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Doulton drinking water systems are ideal for:
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Point of Use (POU) Home Water Filters

Point of Entry (POE) Whole House Water Filtration/Conditioning Systems.

NEW! NO SALT softeners and lime scale removal systems.

Salt free water softener plus whole house water filtration system.

More whole house well or city water treatment solutions>>

If you already have water filtration system at home, we can help with:

* Ceramic water filter replacement candles for: All Doulton® filters, Franke® filter, Uniflow® and Triflow®, Gary Null®, CWR, Mountain Fresh MT660®, Mountain Fresh MT662® and other OEM pressure filtration systems.

* Doulton ceramic water filter replacement candles for: British Berkefeld®, Katadyn® and other gravity or drip water filtration systems including our sport bottle replacement filter.

* Replacement cartridges for: All NONE Doulton, industry standard water filter housings, reverse osmosis (RO) bacterial fouling prevention cartridges, ultraviolet pre or post water filtration, industrial/ commercial/ pharmaceutical applications, none Doulton carbon block cartridges and residential RO membranes.

* Water filter parts and accessories

Tap water that is healthful and great-tasting is a rare commodity these days. It's not just the matter of taste, sediment or odor. What you can't see, smell or taste can also affect the quality of your lifestyle. Quality drinking water is something you can not simply take for granted.

Home Water FiltersWith it's exclusive, all 100% natural multi stage purification technology, Doulton turns tap or any water for that matter into safe, wholesome, great tasting, healthful drinking water, the way it was meant to be. Pure and refreshing-glass after thirst-quenching glass!

stainless steel below the sink filter Doulton drinking water systems are compact and elegant yet, sturdy and powerful. They are the choice of many kitchen designers and remodeling professionals worldwide, as well as discerning "do-it-yourself" kitchen decorators who are mindful of a healthy lifestyle.

below the counter home water filterFor homes supplied with municipally treated water, any of residential single housing water purifiers will be more than sufficient to provide you with the highest quality drinking and cooking water. Choice of Supercarb or Ultracarb candle.

For homes on a private well water supply with no objectionable water odours, the same rule applies as to municipally treated water. If your water is soft and the plumbing have lead solder joints (in United States home build prior 1986), choose Ultracarb candle. If you are not sure what type of water is in your area contact your local authority for advice or use our quick-and-easy product configuration>>. Generally worldwide over 90% well water is hard.

Water hardness table as classified by the U.S. Department of Interior. Other regions may use different classification methods.

Classificationmg/l or ppmgrains/gal
Soft0 - 17.10 - 1
Slightly hard 17.1 - 60 1 - 3.5
Moderately hard60 - 1203.5 - 7.0
Hard120 - 1807.0 - 10.5
Very Hard180 & over10.5 & over

For homes on a private well water supply with objectionable odors such as hydrogen sulfites (rotten egg smell), choose the dual housing water filter model IP200UC+ or IP300UC+.

To treat the whole house against these objectionable odors, choose one of our whole house iron and sulfur water filtration systems and a single housing Doulton water model IP100SC for your drinking and cooking water.

Private wells surrounded by extensive agricultural use should have their water tested for excessive level of nitrates. In this case a dual housing system model IP200UC+ should be used with nitrate reduction element as a second cartridge.

NOTE: Heavy agricultural use of pesticides and herbicides that eventually end up either on the surface waters and or underground aquifers are removed and or reduced by the carbon inserts of the ceramic candles.

Private wells polluted with high level of arsenic, use dual housing systems model IP200UC+ with arsenic reduction element as a second cartridge.

For heavily polluted waters (total chemical and biological cocktail) use one of our IP200 and IP300 series customized to your needs.

The Chiller® With Doulton Filtered Water.. so much purer, fresher, economical and convenient than bottled water. MONTH SPECIAL on Complete system: UCC Chiller, faucet, Doulton ceramic filter, installation hardware.

The Little Gourmet® Instant Hot System - Includes choice of hot water dispenser, heating tank, Doulton Ultracarb ceramic filter and all necessary hardware for complete installation. For piping hot, great tasting drinks and soups. The Little Gourmet® instant boiling water heater beat hot drink vending machines, kettles and urns hands down.

quick-and-easy product configuration>>

Regent I Imperial ceramic water filterRegent I high flow rate water filter fitted with Doulton Imperial Ultracarb cartridge 2000/8000 gals./L capacity.
Regent II undersink filter for home Regent II high flow rate water filter fitted with Doulton Imperial Ultracarb cartridge plus a choice of Imperial nitrate, fluoride, arsenic, MTBE or 1 or 5 micron sediment reduction cartridge.

News and articles about world water problems, about water pollution by CNN, ABC, BBC, Fox, NBC, other news sources

Up to the minute world news on water pollution>>

Washington Post - District to Issue Warning on Lead. Health Advisory on Water to Target Pregnant Women, Small Children - March 31, 2005

* Coca - Cola Admits That Dasani is Nothing But Tap Water

* Coke Recalls Bottled Water Newly Introduced to Britain

* Troubled waters keep Coke's Dasani off French shelves

* "What's on Tap? Grading Drinking Water in U.S. Cities" Report released on June 11th 2003 by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

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