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Doulton under-sink drinking water system C100 series Doulton drinking water system I100 series

Euro Soft Look Neoclassical Faucet Included With All Under The Counter Systems

Euro style faucet in chrome
Click on the picture above for more details about faucet.
Exclusive packages with Mountain Plumbing faucet collection
Single housing systems designed turn raw water into high quality drinking water that will meet most stringent potable water standards. For city, well, lake or river water supply with no objectionable water odours any of these single housing drinking water systems will be more than sufficient to provide you with highest quality drinking and cooking water. Compare residential countertop models or inline undersink water filtration systems.

Reduction of fluoride, chloramine and lime scale

Doulton undersink drinking water system I200 series Compact, yet powerful system designed for "problem drinking water" that connects to your under-sink cold water line, without pipe cutting. Solves water problems related to: High levels of carcinogenic chemicals, metals and pathogenic bacteria.

  • Swampy, musty and metallic (iron) taste and color
  • Offensive odors due to chlorine, hydrogen sulfides (rotten egg smell), etc.
  • Reduction of chloramines, fluoride or soften drinking water- compare I200 series>>
Solve water problem

Doulton under counter drinking water filter I300 seriesFor "nasty" waters (total chemical and biological cocktail). Solves water problems related to: Bad taste, obnoxious odours and disgusting look. In most cases rarely one would encounter such a water. Compare I300 series>>

eliminate chlorine odor, hydrogen sulfides (rotten egg smell)

For brackish/salty well water with less than 2000 TDS (total dissolved solids) use our "platinum" reverse osmosis system fitted with Doulton Imperial Sterasyl cartridge as a biological barrier.

The Little Gourmet® Instant Hot System - Includes choice of hot water dispenser, heating tank, Doulton ceramic filter and all necessary hardware for complete installation. For piping hot, great tasting drinks and soups. The Little Gourmet® instant boiling water heater beat hot drink vending machines, kettles and urns hands down.

The Chiller® With Doulton Filtered Water.. so much purer, fresher, economical and convenient than bottled water.

absolute water filters for home

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