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Drinking Water Problems... A World Wide Concern
Water tables are no respecters of frontiers. Whether supply is plentiful or scarce, in the old, new or developing world, the need for drinking water remains.

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Africa - News about drinking water

Asia and Middle East - News about drinking water

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South America - News about drinking water


NY Times- Troubled waters keep Coke's Dasani off French shelves - March 26, 2004
PARIS. In a land where babies drink Evian and consumers pay a premium for 'natural,' revelations about chemical content threatens to sink a US brand.
"Waiting for Dasani..."
That has been the slogan, full of anticipation, on the French website of America's second biggest bottled water brand, as Coca Cola prepared to roll out its latest transAtlantic assault on the land of Perrier and Evian next month.

NY Times- Coke Recalls Bottled Water Newly Introduced to Britain - March 19, 2004
LONDON. Only weeks after it introduced Dasani bottled water into Britain, the Coca-Cola Company ordered a recall of some 500,000 bottles on Friday after finding excess levels of bromate. The chemical, with long-term exposure, has been linked to a higher risk of cancer.

BASA-PRESS- Moldovan Environmentalists Concerned Over Quality of Drinking Water - April 3, 2003
Data from the Ecologist Movement show that 50.3 percent of residents from settlements where the wells contain nitrates suffer from chronic diseases of liver.

Science News Online-Drugged Waters Does it matter that pharmaceuticals are turning up in water supplies
Chemists at an agricultural research laboratory run by the Swiss government were screening lake water for pesticide contamination when they ran across a puzzling result....

Water scare at Liverpool hospital
Patients and staff at Liverpool Women's Hospital are using bottled water after its water supply became contaminated.

Toxic waste spill threatens Spanish national park
Europe's biggest nature reserve is in danger of contamination after a Canadian-owned mining company's toxic waste spilled into a major river. Spanish authorities are racing against time to block further contamination.

Pollution turns Tisza black
The authorities in Ukraine have expressed concern about another spillage of contaminated sludge into the River Tisza, which they say has turned the water black.

Medieval' diseases on the comeback
Cholera and typhoid are emerging again as health threats on the fringes of Europe because of poor hygeine and sanitation, warns the WHO.

Water crisis warning
Water experts meeting in Geneva have warned rich and poor countries alike to tackle what they say is a looming gobal water crisis.

Transcript: Poison on Tap
Read the full transcript of Frontline Scotland's Poison on Tap, broadcast on Tuesday, 9 May.

Scotland tops water pollution table
A European Commission study suggests that some Scottish cities have the dirtiest domestic water supplies.

Bulgaria wants compensation for cyanide disaster
Bulgaria is considering whether to seek compensation from Romania for the cyanide spill contaminating the river Danube.

Pollution leaks into River Dee
Hundreds of thousands of gallons of industrial effluent have poured into the River Dee near Wrexham.

Chernobyl legacy mounts
A Ukrainian Government scientist says radioactive contamination from the Chernobyl accident will go on increasing for at least 60 years.

Pollution fears as floods continue
Germany sends its minister for the environment to inspect a flooded Czech chemical plant, where police are investigating toxic leaks.

Portugal withdraws Coca Cola products
The authorities in Portugal have ordered the withdrawal from sale of a batch of 50,000 cans of Coca-Cola after members of the public reported finding contamination in the drink.

Romania cautious on cyanide risk
Romania has said that it will wait for the results of tests before assessing the extent of environmental damage caused by a cyanide leakage.

Children face environmental risks
European children's health is under intolerable strain from environmental factors, and the situation is worsening, warns a watchdog.

Death of a river
The entire eco-system of Hungary's Tisza river has been wiped out in what is said to be the worst environmental disaster to hit the region since Chernobyl.

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Asia and Middle East

Daily Times, Pakistan - Twin cities water contaminated- September 29, 2004
ISLAMABAD: Fearing a cholera outbreak caused by contaminated water, the National Institute of Health (NIH) has tested 21 water samples and found that bacterial contamination is causing acute water diarrhoea.

MEMRI-Nuclear Scientists in Iraq: Citizens Stole Uranium and Other Dangerous Materials- May 1, 2003
"When order was disrupted, simple citizens - sorry to say - did not have containers to store drinking water, so they stole those barrels, each one containing 400 kilos of radioactive uranium. Some of them dumped the powder on the ground in very large quantities, and others took the contaminated barrels to their homes, and the barrels appeared in various areas. They stored water in them, and had every intention of drinking from them or [using] the barrels to sell milk."

BBC-Iraq faces water pollution threat - April 29, 2003
The United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) has made an urgent appeal for hundreds of tonnes of chlorine gas to treat Iraq's drinking water. The organisation says that, without treatment, millions of Iraqis could face epidemics of water-borne disease.

Contaminated water affects millions in Bangladesh
A five-day conference is meeting to suggest remedies for the naturally-occurring arsenic that is poisoning Bangladesh's ground water.
86% relevance | 08/02/1998

Bangladesh arsenic crisis
Tests on 50,000 wells in Bangladesh have shown that around 40 percent are too contaminated with arsenic to provide drinking water.
86% relevance | 10/01/1999

Poisoned water endangers millions
Arsenic is contaminating water pumped from wells in Bangladesh, putting the lives of tens of millions of people at risk.
85% relevance | 27/03/1998

Arsenic poses stroke risk
Arsenic consumed via contaminated drinking water is linked to hardening of the arteries and stroke risk.
85% relevance | 26/03/2002

Fern eats up arsenic
Scientists discover a fern that thrives on arsenic and which could now be used to clean up contaminated land and water.
83% relevance | 31/01/2001

South Asia's water problems
The UN says that many of the 3bn people throughout the world who have no access to clean water are from South Asia.
83% relevance | 13/03/2000

World Bank pledges aid to help Bangladesh fight arsenic poisoning
The World Bank is to to provide thirty million dollars in aid to Bangladesh to combat arsenic contamination in its water supplies.
81% relevance | 29/08/1998

'Cancer-causing' prawns recalled in NI
The Foods Standards Agency tells nine NI retailers to recall certain prawn products after they are found to contain illegal chemicals.
77% relevance | 15/03/2002

Fresh India flood threat
The Indian army and navy are on high alert because of a new threat of flooding in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.
77% relevance | 30/08/2000

More rain feared in Orissa
Authorities in the Indian state of Orissa try to reach hundreds of thousands of stranded people, as more heavy rains are forecast.
77% relevance | 21/07/2001

Chinese troops battle cyanide spill
Soldiers are out in force in Henan province in central China in a bid to stem a spill of deadly sodium cyanide.
76% relevance | 05/11/2001

Mercury poison found in shark fins
An environmental pressure group says that tests conducted on shark's fins, considered a delicacy in parts of Asia, reveal dangerous levels of mercury.
76% relevance | 03/07/2001

Travellers 'ignore disease threat'
One in five British holidaymakers are putting their lives at risk by failing to get vaccinated before travelling abroad, a survey says.
76% relevance | 05/08/2001

India on brink of water crisis
India is facing an acute water crisis with soaring costs to public health due to pollution and water-borne disease, President KR Narayanan has warned.
64% relevance | 03/10/1998

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