must pay for its pollution spills, watchdog told  The Guardian

Environmental groups are demanding one of Britain's biggest water companies be made to pay tens of millions of pounds to restore the damage to habitats and ...

Grants available for water pollution projects in Nevada  Nevada Appeal

Nevada's Environmental Protection Division is offering about $1 million in grants for projects to prevent or control non-point source water pollution.Non-point ...

Examining New Payment Methods to Address Agricultural Nutrient Runoff  Water Finance & Management

Water quality is a major problem throughout the United States. But it's not nearly as bad as it used to be. In 1969, the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland was so ...

Legislature's role in enforcing water pollution control law stressed - Xinhua |  Xinhua

BEIJING, June 30 (Xinhua) -- China's top legislator on Sunday reiterated the role of people's congresses and their standing committees in implementing water ...

Water pollution files given to prosecutors  Jersey Evening Post

EVIDENCE files have been passed to prosecutors following a five-month investigation into alleged pollution at a major Waterfront development, it has emerged.

Kids learn about water, pollution at free day camp

A free summer day camp is showing kids the importance of keeping water clean. Pennsylvania American Water's "Wonderful World of Water" is back in Luzerne ...

New funding expected to improve, expand Greater Napanee water pollution control plant  Global News

Joint funding between the federal government and the Town of Greater Napanee announced on Monday will expand the current Napanee water pollution ...

WATER POLLUTION: House Democrats at odds over permitting bill  E&E News

An effort by California lawmakers to extend permitting times for stormwater treatment plants — something that would amend the Clean Water Act — is dividing ...

Water Pollution: Most Searched Keyword For Two Consecutive Years  BW Businessworld

Water pollution as a keyword has been searched 2,46000 times in January 2018 and January 2019, though, became the top searched keyword in two ...

Pamplin Media Group - Portland plant guilty of water pollution, fined $500,000  Pamplin Media Group

Portland plant guilty of water pollution, fined \$500000, Local News, Portland local News, Breaking News alerts for Portland city.

LETTER: Join the fight against water pollution | Daily News  Independent Online

Water is a basic resource that guarantees life for all living things on the planet.

Fireworks pollute our waters, too  The Daily Herald

While the issues of safety, fire, noise, air pollution and trauma (both physical and mental) from fireworks are well documented, the water pollution impact from ...

Govt to fund Greater Napanee Water Pollution Control Plant expansion  Water Technology

Expansion of the Greater Napanee Water Pollution Control Plant will protect the Napanee River's ecosystem and benefit Greater Napanee residents.

Flint approves plan for $114 million in upgrades to water pollution control facilities

In some cases, imminent failure is expected of existing equipment and immediate attention is needed," officials wrote in the plan.

Will Khulubuse Zuma, Zondwa Mandela face jail time over Aurora water pollution?  Fin24

The legal action against the politically connected former Aurora Empowerment Systems directors has dragged on for more than eight years and looks set to ...

Jim Beam faces fine for water pollution that killed fish  Hawaii News Now

Environmentalists say the plume of runoff from the fire spent days floating down the Kentucky River but has since dispersed as it entered into the much larger ...

Senior legislator calls for promoting enforcement of water pollution control law - Xinhua |  Xinhua

BEIJING, July 4 (Xinhua) -- Wang Chen, vice chairman of the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, on Thursday called for more efforts to ...

EPA: Oilfield pollution may significantly degrade Wind River  Wyoming Tribune

The federal Environmental Protection Agency has told Wyoming regulators that a draft permit to allow Aethon Energy to discharge polluted water into creeks ...

HC upholds jail term of industry owner for causing water pollution  Business Standard

Read more about HC upholds jail term of industry owner for causing water pollution on Business Standard. The Delhi High Court has upheld a ...

Why India's water problems won't just evaporate into thin air  Economic Times

India has 16% of the world's population and only 4% of the world's water resources at its disposal.

  1. India has just five years to solve its water crisis, experts fear  CNN
  2. As a major Indian city runs out of water, 9 million people pray for rain  The Washington Post
  3. Chennai’s water woes as seen from 700-km above the parched ground  India Today
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio shares distressing Chennai pic on Instagram, says only rain can save city  Business Today
  5. Chennai Startup Makes A Device Which Saves 95% Of Water Use: Can This Solve World’s Water Problems?
  6. View full coverage on Google News
'Third World' conditions cause of Attawapiskat water issues, Public Health doctor says

A doctor with Public Health Ontario says sub-standard housing is the biggest threat to the health of people living in Attawapiskat.

Chennai water crisis: 'We can't do anything'  BBC News

People in Chennai in southern India are going to drastic lengths to get water, as the city battles an acute crisis after months of poor rainfall. "We can't do anything ...

Freshwater Ecosystems Need Our Protection  Conservation International

*Fresh* water is the lifeblood of our planet, and freshwater ecosystems connect headwaters with oceans, land with water, and people with the resources they need ...

'I'm scared for my daughter': Life in India's first city that's almost out of water  CNN

Chennai, India (CNN) As Manjula Sridhar went into the operation theater of a maternity ward in Chennai, the capital of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, ...

How 1,500 Nuclear-Powered Water Desalination Plants Could Save The World From Desertification  Forbes

Many plans have been hatched to bring more water to CA, but it's better to build desalination plants. And even better to power them with small nuclear reactors.

The Importance Of Groundwater And Of Predicting Human Impacts On It  Forbes

It may be out of sight, but it should not be out of mind. Water hidden beneath the earth's surface comprises 98% of the planet's *fresh* water. On average, this ...

After smashing vial, China’s Sun Yang brings scrutiny, controversy to swimming championships  The Washington Post

GWANGJU, South Korea – When he touched the wall and removed his goggles following his opening race of the FINA world championships , China's Sun Yang ...

Desalination plants are here, but they're not solving the water crisis yet  Grist

Processing saltwater is an increasingly viable freshwater source, but it's still a pricey process -- for our wallets and for the environment.

India's water crisis: Lakes, ponds need urgent attention  India Today

For far too long the central and state governments have paid lip *service* to the one water resource that may provide the maximum dividend. While groundwater ...

Working With Governments  Conservation International

To overcome the threats of illegal logging, fishing and wildlife trafficking to ecosystems and livelihoods, governments must develop sound conservation policies ...

The Plastic Industry's Fight to Keep Polluting the World  The Intercept

Pushes to “recycle” plastics are one element of a massive industry-led effort to suppress meaningful efforts to reduce plastic waste.

N.J. teen will represent the U.S. at World Water Week in Sweden

A Hopewell Valley Central High School student was selected to represent the United States in Sweden at the World Water Week conference in Sweden next ...

What is red tide?  NBC News

Harmful algal blooms, often called red tides, result from the overgrowth of marine algae. They're common in Florida but occur in coastal areas worldwide.

Is it safe to wade in or drink the water now in the Santa Cruz? Here's what to know  Arizona Daily Star

It's safe to wade in but not to drink the reclaimed water, city and state officials say. But little is known about emerging contaminants in the water.

Shannon pipeline not needed if Dublin water leaks fixed, study claims  The Irish Times

Ramping up supply would not address root problem of leaking pipes, analysis argues.

Argentina’s main presidential candidates are ignoring the biggest problems  The Economist

Mauricio Macri doesn't want to talk about the economy. Alberto Fernández wants to keep the focus off his running mate.

Climate change prevents a focus on tackling issues of global inequality  World Economic Forum

Relentless global warming threatens the potential success of a sweeping set of goals established by the United Nations to tackle inequality, conflict and other ills ...

In an increasingly water-scarce India, life's changing for steelmakers, and how  Economic Times

Two of Indias biggest steelmakers, JSW Steel & Tata Steel, have flagged risks due to water shortages.

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