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Genuine Doulton® Ceramic Filter Candles for Portable Gravity Filters

Non - Chemical, 100% Totally Natural, True Absolute Sub Micron Purification

All Doulton ceramic candles are bacteriostatic - that is, self sterilizing for bacteriologically safe cleaning and handling.

Doulton ceramic replacement candles and cartridgesChoice of Sterasyl or Supersterasyl candles. Sterasyl candle is designed for microbiological protection whilst Supersterasyl is a Sterasyl shell packed with with selective activated carbon for chlorine, bad taste and odor, pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents reduction. Due to the carbon exhaustion change Supersterasyl candles every six months.

When not in use air dry the ceramic candle(s) for minimum of 24 hours then store in dry place.

These candles provides: 100% rejection of cysts and >99.99% of pathogenic bacteria such as cholera, typhus, amoebic dysentery, ecoli, colibacillose or bilharzia, anthrax spores among others. Depth filtration of particulates >0.2 µm (dirt, asbestos, iron etc). Test Results>>

Designed for British Berkefeld™, housings. They will also fit Katadyn™ TRK Ceradyn™, NewtonWater™, Gravidyn™, Artesa™, Epic La Natural, Berkey (Big, Imperial, Crown, Light, Blue, etc.), CWR Travel water filter and other gravity filter housings. Wing nut and gasket are included with every replacement element

The 2" OD candle are referred to as "Doulton standard". The 2 3/4" OD are referred to as Doulton Imperials.

Typical daily output per candle:

2x7 in.
2.75x7 in. Imperial
6.5/25 gal/L
10.5/40 gal/L

Doulton ceramic filter candle for British Berkefeld gravity filters
CN-SS-ATC7 2"x7" (L) Supersterasyl ATC ceramic candles w/lead reduction
media used in LP2, GSS2, GSS4 , GCC gravity filters also CWR, Berkey, AquaRain travel filters.
NEW ! CN-SSI-ATC-FL(L)Imperial British Berkefeld Ultra Fluoride 2.75"x7" (L) ceramic candle for gravity filters. Provides superior reduction of: Fluoride, Bacteria, Cysts, Particles, Chlorine, Organics and Lead.

Doulton Ceramic Filter Elements

Doulton ceramic drinking water filter elements utilize the natural properties of high purity specialized diatomaceous earths to provide a range of strictly controlled pore sizes giving maximum filtration efficiency together with high porosity for maximum flow. Doulton ceramic filter elements can be quickly and easily cleaned many times to prolong their working life.

The filter elements are produced using the latest ceramic techniques to provide a hollow porous ceramic which is fired at a temperature in excess of 1000 C. They are designed to operate with water flow going from the outside to the inside of the ceramic element. A variety of dedicated fillings can be placed inside the bore of the element to combat specific water contamination problems. For more details see Doulton drinking water filtration technology.

All the regular elements are produced in two inch (49 mm) nominal diameter. Standard lengths are five inch (13 cm), seven inch (I 8 cm), and ten inch (25 cm). For mounting purposes all candle elements are traditionally supplied with a food grade plastic mount which terminates in a 1/4inch BSP male thread. There are two standard length mounts; the long (L) mount is 1-5/8 inch (41 mm) long used in gravity filters, the short (S) mount is 3/4inch (19 mm) long used in pressure systems as well on most gravity filters.

0.9 micron absolute; 100%
0.5 - 0.8 microns; >99.9%
0.2 - 0.5 microns; >98%
0.05 microns; >90%


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