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Doulton Chloramines water filter

Doulton Chlorasyl: model CN-CHL

An ideal choice for city water containing chloramines as a primary or secondary disinfectant. Three-stage ceramic filter candle innovatively designed to effectively remove or reduce chloramines, chlorine, bacteria, cysts, and suspended solids, all while retaining the beneficial minerals in your water

Compatible with the existing range of Doulton slimline filter housings, including but not necessarily limited to: IP100, IP200, IP300,CP100,CP200,HIP UC, HIP/DIY,HCP,HCPS.

CN-CHL 2x9 3/4 in Chlorasyl ceramic candle for Chloramines $50.36
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Why and What is Chloramine?
Antibacterial Enhanced anti-bacterial properties
Doulton ceramic filter candles have an anti-bacterial matrix integrated into the ceramic mix, which inhibits bacterial growth on the filter.
beneficial Retains Essential Minerals
Keeps minerals beneficial to health.
No power No Power Required
Cost effective to run. Protects without power.
value Long Life, Value for Money
Cleanable filter surface for prolonged life.
efficient High Efficiency Filter
99.99% plus filtration of bacteria, cysts, particles.

Chart of filter performance. Verified by Independent Laboratories.

Contaminants Chlorasyl®
Particulate Rating:
Absolute (>99.99%) 0.9 micron
Nominal (>99.9%) 0.5 – 0.8 micron
Pathogenic Organisms
Bacteria Removal E. Coli / Cholera / Shigella / Typhoid / Klebsiella Terrigena
Cyst Reduction
(including Giardia and live Cryptosporidium)
Chlorine Reduction @ 2ppm >97%
Chloramine Reduction @ 3ppm
Tested to 650 US gallons
Nominal Particulate Reduction CLASS 1
Turbidity Reduction >98%
Capacity: 6 Months or 1000 US gallons
3800 liters
Flow Rate
US gallons @ 45 psi
Litres @ 3 Bar

0.5 GPM
1.9 LPM


Dimensions: 2"x10" (S), 1/4"BSP Threaded Mount 3/4" long

Working Temperature: 42-100 degrees (F)

Working Pressure: 10-125 PSI

Recommended Cleaning Frequency: When the Flow-rate has noticeably decreased

Why and What is Chloramine?

More and more, municipalities have begun to use chloramine (often called monochloramine), which is a combination of ammonia and chloramine, as the primary disinfectant of its' water supply. More than 1 in 5 Americans are exposed to this toxin on a daily basis. Consumers have demanded a product that is efficient at removing chloramine for these reasons:

1. Like chlorine, it produces a strong chemical taste and odor to the water.

2. Exposure can be through ingestion and inhalation and can cause long term respiratory issues including lung damage, mucus membrane, skin diseases, along with short-term respiratory sensitivity.

3. Chloramine can produce even more toxic disinfectant-by-products than chlorine, such as; iodoacids.

4. Chloramine has proven to be less effective at killing bacteria and virus. Immune compromised individuals without a capable filter would still be recommended to boil their water to insure sterilization.

5. Chloramine is considerably more difficult to remove than chlorine.

Doulton USA is proud to introduce and offer you the Chlorasyl ceramic candle filter. Constructed of natural earth minerals, it features Doulton's Exclusive silver/ceramic technology reducing >99.99% of particles 0.2 micron and larger in size, including pathogenic bacteria such as E.coli, salmonella etc. Consider this as your economical alternative to bottled water, reverse osmosis, distillation and ultra-violet technologies.

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