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British Berkefeld NP5 Filter Specifications

NP5 system is made of epoxy coated aluminium base with a spun stainless steel dome it is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

When used in tandem (series of two systems one fitted with 5 microns string-wound candles) combination it can provide pre-treated water for use where complete purification is not necessary and or as a large capacity pre-filter for the fine filtering of clean, safe, drinking water free from pathogenic bacteria. Multi units installed in parallel higher flow rate can be achieved

Doulton British Berkefeld NP5 size

NP5 Side View

Plan view of NP5

NP5 Plan View

Technical Details

Typical Output Gals./L./hr* 400/1500
Max. Operating Pressure (bars/psi) 5/75
Min. operating pressure (bars/psi) 1/15
Water connection BSP/NPT

1/2 inch

Height (mm/in.) 430/17
Net weight kg./lb. 8/18
* Measured at 4 bars (60 psi). Output will alter proportionally with different water pressure.

Flow chart for various water pressures


NP5 require five, 10 inch (25cm) short mount candles which are supplied complete with sealing washers and cleaning instructions.

Various grades of candles are available to suit your requirements. The details and performance are shown below.

Grade of candle must be specified when ordering.


Clean Candle Properties: Sterasyl SuperSterasyl Supercarb Ultracarb
Flow rate per candle (Gals./L./hr. 80/300 80/300 50/200 50/200
Working temp. range (F/C) 40-100/10-25 40-100/10-25 40-100/10-25 40-100/10-25
Working Ph range 6.5-8.5 6.5-8.5 6.5-8.5 6.5-8.5
Bacterial removal efficiency (E.Coli) >99.99% >99.99% >99.99% >99.99%


For candle contaminants removal properties follow the links above to a printable page. To purchase spare ceramic candles.

Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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