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Customers inquiry about Doulton water filtration systems (raw material from correspondence)

Most Common Water Purification Questions


* With so many choices of purifiers and filters on the market. Where do I start?

* Boats & RV's Fresh Water System Tips

* Doulton Ceramic Technology

* Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC)

* Extruded Solid Carbon Block (CB)

* Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)

* Reverse Osmosis (RO)

* Ultraviolet Radiation (UV)

* Ion Exchange (IEX)

* Distillation or Demineralization (DI)

*Absolute vs. Nominal Ratings

Can you tell me what the percentage reduction of arsenic is for your filter? I also have another question. Does the pH of the water affect the percentage of arsenic reduction? Our water, which is from a private well, has a pH of 7.6 and arsenic content of 0.18 mg/l. The arsenic is really the only concern in terms of what we need to filter for.
It would appear that Doulton's Model IP300PSCA-5 filter would be the best for our situation. Would you agree?

You are absolute correct as far IP300PSCA-5 model is ideal for your water conditions. The pH is surprisingly low for well water, almost neutral however your arsenic level is high compare to EPA maximum allowable of 0.010 mg./L. The arsenic cartridge will remove all of the arsenic to none detectable level for at least first 350 gallons.

What happens to arsenic removal after the first 350 gallons? Does the arsenic filter have to be replaced at that point?

As the cartridge media is loaded with A3 and A5 arsenic it's efficiency will decrease. The 350 gallons is the optimum reduction. The cartridge may be capable to reduce bellow EPA level for much longer time however at your level of arsenic we recommend 350 gallons at best efficiency. Sorry, however may I suggest you a practical solution. Instead of changing cartridges without knowing if they are still good, check out this do it your self test kit for arsenic at this web site. the conversion ration from mg./L is parts per million (ppm).

Is it possible to order the IP100UC without all the installation hardware? I am replacing an existing under sink system that uses the same hardware. I have no use for the tap or hose/hardware kit.

Yes, you can order the IP100UC without the hardware by calling our customer support at 1.888.664.3336 however before ordering make sure that your tubing is 3/8 inch diameter.

I'd like to find out what the percentage reduction of asbestos is for your asbestos filter.

The efficiency of our filtration technology is greater than 99.99% at 0.5 micron absolute ANSI standard which means that all particles greater than 0.5 microns are stopped at the surface of the ceramic candle. Asbestos particle size are in a range of 10 to 100 microns.

Some years ago I used one of your filters. It used a 3/8 saddle valve to tap cold water pipe.Do you still use 3/8 or have you conformed to the 1/4 found on all refrigerator water taps valves?

We still use 3/8 saddle valve in rare occasions however most of our customers choose push-fit connectors. 1/4 in. line is not capable to deliver enough pressure for our micro filtration elements.

Pilot study module made of 304L stainless steel construction

As per our conversation in regards to a pilot study module made of 304L stainless steel construction as follows:

What ever technology you are using at the present for micro-filtration or process separation our ceramics will outperform any and all membrane filtration in all aspects.
The most recent business using our filters for potable water out of raw water.
Captain Jay bread and breakfast are using 20" Imperial ceramic to filter raw water from lake Travis.
Moss Spring wilderness lodge using nearby creek or lake water using our HSSx5-2 10 GPM filter.

Live bacteria test results
More bacteria test results:
Cyst test result:
Turbidity test results:

Do you make hot water dispensers... If you don't ... if I purchase an Insinkerator hot water unit can I use one of your faucets?

Our water taps are for cold water only however we do represent a line of hot water dispensing taps manufactured by Mountain Plumbing Products plc. called "Little Gourmet" various finishes. Mountain Plumbing Products also manufacture instant heating tank with capacity of 60 cups/hr. at 190 degrees however must be purchased with any of the faucet models. Mountain Plumbing faucets will not work with Insinkerator hot water unit.

We have a culligan RO system and I need a faucet in a stainless finish or brushed nickel to match my current faucets. It will be used just as a filtered water spout.

You can purchase that faucet for RO filter either by calling us or via the Internet. Please read the related RO faucet question below..

My intention is indeed to use your Neoclassical faucet with a reverse osmosis system. Please hold off on sending the order while you explain to me why this faucet cannot be used with a reverse osmosis system.

A reverse osmosis faucet has a built-in air gap. You've ordered non air gap. If you look at your present faucet from under the sink you'll know what I mean, it has 2 additional ports other than main port.

We have a 10 " Big Blue water filter housing. Will any of your ceramic filters fit it?

Our research department is testing a new ceramic cartridge (Sovereign) that will fit the big blue filter housings (4.25X9.75 in. and 20 in.). The test has been carried since April however they usually last up to a year before final evaluation. If you are looking for higher flow rate the only solution I can recommend you at this time is either our multi cartridge commercial and industrial systems or our Imperial Ultracarb 20" ceramic cartridge set (up to 4/16 GPM/LPM) or our 10" Imperial Sterasyl (2.75X9.75 inch) with 2.3/9 GPM/LPM at 45/3 psi/bars.
(March 2004 updated info) UK started to manufacture ceramic cartridges that will fit the big blue filter housings.

I'm in need of a replacement filter and don't know what type to order. Would it be ok if I mail my water filter housing to you, for you to ascertain what type I need?
When I went to clean the filter, it broke as I tried to remove it from the base, so the black part on the bottom is still attached as well, and I don't know how to get it off. Perhaps you could help me with this.
Thanks so much for your time; please let me know if this is alright with you.

Yes, by all means you can send the head (base that hold the broken part of the candle) to:
Customer Service Dept.
19541 Cherry Hill Rd.
Southfield, MI 48076

Please let me know who installs your product I live in ...

Most of our products are designed to be installed average homeowner with very few tools with the exceptions of the whole house systems. Enclosing a links of our installation instructions and kit components.

I am considering purchasing either the CP100SC or IP100SC for our family cabin. The water source for the cabin is an underground spring. We accumulate the water into a small metal reservoir and are piping (1/4 mile) it into the cabin. Over the years my family was drinking the water, but we've stopped over concern as to how safe it really is. We had the water tested a few years ago and we were told it contained bacteria. So now, we are bringing water with us for drinking and cooking. The source of the bacteria is unknown. It could be in our pipes or it could be in the water. The water also contains some sediment that clogs our aerators and faucet screens on occasion. Your site claims these filters will make the water safe to drink. Based on my description of our water, is that true? Are these the right filters for this situation?

As for the CP100SC, after attaching it to the faucet, is there a means to make use of unfiltered water through the faucet or is the water always filtered? I am wondering if the unit has some sort of bypass switch included? I could not tell from the information on your site.

Also, we use the cabin mostly from April through November. The water lines typically freeze during the other months. We would disconnect the filter in the colder months to avoid freezing. I'm pretty sure we would not come close to using 1000 gallons of water for drinking and cooking every year (it's only a weekend place), so I would expect to reuse the filter each spring perhaps for 2 or 3 seasons. Is there any reason why I should not reuse the filter? Your site says the filters are designed not to grow bacteria? Can I count on that for this situation?

The Doulton filtration technology is designed to comply with the most stringent potable water standards. The links bellow will explain your questions.
Bacteria removal since 1827:
Doulton's technology:

I have recently purchased a Supercarb water filter, and am very impressed with it but would like to know if it filters out fluoride.

Supercarb ceramic candle is designed to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) and microbial removal such as cysts and bacteria. We do have candle mount cartridge for fluoride removal however it is limited to that specific compound and is used in our IP200 and 300 series filters. Unless you have high concentrations of fluorides (some well waters) rarely one would need that cartridge, Supercarb candle is more than one would ever need.

I now have an OMNI 2 micron sediment filter and would like to use it as a pre filter to the Doulton IS100SC. We live in the rain forest of Costa Rica and our well has high sediment content. I know that Doulton sells a dual filter, (the IP200UC+) but I would like to save the $$ if the flow rate will not be compromised by the OMNI-Doulton combination.

A. The flow rate will not be compromised unless the Omni filter have 1/4 inch tubing. Doulton ceramics are very tight therefore our supply lines are 3/8 inch to increase the pressure. However you may not even need a pre-filter, she just have to clean the cartridge more frequently, perhaps every 2 months. Clean candle have flow rate of about 1/2 gallon per minute. Since she lives in the rain forest (environmentally relatively clean water) all she'll need is IP100SC.

Does Model IP200pB-S with carbon block candle PB1 (with lead reduction) reduce Lead and heavy metals just like the Ultracarb IP100 model does? Do they provide the same results in terms of water quality? Is there a difference between both models in the water flow that comes out (our water pressure tends to decrease at times)? For model IP200pBS: How often does the carbon block candle PB1 have to be replaced? Is there a simple way of knowing when to replace the sterasyl ceramic candle?

The Ultracarb candle is Sterasyl with pB1 carbon block inside the ceramic shell (It's a trade secret info only offered to inquisitive minds, kidding). The pB1 carbon block candle is rated for 1000 gallons or change out every 9-12 months to maintain premium quality drinking water. Water flow is better with IP200pB-S as the carbon block act as a pre-filter for the Sterasyl candle decreasing cleaning frequency. In IP200pB-S configuration the Sterasyl candle can last many years or up to 60 cleanings.

We manufacture a number of 5,000 - 50,000 USGPD R.O. units that are used in various parts of the world for drinking water plants and also for process/product water by manufacturers. Because most of what we do is export final polishing with sub micron throw away filters is cumbersome and costly. I at one time operated a facility in the UK and often used cleanable ceramic sub-micron cartridges. Please advise current elements and housings available for flows of RO water in the ranges from 5 to 20 GPM.

Our ceramic cartridges are manufactured in UK, are self sterilizing (bacteriostatic), cleanable up to 60 times and provide genuine sub-micron filtration with >99.99% efficiency at (0.5 micron absolute ANSI standard) 0.9 micron absolute EU standard. A far superior alternative to throw away poly cartridges. With our cartridges we use all 316L stainless steel housings with a flow rate from 1 GPM and up with no big gap in GPM flow rate to meet specific requirements.

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I saw you under the counter models on your web site which start at $249.00 US. I also saw an unidentified model on the website for $139.00. The latter claimed to be a ceramic design filter (unsure if it has silver coating but it claimed to be anti-bacteriological) but it DID say that it could be cleaned a certain number of times before the core needed replacement. Do you offer a filter system at this lower price and with a feature that allows cleaning?

All I can say is that our products carry lifetime warranty and all components are manufactured of highest standard. Our systems are fitted with only genuine Doulton cartridges (candles) that are cleanable however they should be changed on an annual basis. In the mean time, take a look at our taps that are included as part of the system and our hardware installation kit, it's like comparing apples to oranges.

We have been using your counter top water filter for many years now, and we have enjoyed the security of having good clean pure wonderful tasting water. We have had a problem with the faucet connector valve, with the divert valve and aerator valve piece leaking after awhile with the rest of the filter still in perfect working condition. Could you please send us those connectors so we can have fully functioning water filters again. The model we have is the DOULTON HCP WATER FILTER COUNTER TOP. It is white with a gray base

We are sorry to hear that you are having problem with the HCP diverter valve. Normally those valve last 5-8 years and eventually the valve rubber O ring wears out. If you have lot of sediments such as sand in your water they will wear out often due to the abrasions. However, you don't need to purchase new filter, all you need a new diverter kit which consist of diverter and tube crimped onto it and change out is simple.

I have Franke Triflow filtration system and just want to make sure before I order that your FRX02 Franke Replacement filter is the right one.

You are correct. FRX02 is exact replacement candle for Franke Triflow or Uniflow filters.

Where can I purchase a filter for my Doulton system?

You can purchase your Doulton ceramic filter candle from our on-line shop or by phone 1.888.664.3336.

Do I have to replace "Ceramic Filter" in my water filter?

Depend on the grade of the ceramic candle it should be changed every 6-9 months interval.

Got my order today,I am truly amazed at the speed you got my order out. I will certainly pass the word out about your company. Looked elsewhere on the net didn't see this configuration anywhere else, with this type of faucet.

We are pleased that you are satisfied with our service.

I wish to take water from a creek for drinking water and domestic purposes. The filtration system will be required to filter Coliforms and E. Coli and would preferably be fairly robust (high rainfall) and easy to maintain.

All of our systems will give you sterile water out of any water source other than sea water. Enclosing link to one of the many tests performed with live Escherichia coli for your review. I'm not sure if you are looking for gravity systems or pressure system however they all perform the same. Enclosing a link to our portable systems which all are very robust and easy to maintain. If you intend to use extreme turbid water you may have to clean the ceramic candles often.

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I am looking for a countertop that was recommended by a trusted health adviser but without a model number. It removed all the common nasties,also fluoride and chlorine.

The link will take you to our Doulton countertop model you describe.

The other area of inquiry is about the copper removing capabilities of your products. Is the Ultracarb effective at copper removal? For maximum copper removal from water would you recommend a two stage filtering system?

The Ultracarb candles and cartridges has been tested for lead reduction only (in USA) however same ion exchange media is for all heavy metal reduction which copper is considered heavy metal. When a filter is tested for lead and other heavy metals the influent water is spiked with such a high dose of contaminants that normally that kind of water is rarely found, therefore I don't recommend 2 stage. My question is how did you end up with so much copper in your water? Have you tested your water and if so how many parts per billion (PPB) of copper is in it. Perhaps I can recommend you appropriate system that will fit your requirements however Ultracarb candle is very powerful filter. Test results for iron, lead, manganese, cadmium, copper, mercury, aluminium & zinc removal>>

I have a water catchment system that stores water in 4 55 gallon water drums, and below them, 4 more barrels for clean, filtered water. I live in western Washington state and there is an issue with mercury contamination in the rainwater due to fallout from Chinese coal-fired power plants. I need an in-line system that can filter at least 30 gallons a day and do so under the water's own gravity. Is there anything you have that fits that bill?

As per your descriptions none of our gravity filters will do your requirements and I do not know of any filter manufacturer that will do that. Our heavy metal reduction filters are all pressure filters requiring minimum of 10 psi.

I have sent a few of your candles down to a mission in Guatemala where they have areas where they provide food and water. The people working at the station could not believe how well the filters work. I purchased the filter (9" supersterasyl) on line. Depending on what the folks in Guatemala think we may be purchasing more-perhaps a few hundred. I wanted to how much of a quantity discount that could be provided and if perhaps there was a program for operations such as these.

Yes we do have special programs for humanitarian organizations and or for relief programs such as you indicated. If you are part of a such a program please fax us your not for profit certificate and will be glad to quote you special pricing.
Furthermore you may not need Supersterasyl candle, Sterasyl is perhaps all you need which will give you far more life span than Supersterasyl.

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Do I need to boil the filtered water?

No, you don't need to boil water with Doulton ceramic filter, it defies the whole purpose of having a filter. They are designed to give you safe water without the need to boil.

Can I purchase the HCP ultracarb ceramic replacement filter and fluoride too(the Gary Null filters) also the pre-filter screen? I have been using your countertop system for the past seven years and I truly believe in the quality and dependability. May I purchase directly from you? I also would like to have the opportunity to sell your countertop system to others, because I believe in the product and could convince many to purchase Doulton. Drinking clean water is most important to my family and other health conscious consumers. I installed my countertop system and would gladly share the merits of it with others.

We are flattered with your satisfaction by using the HCP filter. Of course you can purchase the Ultracarb the same web page or place the order by phone 1.888.664.3336.
I'm not familiar with "Gary Null filters" however we do have candle mount fluoride removal filter which is used with in conjunction with a second housing.

We are interested in either an inline (removable - 3/8" fittings ) or an exterior unit that uses 3/4" fittings to connect direct to the RV and campground water supply. Our desire is to have both the ceramic and activated charcoal filter. Where can we obtain information on such units. Hopefully the flow rates would be at least 2-3 gpm but 1-2 gpm would be acceptable.

We do not have exterior filters for reason that your craft fresh water system should have residual chlorine according to the manufacturer specifications and health authority recommendations. The link below explains in detail on how to maintain a healthy fresh water system.

This following links will lead you to the products that will meet your criteria. The flow rate on the in line filters is based at 45 psi. while most parks water pressure are 40-65 psi., check out flow rate link for different pressures. The filters are fitted with simple push-fit fittings which are easy to disconnect, no tools needed. We can also custom design to your specifications. Other inline water filters>>

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I've been researching on water filter that is best for my family. It's hard to trust which water filter is the best. I wonder how many chemicals do your filter to filter out? Does it filter out fluoride, aluminum, and the rest of junkies?

I do understand your frustration and confusion about choosing the "best" filter out of so many different manufacturers using inconsistent claims or marketing jargons that is hard to even defined them with a simple dictionary. The good part is that all water treatment technologies are based on scientific conclusions and not on some mysterious "facts".
Our filters are designed for microbiological protection as well chemical reduction. There is no filter on the market that "does it all". If fluoride is your concern we do have specific cartridge for it as far aluminium Doulton candles and cartridges are rated at .5 microns absolute ANSI standard, in other words any particulate greater than .5 micron will be trapped on the ceramic surface.
Including a link with information about water treatment technologies currently in use, simplified however useful.

What is the difference between your Sterasyl and SuperSterasyl filter candles?

All grades of candles are based on Sterasyl candle as an effective barrier against waterborne pathogenic bacteria. Sterasyl candle filled with granular activated carbon (GAC) is SuperSterasyl, a media that reduces taste, odours and chemical contaminants from water. Sterasyl candle can be reused for about 15.000 gallons whilst SuperSterasyl is limited by the carbon capacity which is about a 1000 gallons.

How well does your home system remove possible chemical contaminants such as pesticides?

Pesticides are easily removed by most ordinary carbon block filters. Our whole house NP5 model will do a fine job in pesticides removal however this model is designed for really nasty waters such as chemical and microbiological contamination and therefore it may be overkill in your situation.
If your concern is pesticides and or other chemicals I would suggest you to use more economical and practical method of purifying your drinking and cooking water with one of our sink top or under sink models. It is not economical and practical to supply the entire home with high purity water.

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I am inquiring about model SB (Sport Bottle). I have seen your SB item advertised elsewhere on the Internet and was interested in purchasing it. So in researching the product on your website, I was confused by the description. What do you mean about this model NOT being a "Doulton Product"? Is it due to manufacture location?

What we mean by NOT being a "Doulton product" is that our filters are based upon physical proprieties of pure diatomation earth (ceramics) which is, sub micron filtration in absolute range whilst the sport bottle rely on carbon and ion exchange media to adsorb (like a magnet) certain contaminants from water. They are manufacturer in the USA to our specifications.

On your website you give the price for the Berkefeld NP5 model. Do you carry the other models in the NP series? If so, what are your prices for them?

Currently all NP models other than NP5 are in engineering stage and it may be a year before production stage. However, we have higher output stainless steel multi cartridge filters than can be fitted with either Doulton slim line or Imperial cartridges with configuration of 7 cartridges, 14, 16, 21, 24 ... and up to 200 cartridges and price range $850.00 USD to $14000.00 empty.

Hello; I'm a freelance writer, currently working on a feature article for an RV-Specialty magazine, Trailblazer. I need to obtain digital images (either by email or FTP) of your water filtration products that apply to the RV (Recreational Vehicle- motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, etc.) market. This would include faucet-mounted, countertop, and under-cabinet filtration products.

Doulton water purifiers are designed to be used with any water source other than sea water.
Enclosing the following products that best suit RV's crafts in .tif and or .eps format.
Pressure systems:

The HSS model counter top mounted directly onto the sink with built in on, off valve.
Under sink models HIP and HIS model supplied with a complete "do-it-Yourself" installation kit including "Pure Water Tap".
Model NP5 designed as a point of entry system. For specs follow this link.

For RV's and or campers without central fresh water system the GSS gravity unit can produce up to 20/80 galls./L of pure drinking water for drinking and cooking. The water source can be from river, lake, pond or even swamp water for that matter.
Gravity units specs

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Will the sodium from a water softener clog the filter?

The answer to your question is no and yes. The no part is that the Doulton ceramic candles does not remove dissolved beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and, in your case sodium. The yes part is that no well nor city water is as pure as not to clog our sub micron candle however the beauty is that the candle is easily cleanable with simple scouring pad many times over. Frequency of cleaning depend on the amount of the impurity of the incoming water and the amount of use, normally 3-6 months for typical household use.
You have to remember that if a filter do not clog then either your incoming water is "super clean" or the filter is not doing it's job by letting most of the impurity pass by.

I have a Franke filter system that uses the FRX01 Filters .I only see the FRX02 filters on your site.Is this the same? Can the FRX02 be used in place of the FRX01 filter?

Franke FRX01 is referred to the filter housing (the plastic part) FRX02 stand for the replacement filtration element (the ceramic part).

1.) What type of filtration system/s do you use in your products ?
2.) What products do you produce and have available ?
3.) To what level of purity are your products guaranteed ?
4.) How many litres, or after how long are cartridge changes required ?
5.) Is it relatively simple to attach your products to most faucets (concerning counter top models) ?

The link below answers your question 1

2) All products on our web site are available at all time
3) Let me answer to this question more graphically. Let's assume that you can pump water out of flooded river which is full of raw sewage through a Doulton filter which will produce high quality drinking water that will meet the most stringent potable water standards.
4) For example Supercarb candle filter for optimum performance is 4000 litres capacity or change once a year, whilst Sterasyl performance capacity can be up to 60.000 litres. All the specs are available on our web site in PDF (Acrobat) format.
5) Easily attached to any faucet spout either by a universal unthreaded adaptor (slips over the aerator) and or most common metric thread spout adaptors. No plumbing knowledge required.

Much, much more can be found at


There is a range of water purification products on the market and there is Doulton. Effective and cost efficient drinking water treatment technology.

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