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Doulton Water Filters for Apartments/Rented Accommodations

Doulton Drinking Water Systems.
The fresh, safe alternative to costly bottled water, reverse osmosis, distillation and UV technologies.

Tap water that's healthful and great-tasting is rare commodity these days. It's not just the matter of taste, sediment or odor. What you can't see, smell or taste can also affect the quality of your lifestyle. Quality drinking water is something you can't simply take for granted.

With it's exclusive all 100% natural multi stage purification technology, Doulton turns tap or any water for that matter into safe, wholesome, great-tasting healthful drinking water the way it was meant to be. Pure and refreshing-glass after thirst-quenching glass.

Doulton water is great in tea, coffee and ice cubes, as well as soups and cooking in general.Doulton water is always in good taste! Fresh and pure Everything you make with Doulton water will look and taste better. Water also fuels today's active lifestyles - whether aerobics, biking or tennis!

Doulton water is fresher, better tasting and less costly than bottled water and more convenient. With Doulton water you don't have to compromise the quality of your lifestyle. Pure and simple!

Doulton water countertop purifierThe Doulton CP100 models are versatile and economical countertop model attaches to your faucet in seconds. Compact, attractive and stylish finish complements any decor. Ideal for home, apartment, RV's, office, rented accommodations or where plumbing alterations are prohibited or difficult to arrange. Portable and lightweight, this is the ideal model for travel, home or abroad - providing clean, safe drinking water free from chemical contaminants and pathogenic bacteria.

The high-capacity, easy to change, cleanable ceramic candle deliver six months to a year's worth of highest quality drinking and cooking water.Doulton personal portable water purifier model GSS-mini

Any British Berkefeld portable gravity water purifiers can also be an ideal choice for rented accommodations or personal use.

Aqua crock water filters-coolersAquacrock series stoneware gravity filters-chillers (MONTH SPECIAL). Fitted with 3 Doulton Supersterasyl candles these filters provide up to 1/4 gallon/liters an hour of safe, clean and cold water. Energy efficient, versatile and convenient alternative to bottled water, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet or rented bottled water coolers.

"Doulton Water - Our River of Life"
Doulton Water - Our River of Life

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