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Doulton drinking water systems are ideal for:
Boats and RV's
Coffee shops
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Whole house
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Mountain Premier Collection >> High quality filtered Instant hot/cold/chilled water systems in five distinctive designs and numerous luxurious finishes. Technologically advanced construction combined with quality old-world craftsmanship gives each system heirloom status. Manufactured in United Kingdom with most advanced processes and valve technology for uncompromising performance and elegance.

Instant hot water

Dual temperature instant hot systems are complete and ready to install. They include choice of hot & cold water dispenser, Doulton HIP/Ultracarb inline filter (600 gallons capacity), heating tank and complete and comprehensive installation kit ($79.00 value).
Can be purchased with Regent I commercial capacity Imperial Ultracarb ceramic filter.

All water dispensers feature safe for children spring loaded hot lever.
Installation instructions>> Hole size and position instructions>> Heating tank specs>> Water filter specs>> Chiller specs>> Mountain plumbing products warranty information>>

LG550 Classical Style With Modern Functionality

LG650 Modern Style With Modern Functionality

A bell-shaped lever and teapot-inspired body. Water dispenser specs>>

Clean, sleek, and graceful elegant lines. Water dispenser specs>>

Instant hot and cold water faucet
LG550CPB Polished Chrome $849.00
LG550SC Satin Chrome $925.00
LG550BRN Brushed Nickel $902.00
LG550PN Polished Nickel $902.00
LG550PEW Pewter $925.00
LG550PVD Polished Brass $848.00
LG550TB Tuscan Brass $945.00
LG550WB Weathered Brass $965.00
LG550WCP Weathered Copper $925.00
LG550ACP Antique Copper $925.00
LG550EB English Bronze $945.00
LG550MHB Mahogany Bronze $945.00
LG550ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze $925.00
LG550VB Venetian Bronze $945.00
LG550PVDBB PVD Brushed Bronze $945.00
LG550BRS Brushed Stainless $902.00

Mark to upgrade to commercial capacity (1000 gallons) Imperial Ultracarb the Regent I ceramic water filter (Add $200.00). For use in 5-15 people office/work place.

Mark to include UCC-II chiller Sale (Add $449.00).

Mountain Plumbing instant hot/cold water dispenser
LG650CPB Polished Chrome $852.00
LG650SC Satin Chrome $820.00
LG650BRN Brushed Nickel $908.00
LG650PN Polished Nickel $820.00
LG650PEW Pewter $820.00
LG650PVD Polished Brass $840.00
LG650TB Tuscan Brass $935.00
LG650WB Weathered Brass $955.00
LG650WCP Weathered Copper $935.00
LG650ACP Antique Copper $820.00
LG650EB English Bronze $935.00
LG650MHB Mahogany Bronze $935.00
LG650ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze $915.00
LG650VB Venetian Bronze $935.00
LG650PVDBB Brushed Bronze $935.00
LG650BRS Brushed Stainless $955.00

Mark to upgrade to commercial capacity (1000 gallons) Imperial Ultracarb the Regent I ceramic water filter (Add $200.00). For use in 5-15 people office/work place.

Mark to include UCC-II chiller Sale (Add $449.00).

NOTE: For chiller better performance we recommend 1/4 in. cabinet door(s) gap when installed undersink.

New Arrivals of Dual Temperature Instant Hot Water Systems - Most Finishes Ship In 7-14 Business Days

Victorian and Edwardian eras style faucet
LG1101 Nostalgic memories of the opulent Victorian and Edwardian eras are recaptured with LG1101/1201 models
Water dispenser specs>>

Modern and elegant style kitchen faucet
LG1401 A contemporary and elegant style

Water dispenser specs>>

CPB Polished Chrome $905.00
SC Satin Chrome $925.00
BRN Brushed Nickel $925.00
PN Polished Nickel $925.00
PEW Pewter $925.00
PVD Polished Brass $925.00
TB Tuscan Brass $1023.00
WB Weathered Brass $1089.00
WCP Weathered Copper $931.00
ACP Antique Copper $989.00
EB English Bronze $1023.00
MHB Mahogany Bronze $1023.00
ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze $989.00
VB Venetian Bronze $1023.00
PVDBB PVD Brushed Bronze $1039.00

Mark to upgrade to commercial capacity (1000 gallons) Imperial Ultracarb the Regent I ceramic water filter (Add $200.00). For use in 5-15 people office/work place.

Mark to include UCC-II chiller Sale (Add $449.00).
LG1401CPB Polished Chrome $904.00
LG1401BRN Brushed Nickel $944.00
LG1401PN Polished Nickel $944.00
LG1401PVD Polished Brass $944.00
LG1401ORB Oil Rubbed Bronze $944.00
LG1401SS Stainless Steel $1075.00

Mark to upgrade to commercial capacity (1000 gallons) Imperial Ultracarb the Regent I ceramic water filter (Add $200.00). For use in 5-15 people office/work place.

Mark to include UCC-II chiller Sale (Add $449.00).

ACC CHS Dispenser Finish Chip Set: $50.00 deposit
Mountain Plumbing Finish set will present to you exactly how the finish of the dispenser will appear. Provided it is returned by using our prepaid return label, within 10 business days, a refund of $40.00 will be credited to your credit card account ($ 10.00 non- refundable for 2-way priority postage cost for US destinations).

Finishes chip-set $50.00
Mountain Plumbing Faucets Finish Guide (PDF)

Little Gourmet water dispensers finishes matching others all purpose faucets manufacturers:

English Bronze = Perrin & Rowe® and Brasstech®
Pearl Nickel* = Delta® (Delta Select/Brizo®)
Matte Black* = Delta® (Brizo), KWC®, Franke®, Moen® and others
Stainless Steel = Blanco®, Danze®, Delta® incl. Brizo line, Grohe®, Hamat®, Hansgrohe®, Moen®, Newport Brass®, Price Pfister and others
Tuscan Brass = Rohl®
Venetian Bronze = Delta Select® (Brizo)
Weathered Brass = Herbeau®
All other finishes match or near match most all faucets manufacturers.
* Introducing soon

Mountain Plumbing Faucets Finish Guide (PDF)


Spare replacement filters

CN-UC Spare slimline Ultracarb candle for HIP/Ultracarb inline
$55.00 for 1
$52.50/ea for 2
$50.00/ea for 3 or more
CTI-UC Spare Imperial Ultracarb cartridge Regent I $69.87

Instant hot only systems>>

These taps give you the best of both worlds; Doulton quality instant boiling, cold or chilled filtered water from a single tap

Instant hot tea and coffee The perfect drinking water appliance (s) - These systems are perfect for prestige offices and homes. Now you can experience the benefits of instant boiling and cold filtered water at the touch of a button from a single tap whenever you choose.

A healthier solution - Dispenses Doulton quality fresh filtered cold water that contains far fewer micro-organisms than water from bottled water systems.

Instant hot water kitchen faucets with built in Doulton water filter

Contemporary/Traditional Design - Fits elegantly into your kitchen. All you see is the tap, everything else is hidden beneath the sink using very little space.

So Convenient - This systems are so much more convenient than kettles since there’s no more time wasted waiting around for water to boil to make your tea or coffee. The hot water tank also feature a fingertip adjustable thermostat, no tools required.

Quality Built to Last - The instant hot water tank deliver up to 60 cups per hour of steaming hot filtered water. More importantly, they're built to keep on working cup after cup, year after year. The tank is made of genuine stainless steel, and the patented displacement system increases service life by helping to prevent mineral buildup.

The "Little Gourmet"® heating tank has a large 5/8 gallon stainless steel tank. Its self-resetting circuitry protects water tank in case of dry start. The easy access thermostat allows for finger tip adjustment from 140°-190°. UL listed and CSA Approved.

Since few plumbing fixtures add this much convenience to a kitchen, why not choose the one that adds the most value.

Venetian Bronze is a trademark finish of Masco's div. Delta faucet.

water heater Instant Hot

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