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Drinking Water Problems... A World Wide Concern
Water tables are no respecters of frontiers. Whether supply is plentiful or scarce, in the old, new or developing world, the need for drinking water remains.

Up to the minute world news on water pollution>>

About Water in the News.(CNN,ABC News, BBC etc.) Please note: Articles will open in a new browser window however, does not in any way endorse any of these articles. They are properties of their respected parties.

Up to the minute world news on water pollution>>


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North America

New Report On Widespread Rocket Fuel Pollution In Food And Water

Published on March 7, 2005 by Coastal Post - Bolinas,CA,USA

In February the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) released its long anticipated report on the human health effects of perchlorates, a byproduct of rocket fuel. Perchlorates, which are a common pollutant near military sites, have recently been found in the water at concerning levels in 35 states as well as in 93% of lettuce and milk.

Lead Levels in Water Misrepresented Across US, Utilities Manipulate or Withhold Test Results to Ward Off Regulators - Washington Post - October 5, 2004
Cities across the country are manipulating the results of tests used to detect lead in water, violating federal law and putting millions of Americans at risk of drinking more of the contaminant than their suppliers are reporting.

San Jose Mercury News - Pollution found in more wells in Florida town. Tallevast residents start getting bottled water to replace drinking water from their polluted wells - May 27, 2004
TALLEVAST - Cancer-causing chemicals have contaminated a much larger area of groundwater near the former American Beryllium Co. plant in Tallevast than originally stated, according to tests by Florida environmental regulators.

BBC News - Coke recalls controversial water - March 19, 2004
Coca-Cola is to recall all bottles of its Dasani water in the UK, after levels of bromate were found to exceed legal levels.
The recall is an embarrassment for the drinks giant, which has faced criticism for selling what is treated and purified tap water.

Washington Post - District to Issue Warning on Lead. Health Advisory on Water to Target Pregnant Women, Small Children - February 25, 2004
D.C. health officials plan to announce today that all pregnant women and children younger than 6 who live in homes with lead service lines should immediately stop drinking unfiltered tap water and have their blood tested, a rare safety measure they say is necessary to safeguard the city's most vulnerable population.

Journal Sentinel - Communities ordered to reduce radium in water. 53 owners of wells must provide plans for compliance - June 29, 2003
MILWAUKEE, More than 50 owners of public and private wells in Wisconsin must decide by December how they intend to reduce the amount of radioactive radium in drinking water served to their nearly 500,000 residents, the state Department of Natural Resources says in notices of violation mailed this month.

CNN - Study Water supplies seen getting more scarce - August 24, 2000
The number of people living in countries facing severe water shortages will increase more than four-fold over the next 25 years, according to a report.

CNN - Water, water everywhere - but will there be enough to drink
Water is the most common substance on Earth, covering more than 70 percent of the planet's surface. Water makes up two-thirds of our own bodies. But the abundance of water is an illusion. Only a tiny fraction of the planet's water is drinkable.

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CNN - EPA orders dredging of New York's Hudson River
The Environmental Protection Agency has ordered the dredging of 40 miles of New York's Hudson River contaminated by potentially cancer-causing chemicals. About 200 miles of the 315-mile-long Hudson north of Albany have been contaminated by PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenlys.

KC Star - Sewage spill closes Kansas River drinking water intake
Water treatment officials in Johnson County have shut down the district's Kansas River intake after telephone company contractors laying fiber-optic cable bored into a sewage line.

KC Star - Fumes, foul water surface in region
In Missouri, MTBE has contaminated water in 20 towns. In Kansas, the chemical has polluted 19 of the state's 1,122 public water supplies since 1996.

CNN - EPA delays lower arsenic standards for water
The Environmental Protection Agency wants to withdraw Clinton administration-approved rules to lower the limit for arsenic in drinking water until more study is done.

CNN - Canada makes inquiry into E. coli-contaminated water system
False test results. Mislabeled samples. Drinking on the job. Testimony at an inquiry into North America's worst E. coli contamination, which killed seven people and sickened 2,300, shows a town water system run by two brothers who falsified records to fend off regulators.

CNN - U.S. Marines seek families exposed to chemicals
The U.S. Marine Corps is seeking thousands of people who lived at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, between 1968 and 1985, when they could have been exposed to contaminated water suspected of causing birth defects and childhood cancers.

KC's water crisis passes, but raises other concerns
A water-main break, believed to be the worst in the city's history, closed businesses and affected 150,000 people. It prompted officials to announce a boil order for drinking water. The order was lifted Tuesday morning after tests showed the water was safe.

KC Star - St. Joseph residents bristle at hard water and prospect of higher bills
The thirsty in St. Joseph can agree on only one thing about the drinking water -- it's wet. Otherwise, one person's refreshing thirst quencher from the kitchen faucet is liquid yuck to another.

CNN - Sewage water flowed in their faucets
The tap water at Zelma McCoy's house was the color of mud. Neighbor Christy Chua was bothered by the stench. "Whenever we'd take a shower it really smelled," she told CNN.

CNN - Utility knew of E. coli contamination but did nothing, Canadian officials say
Walkerton's water utility knew the town's water supply was contaminated but did nothing to avert what has turned into Canada's worst-ever outbreak of E. coli, according to health officials. The outbreak has killed five people this week, including a 2-year-old girl. Five other children and four adults are in critical condition.

CNN - Water quality suffers on Nebraska tribal lands
The United States has one of the safest drinking water supplies in the world, but the percentage of contaminated drinking-water wells on Native American reservations in Nebraska far exceeds national and regional averages, scientists from the University of Arkansas report.

Science News - More Waters Test Positive for Drugs
Over the past decade, European chemists have been documenting widespread pharmaceutical contamination of their lakes, streams, and groundwater. In San Francisco this week, U.S. and Canadian scientists offered preliminary confirmation that traces of drugs, excreted by people and livestock, similarly pollute American waters.

CNN - Legionella bacteria found at Baltimore County hospital
Officials at St. Joseph Medical Center banned showers and distributed bottled water to patients Friday after an inspection of the hospital's hot water system revealed the presence of the bacteria that can cause Legionnaire's disease.

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South America

BBC - Argentina fights flood waters- May 2, 2003
Authorities in the Argentine province of Santa Fe have blown up a dyke to help lower water levels following the most severe flooding in the province's history. Local health officials say the floods have also caused a dramatic increase in hepatitis and gastro-intestinal illnesses. They have said they will start vaccinating people to avoid the spread of diseases.

Llama dung reduces water pollution
A Tyneside scientist says he has found a way to clean up water pollution in South America using llama droppings.
81% relevance | 31/01/2002

Travelling fright: Illness abroad
The death of a British aid worker from lassa fever has brought home the dangers of tropical diseases.
76% relevance | 24/03/2000

Q&A: Allied Steel and Wire collapse
BBC News Online explains why the UK's second-largest steel firm fell into receivership, risking 1,300 jobs
75% relevance | 11/07/2002

Travel sick: what you can catch
Holidaymakers are ignoring the health risks of going to far-flung tourist destinations, with a host of infections waiting to strike them down.
75% relevance | 31/05/2000

Holidaymakers 'risk disease'
More than half of British holidaymakers visiting exotic locations do so without protection against infectious diseases, a survey shows.
75% relevance | 31/05/2000

Weeds fight back
They told us genetically modified crops would be clean. But is that true? Now, we're told, the weeds are fighting back.
64% relevance | 26/06/2002

Water bug cases exceed 100
Northern Ireland's Eastern Health Board says 106 people have now been hit by the cryptosporidium bug.
64% relevance | 26/04/2001

Water bug source 'identified'
The NI Water Service says it has identified the source of infection of the cryptosporidium bug which has caused widespread illness.
64% relevance | 25/04/2001

Controversial fuel additive to be banned
The United States has announced plans to phase out a fuel additive used in a third of the nation's petrol supplies, following environmental concerns.
64% relevance | 20/03/2000

Health checks after 1988 water poisoning
Parents who lived in the area of the Camelford water pollution incident are being urged to have their children's health assessed.
64% relevance | 15/07/2002

Fear and grieving in suburbia
People from countries across the world were lost in the WTC attack, but the small commuter town of Middletown, New Jersey saw its population decimated on 11 September.
64% relevance | 07/11/2001

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