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When Purchasing a Doulton® Water Filter Make Sure Yours is Fitted With Genuine Doulton Candle

Genuine Doulton proof

Doulton ceramic candlesThe caps of genuine Doulton candles and cartridges are stamped with Doulton name and grade of the candle/cartridge (i.e.. Supercarb, Ultracarb etc.).

Unfortunately, there are candles of inferior quality that will fit Doulton housings. Therefore, for highest quality drinking water, all of our Doulton housings are fitted with only genuine Doulton candles. Why compromise the quality of your drinking water.

Doulton ceramic candles and cartridges are made of high purity diatomaceous earth (same earth as used in manufacturing the finest bone chine), and as such, they are pure white. Inexpensive clay filters are for the most part, non porous therefore their micron rating is meaningless.

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Doulton Water Filter Candles & Cartridges Technologies.. taking the mysteries out of the drinking water filtration.

Doulton and British Berkefeld are registered trademarks of and manufactured in UK. A world renown forefront leader of the advanced ceramic core technology for aerospace, industrial and environmental applications.

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