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Our installation kits with Doulton systems

installation kits with Doulton systems Installation option 1: (Included) Using JG-M tee is very simple, no plumbing knowledge required. Simply shut your cold water valve (3), remove the 3/8 in. faucet riser nut (1), screw JG-M (2) onto the valve then reattach the riser to the tee. The supplied drinking water system tube is simply pushed into the tee outlet (4). If your shutoff valve is not working properly an optional shutoff valve (5) can be attached onto the JG-M tee outlet (4) by simple push in stem (6) then the filter supply tube into valve outlet (7).This option is ideal for braided stainless steel or reinforced polyvinyl risers with built-in nut (1). Click on the photo to see bigger picture in pop up window.

Install instructions in PDF format>>

John Guest tee Installation option 2: (Included) John Guest™ push-fit tee. The most simple and easy use of all options. Just cut your 3/8 in. riser*, insert the ends into the tee and it, you are done. This option is ideal for 3/8 in. metal or plastic risers.
* Most risers are 3/8 in. diameter either plastic, copper or chrome polished brass material. Install instructions in HTML format>>

Heavy duty piercing valve Installation option 3: (Optional) By securing this heavy duty piercing valve onto your 3/8 in. cold water metal riser or onto the 1/2 in. cold water copper supply line you simply made a tap for your drinking water system. All you need is a pair of pliers. The supplied drinking water system tube is simply pushed into JG valve outlet. This piercing valve also act as a shutoff valve. This option is only used for lack of shutoff valve.

Install instructions in HTML format>>

Use either option that will make your installation as simple as possible yet, durable and professional. Optional JG check valve available for EU and other code requiring regions.

Our Neoclassical high quality lead free solid brass taps

Mountain Plumbing faucets

Neoclassical chrome water tap Mountain plumbing faucets
Classic Victorian style water filter faucet MT1150 water filter faucet in oil rubbed bronze finish MT1203 water filter faucet in antique copper finish Single lever cold water faucet   Faucet for filtered water

The inside of our taps:

Ceramic disk valve in our taps All under sink Doulton drinking water systems are supplied with high quality taps. This quarter turn ceramic disk valve used in our taps will last about 50 maintenance free years of normal use.

Simple to use:

All connections are made with John Guest™ push-fit fittings.

JG connection

These are few of the reasons for our lifetime warranty policy. Should any of the Doulton systems component fail call us. We'll ship you new component at no cost to you. Pure and simple!

Doulton Water Filters - Quality Second to None!!!


Industry standard installation kits

Installation option 1... and only:

Have you ever tried installing one of these "standard" piercing valve that won't leak and last long? The compression O rings don't leak?

Low quality saddle valve

Laying on your back under sink against sharp cabinet edge trying to stop the valve leak is not a fun experience. Ask any plumber.


Industry standard connections:

nutsBrass or plastic nuts, ferrules, inserts etc.



cheap saddle valve None of these valves meet the local plumbing codes.




Industry standard taps:


Cheap faucet


cheap faucet


The inside of cheap taps:

Cheap faucets inner mechanism


Either valve 1 or 2 are fitted with rubber disk (washer) thin as a paper.

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