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Latest world news on water pollution

Charleston Gazette-Mail (subscription)

Bill that allows more WV water pollution advances
Charleston Gazette-Mail (subscription)
Committee members voted 15-10 to advance to the House floor the change in the stream flow figures the state Department of Environmental Protection uses when it sets discharge limits for water pollution permits under the state's program to implement the ...

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Alaska Dispatch News

Trump prepares rollback of rules on climate, water pollution
Alaska Dispatch News
A second order will instruct the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers to revamp a 2015 rule, known as the Waters of the United States rule, that applies to 60 percent of the water bodies in the country. That regulation – issued under the 1972 Clean Water ...
Trump to sign executive orders rolling back Obama's climate protection policiesInhabitat
Trump plans orders to roll back Obama's climate rules | McCain as Trump critic-in-chiefMarketWatch
Trump to roll back Obama's climate, water rules through executive actionWashington Post

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Real World Economics: Some inconvenient truths about controlling water pollution Press
Minnesota has a lot of water and we value it, especially our lakes and rivers. These are part of our culture, our collective ethos. But we don't agree necessarily on how best to protect them. Gov. Mark Dayton has advocated for strong action. His lead ...

Live Law

Water Pollution: SC Orders Closure Of Industrial Units Without Effluent Treatment Plants
Live Law
In a major step to bring down pollution of water bodies including major rivers, the Supreme Court today directed state pollution control boards not to allow industrial units to operate if they do not have effluent treatment plants. The governments have ...
Clean Up or Shut Down: Supreme Court's Ultimatum to Polluting IndustriesNDTV
Three-month deadline for waste plants: Supreme Court to industryThe Indian Express

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Chicago Tribune

How Trump is planning to dismantle Obama-era policies on carbon emissions and water pollution
Chicago Tribune
President Donald Trump is planning to sign directives aimed at dismantling Obama-era policies governing carbon dioxide and water pollution soon after a new leader is installed at the Environmental Protection Agency, according to two people familiar ...
Why Trump's EPA Is Far More Vulnerable To Attack Than Reagan's Or Bush'sHuffington Post
Alarm as climate sceptic named head of US environment agencyNew Scientist
What We Learned From Scott Pruitt's Emails to the Fossil Fuel IndustryTruth-Out
EXPOSEDbyCMD -Wall Street Journal
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Baltimore Sun

Hogan scales back Maryland water pollution trading proposal ...
Baltimore Sun
Gov. Larry Hogan's administration is scaling back his ambitious plan to jumpstart a pollution credit trading program as part of the state's Chesapeake Bay ...

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Alabama water pollution lawsuit to proceed after judge rejects motion to dismiss
A federal lawsuit against 3M and others over chemical pollution of the Tennessee River near Decatur will proceed, after a federal judge denied three motions to dismiss filed by defendants in the case. The lawsuit, filed by environmental group Tennessee ...

Business Insider

China audit finds more than $2.5 billion used to fight water pollution misused
Business Insider
SHANGHAI — China's audit office found that 17.6 billion yuan ($2.56 billion) earmarked for water pollution prevention work in 2016 was not effectively used, Xinhua reported Sunday. The funds were meant to go toward 397 projects in 18 provinces, with ...

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Omaha World-Herald

Omaha, Papio-Missouri River NRD to host meeting on water pollution
Omaha World-Herald
The Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District and City of Omaha officials will host an open house meeting Feb. 27 on reducing water pollution in Douglas and Sarpy Counties. The open house will be held at the Papio-Missouri River NRD headquarters ...

BuzzFeed News

Coal Companies Can Go Back To Ignoring Water Pollution Now
BuzzFeed News
Lawmakers killed a brand-new rule that would have protected streams from mining contaminants. The rule had required miners to report contamination. Originally posted on Feb. 2, 2017, at 12:12 p.m. Updated on Feb. 2, 2017, at 12:58 p.m..
Coal rule killed by US Congress, others near chopping blockReuters
Republicans axe rule that would have kept coal pollution out of waterwaysInhabitat

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The Guardian

Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems
The Guardian
Through the IMF, the World Bank, the Maastricht treaty and the World Trade Organisation, neoliberal policies were imposed – often without democratic consent – on much of the world. Most remarkable was its adoption among parties that once belonged to ...

New York Times

Mexico City, Parched and Sinking, Faces a Water Crisis
New York Times
Around the world, extreme weather and water scarcity are accelerating repression, regional conflicts and violence. A Columbia University report found that where rainfall declines, “the risk of a low-level conflict escalating to a full-scale civil war ...

American Spectator

The Global Water Crisis
American Spectator
In recent years, 600 million people have begun experiencing water shortages. In less than a decade it could be as high as 20 percent of the world's population or 1.5 billion people. Since water is crucial to generating energy and agriculture, a water ...

Putting the RNA World to the Test with "Pistol"
Discovery Institute
Proponents of the RNA World theory for the origin of life need to produce the goods: RNA molecules that can store information and perform useful reactions and reproduce themselves and form spontaneously in a plausible prebiotic environment. A new ...

Popular Science

La Paz adapts to a world without water
Popular Science
For years, scientists predicted that climate change would cause a devastating water shortage in the Andean plain. Like the ominous rumblings of a movie soundtrack before the T. rex appears on-screen, there were persistent warnings. Nongovernmental ...

The Star, Kenya

Why visit world class cities while Mombasa is a dump, Shahbal asks Joho
The Star, Kenya
“On Wednesday, I had a chance to interact with residents of Likoni and came face to face with the gripping realities of water shortage in the area, poor sanitation and the menace that is in the lack of garbage collection and disposal,” he said in a ...

Alaska Dispatch News

Remote Alaska island community without water after ice damages reservoir
Alaska Dispatch News
The remote Alaska island community of St. George was almost entirely without water Tuesday after cold weather took a toll on the village's main reservoir over the weekend, according to the city's mayor. The reservoir was damaged when the temperature ...

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Could these five innovations help solve the global water crisis?
The Guardian
A number of technological innovations address the crisis in novel ways. We asked two water experts – Vincent Casey, senior water and sanitation adviser at WaterAid, and Hannah Safford, an energy and environmental policy analyst – to assess some of the ...

First-ever female governor aims high to serve Egypt
By Marwa Yahya CAIRO (Xinhua) -- The appointment of Nadia Saleh, Egypt's first-ever female to serve as a governor, unexpectedly contrasts with Egypt's tradition of naming retired military men or policemen as governors, particularly in provinces with ...

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