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Latest world news on water pollution


Here's How Many People Die from Pollution Around the World
Air pollution was linked to 6.5 million deaths in 2015, water pollution was linked to 1.8 million deaths and workplace pollution was linked to nearly one million deaths. Deaths from pollution-linked diseases, like heart disease and cancer, were three ...
Pollution linked to 9 million deaths worldwide in 2015, study saysCNN
Pollution is killing millions of people a year and the world is reaching 'crisis point', experts warnThe Independent
Most pollution-linked deaths occur in IndiaThe Hindu
Livemint -Washington Post -The Lancet -National Cancer Institute
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Popular Science

Pollution kills nine million people a year
Popular Science
“High-income and some middle-income countries have enacted legislation and issued regulations mandating clean air and clean water, established chemical safety policies, and curbed their most flagrant forms of pollution,” write the more than 40 authors.
Latest Study Finds Pollution Kills 9 Million Worldwide Every YearCleanTechnica
Study finds pollution is more deadly than war, natural disasters, and diseaseInhabitat
The Human and Financial Cost of PollutionHuffPost
The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer -Sand Hills Express
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Don't minimize Coakley water pollution danger
I am writing in response to Fred Rice's opinion piece published Oct. 8, 2017, regarding the Coakley landfill Superfund site. Mr. Rice tries to discredit Hampton Rep. Phil Bean's opinion piece from Sept. 24. Mr. Rice states he is a world-renowned expert ...

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Government Accountability Office

Some States Have Trading Programs to Help Address Nutrient Pollution, but Use Has Been Limited
Government Accountability Office
Wastewater from factories and runoff from streets and farms can add more of these nutrients to water bodies, degrading water quality. Some states limit the amount of nutrients that certain pollution sources can discharge. Eleven states have "credit ...

SCE&G fined for water pollution at VC Summer plant
4 and issued a consent order detailing the violation of the Pollution Control Act and Water Pollution Control Permits at V.C. Summer. DHEC says it issued a permit noting the "discharge of treated wastewater" from the Wastewater Treatment Facility that ...

The surprising way artificial sweeteners are being used to detect water pollution
... helping with weight or carb control. Sucralose, and to some extent acesulfame, may also play a role in keeping water contamination down by helping researchers and water resource managers identify hot spots of pollutants in order to better manage them.

CBS News

Once-pristine Arctic choking on our plastic addiction
CBS News
I first travelled to the Arctic Circle in 2013 after a biologist friend told me about a small village in Greenland under attack by polar bears. The iconic animals hunt seals on ice, which is now thinning because of climate change. With their frozen ...

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Delhi Pollution: AAP Government Wants Choppers To Sprinkle Water Over Delhi To Fight Smog
"In view of the continuous poor air quality in Delhi, it is requested that your good office may kindly propose to Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, to carry out an exercise to sprinkle water aerially through helicopter/aircraft to settle ...
Will Pay For Water-Sprinkling Choppers To Bring Down Pollution Level, Delhi Govt Tells CentreOutlook India
Delhi government proposes aerial sprinkling of water to contain dust pollutionTimes of India
Ready to bear cost of aerial water-sprinklers to curb air pollution: Delhi government writes to CentreTimes Now -Financial Express
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Times LIVE

Does the answer to Cape Town's water crisis lie with data nerds
Times LIVE
One of the academy's founders‚ Aidan Helmbold‚ said that they want to get students coming in and working on problems that have an impact in the real world and will lead to change there. “We want to start with problems that are massive and topical and ...
SA's Data Science Academy Interns To Tackle Water ShortageHuffington Post South Africa (blog)

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ISU Plans Center To Address 'Real World' Problems Of Clean Water
Joan Brehm, an ISU sociologist who is working on the effort, said the center will allow for a multidisciplinary approach to water issues with a view toward creating real-world solutions. As envisioned, it will include experts in agriculture, politics ...


Scientists warn that saline lakes in dire situation worldwide
In the recent Nature Geoscience paper, "Decline of the world's saline lakes," authors Wayne Wurtsbaugh, Sarah Null, Peter Wilcock and Frank Howe of Utah State University; Craig Miller of the Utah Division of Water Resources, Justin deRose of the U.S ...

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Barclays and Unreasonable Tackle the Global Problem of Unemployment with 2017 Unreasonable Impact US Program
Business Wire (press release)
... energy efficient, conserving time and water in the process. Lucid Energy: Turning millions of miles of gravity-fed water pipelines around the world into generators of clean, environmentally-friendly, renewable energy using in-pipe hydropower ...

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The Guardian

Waiting for the tide to turn: Kiribati's fight for survival
The Guardian
Lack of fresh water is an immediate problem. Fresh water lies under the atolls and islands of Kiribati in what are known as a “water lenses”. Fresh water, which is less dense, floats on top of the denser salt water in a convex shape giving the sources ...

The Hill

Around the world, private capital is solving public problems
The Hill
Last year, the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority launched the nation's first environmental impact bond to manage stormwater runoff and improve the District's water supply. Financial returns are dependent on the volume of stormwater reduction. With support ...


Capitalism: A straw man for the world's problems?
In contrast to VW's misdemeanours there are entrepreneurs solving human necessities on a daily basis, providing food, water and healthcare and researching new ways to improve these offerings in a quicker and more cost effective way. To contend that ...

Wolverine toxic water testing area spreads across Belmont
BELMONT, MI -- Testing for a toxic chemical plume in Plainfield Township groundwater has expanded farther southeast from the Wolverine World Wide tannery waste landfill on House Street NE. The "Southeast Expansion Area" where ... That dumping ...

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About 1 million Americans without running water. 3 million without power. This is life one month after Hurricane Maria.
His message to the world: I'm alive, and I'm American. It worked, if temporarily. Helicopters came. So did a tarp, food and ... There also are pre-existing problems with power and water systems. Puerto Rico is "an island sitting in the middle of an ...

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Modern Ghana (press release) (blog)

The Key Connections To Population And Human Development
Modern Ghana (press release) (blog)
Concern over the world's booming human population which has grown from three to seven billion in little more than 40 years has abated, somewhat as birth rates have fallen right across the world. But there is still a long way to go before numbers ...

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