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Water Purifier For Plumbed Cabins-Huts

IP100 water filter for cabins-huts-cottages
Water purifiers for cabins/huts with indoor plumbing

All Doulton pressure water purifiers- countertop or under sink - are ideally suited for summer and or winter homes that are on a well, community supplied water or pumped straight from a river or lake. For larger premises Doulton/British Berkefeld NP 5 model will deliver high output of finest drinking water. Cabins/huts that are not used in winter time (cold climate regions) a precaution must be taken to protect the water purifier by simply shutting the water supply to it and emptying the water out of the candle canister.
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For non plummed cabins-huts use British Berkefeld portable gravity drinking water systems.

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