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Doulton . . . The Fresh, Safe Alternative to Wholesome Drinking Water!

"Till tought by pain, man really know not what good water's worth." - Lord Byron

Nature's hydrological water cycleForward

Only a finite quantity of fresh water is available on earth. Nature's hydrological water cycle strives relentlessly to replenish the supply, but modern society is constantly polluting this water and our water may no longer be regarded as dependably wholesome.

Energy from the sun causes the evaporation of water from the seas, lakes, rivers and streams. Other sources of water vapor include plants, animal life and combustion from human activities.

News and articles about world water problems, about water pollution by CNN, ABC, BBC, Fox, NBC, other news sources

Washington Post - District to Issue Warning on Lead. Health Advisory on Water to Target Pregnant Women, Small Children - February 25, 2004

* Coca - Cola Admits That Dasani is Nothing But Tap Water

* Coke Recalls Bottled Water Newly Introduced to Britain

* Troubled waters keep Coke's Dasani off French shelves
The evaporated water condense in clouds as the temperature drops in the upper atmosphere. Winds may transport the water in the clouds over great distances before releasing it in the form of rain, sleet, or snow which falls to the ground.

As the precipitated water falls through the atmosphere, it picks-up impurities which may be rising from the environment below. This is the principal cause of acid rain and acid snow.

Upon reaching the earth, the water either percolates through the soil to the aquifers or finds its way to a body of water.

Since water approaches the alchemist's dream of a universal solvent, when the rain reaches the surface of the earth, it quickly dissolves and/or transports just about every material with which it comes in contact. While some of these materials may be beneficial, most are not useful in drinking water. Many are harmful, even toxic.

Absolutely pure water now rarely occurs naturally.

The Quality

Ideally drinking water should be wholesome and physically attractive, free from all harmful bacteria and have a chemical content which will promote the health of the consumer.

The Problem

The World Health Organization (WHO) has laid down two standards for public water quality. One is regarded as essential minimum for human consumption and the other a desirable maximum levels of organic and inorganic contamination in potable water.

Many water supplies worldwide fail to reach either standard

Whether water is drawn straight from a well, stream, lake or has been processed by a modern treatment plant, it can still contain bacteria, toxins, metals and other pollutants.

Even the most modern water treatment plants regularly add chlorine, ammonia, aluminum sulphate and other chemicals to deal with other water contaminants. Moreover, many of today's water treatment plants are not modern and pump directly from the source with minimal testing to assure potability. Most of the distribution systems in use today were built years ago using materials and techniques considered substandard today.

The causes are various, the results dire. Annually, millions of people contract severe illness from their drinking water, and many die.
Most recent Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) report "What's on Tap? Grading Drinking Water in U.S. Cities">>

Drinking Water... A Worldwide Concern

Water tables are no respecters of frontiers. Whether supply is plentiful or scarce, in the old, new or developing world, the need for drinking water remains.

Setting The Standard

Today, Doulton water filters are sold in over 150 countries where Doulton is a household name, synonymous with clean, healthy and wholesome drinking water.

Emergency Treatment of Drinking Water at Point-of-Use (POU)

UN WHO (World Health Organization) Technical Note for Emergencies No.5.

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