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The Chillers with the world renowned Doulton filtration      This month special: under sink water chiller

Choller bottleless water filtration system

Bottleless Under-sink Water Chiller With Doulton® Filtered Chilled Water... so much purer, fresher, economical and convenient than bottled water.

Model UCC II. Residential/commercial under-sink chiller up to 24 gallons per day chilled filtered water or equivalent of 5 five gallons delivered bottled water.

Commercial under sink chiller

* Capacities are industry standard rating conditions of 50°F outlet water, 80°F inlet water and 90°F ambient air. For better performance follow air ventilation instructions.

No top clearance required. Top can be used as a storage shelf. Whisper quite. Installation manual in PDF>>
3 prong power plug supply Yes
Cold water outlet temperature Adjustable thermostat 50°F
Cooling capacity per hour* 3 gallons
Power consumption Max. 75W 115V 60Hz**
Compressor/refrigerant type Hermetically sealed, 134a
Standard current 1.2A
1/4 in. connections, stainless steel water ways Yes
Certifications/Markings CE, UL, CSA
Dimensions 12 in. D x 16.5 in. L x 12 in. H
Warranty in continental US and Canada 12 months on parts, labor and shipping cost, 2 years compressor only


** 230V/50Hz. available in 20 and 40 ft. container quantity.

Compact yet durable surgical grade stainless steel tanks they can even fit under the smallest kitchen sink cabinet. The chiller is supplied with Regent I Imperial ceramic/carbon block filtration system and all necessary hardware for a complete installation. Water filter, faucets and chillers specifications >>

Doulton Imperial Ultracarb filter model IP100IUC Regent I Imperial water filter with UCC-II water chiller Reg. $749.00 Sale $689.00

Please select faucet type/finish:
Neoclassical cold only temperature faucet.

Chiller-Only, no faucet

Chilled water single lever faucetNeoclassical filtered water faucet.
CT-IUC Spare Imperial UltraCarb cartridge for Regent filters $69.87

Chiller with Instant Hot "Little Gourmet">>   

The healthy alternative - The Chilled filtered water is purer than most bottled water systems. Independent analysis shows that bottled water systems are susceptible to contamination. The Doulton quality chilled filtered water is free from harmful cyst, bacteria, dirt, rust and other particles that can contaminate your drinking water and also contains less chlorine, chloramines and other offensive water treatment chemicals. The result is fresher, better-tasting drinking water.

The cost effective alternative - Under sink chiller provide thirst-quenching chilled filtered water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water and more convenient. You can provide your family and or your staff with an endless supply of fresh chilled filtered water without having to worry about constantly paying for bottles of water. Moreover, you won’t have to waste valuable home or office space to store all those bottles.

The safe alternative - With chilled filtered water systems you’ll no longer run the risk of injury caused by lugging around, storing and lifting heavy water bottles. You’ll never have to change a bottle again and you’ll have an endless supply of great tasting Doulton quality chilled, filtered water always available at the touch of a tap.

The convenient alternative - No worries about the source of the bottled water, no hurried trips to the store when you run out and you’ll never have to wait for another delivery of bottled water.

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