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 Whole house water treatment systems>>  Whole House Activated Carbon Water Filters For Chlorinated City Water

Mixed bed carbon filters use only the finest materials of construction and highest quality blend of assorted carbon medias found in the world. Designed for many years of daily use without any maintenance and trouble-free performance. Enhances the quality of your home water supply at every tap or outlet! Made in USA by AquaCera®

Benefits:carbon water filter for home

  • No electricity requirements
  • No drainage requirements
  • No programming
  • Simple installation
  • 500,000 to 2+ million gallons of filtered, chemical free water at every tap (sizes vary)
  • Removes Chlorine, THM’s, herbicides and pesticides
  • Removes Volatile Organic Chemicals
  • Chloramines
  • Great tasting, clean and clear water
  • No moving parts and no maintenance, by-pass valve included. 15 years fiberglass tank warrantee. Manufactured in USA.

The CF Series Mixed Carbon filters use two primary types of carbon; a premium grade coconut shell and a proprietary coal base carbon designed to reduce or remove the widest array of contaminants typically found in source water supplies municipally treated or rural well water supplies.

You and your family deserve safer, better-tasting water, donít you agree?

50$ Flat rate shipping by ground transport for lower 48 states.

Model Number
Tanks Size (inches)
GAC Capacity/Gals.*
Height (inches)
Peak Flow
10 GPM
12 GPM
CF105CJ 10x54 1,000,000 61 15 GPM
CF8CJ designed for 1-2 bathroom homes
Ports size: 3/4 in copper 1 in copper port 1 in CPVC port $699.00
CF10CJ designed for 3-4 bathroom homes
Ports size: 3/4 in copper 1 in copper port 1 in CPVC port $799.00
CF105CJ designed for 5+ bathroom homes
Ports size: 3/4 in copper 1 in copper port 1 in CPVC port $899.00

* Average household of four uses approximate 100,000 gallons of water per year.


Replacement Granular Activated Carbon (G.A.C.) media
All replacement carbon media comes with gravel underbed and funnel. Free shipping by ground transport for lower 48 states.
0.8 cu.ft. carbon blend media for CF8CJ
1.0 cu.ft. carbon blend media for CF10CJ
1.5 cu.ft.carbon blend media for CF105CJ
Whole House Activated Carbon Water Filter

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