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British Berkefeld™ Model NP5 Filter DISCONTINUED

By incorporating five (5) filter candles in the same system a a flow rate of up to 400/1500 galls./L./hr.* can be achieved producing filter units suitable for point-of-entry applications as well as commercial and light industrial use.

These systems have a proven track record of providing a reliable supply of safe drinking water to schools, restaurants and commercial premises. They are also a popular choice for small scale water bottling plants and micro breweries.

NP5 is manufactured in high grade materials to produce durable design capable of providing many years of trouble free service.

As with all British Berkefeld designs these filter units combine high reliability with ease of operation and can be fitted with a full range of candles allowing filter performance to be matched to the requirements of any local water conditions. Grade of candles must be specified when ordering. Cost of each candle is as follow: Sterasyl $68.50, Supercarb $55.00 and Ultracarb $59.00.
To buy spare candles

*Sterasyl candle flow rate @60 psi/4 bars

NEW! Doultonís unique 6 ceramic elements module water filter RIO 2000.

British Berkefeld NP5 water filter

Click on the photograph or link for detailed specifications.

  • Ipoxy coated aluminium base
  • S/S dome
  • Chrome plated inlet valve
  • Drain cock
  • Air vent
  • All 1/2 in. fittings
British Berkefeld NP5 Filter $943.70

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316 stainless steel construction, broad range of applications.
Lowest pressure drops, highest efficiency.
Easy access for fast cleaning or replacing candles, no tool required.


Underground water, surface water, tap-water, ultra pure water
Bottling plants
Food and beverage
Emergency drinking water supplies
And other applications requiring bacteria and cyst free drinking water

Grade of ceramic cartridges:

Standard | Sterasyl | SuperSterasyl | Supercarb | Ultracarb and Carbosyl

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