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Drinking Water Problems... A World Wide Concern
Water tables are no respecters of frontiers. Whether supply is plentiful or scarce, in the old, new or developing world, the need for drinking water remains.

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Up to the minute world news on water pollution>>


Africa - News about drinking water

Asia and Middle East - News about drinking water

Australia - News about drinking water

Europe - News about drinking water

North America- News about drinking water

South America - News about drinking water


Fern eats up arsenic
Scientists discover a fern that thrives on arsenic and which could now be used to clean up contaminated land and water.
83% relevance | 31/01/2001

Business taps into Africa water
Businesses from around the world see potential in providing clean drinking water and improved sanitation in the developing world.
83% relevance | 22/04/2002
SA steel giant 'polluting water'
Steel giant Iscor is taken to court in one of the most important environmental legal battles in South Africa's history.
81% relevance | 30/09/2002

Call for world water clean-up
The World Health Organisation suggests a series of simple measures to clean up water supplies using chlorine and sunlight.
80% relevance | 22/03/2001

Cholera spreads in Southern Africa
Five die of cholera in the Mozambican capital, while other cases are reported in Swaziland and three South African provinces.
79% relevance | 05/01/2001

South Africa cholera alert
All South Africa's provinces are put on alert as the government tries to prevent a cholera epidemic spreading beyond KwaZulu-Natal.
79% relevance | 03/01/2001

South Africa tackles cholera outbreakThe South African Government embarks on a new strategy to deal with its cholera epidemic following crisis talks with the World Health Organisation (WHO).
79% relevance | 02/01/2001

Zambia's poisonous past
Zambia's mining industry was once the engine for economic growth, but environmentalists now warn of a legacy of lead contamination.
79% relevance | 09/08/2002

Aid agencies battle Congo crisis
Aid starts to arrive in Rwanda to help the victims of Congo's volcanic eruption, but most people have already returned to Goma despite safety warnings.
79% relevance | 21/01/2002

Warning over world's water supplies
Experts say the strain put on the world's water resources is set to get worse as the population grows over the next 25 years.
79% relevance | 13/08/2001

Nairobi's taps run dry
Nairobi is caught up in a vicious circle of water and electricity shortages, which have left Nairobi residents fed up and in need of a bath.
79% relevance | 18/08/2000

South Asia's water problems
The UN says that many of the 3bn people throughout the world who have no access to clean water are from South Asia.
79% relevance | 13/03/2000

Water crisis warning
Water experts meeting in Geneva have warned rich and poor countries alike to tackle what they say is a looming gobal water crisis.
79% relevance | 12/02/1999

A fight to the last drop
A senior UN official says he is convinced there will be a war over natural resources, most probably about water.
79% relevance | 01/01/1999

Cholera in South Africa spreads
South Africa is experiencing its worst cholera outbreak for 20 years. 64 people have now died, and the disease is moving into more provinces.
79% relevance | 12/01/2001

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Another Sydney water scare
Sydney's water supplies have been contaminated by parasites for the second time in a month.
85% relevance | 26/08/1998
Steer clear of Sydney water
As the authorities in Australia's largest city, Sydney, try to clean up the contaminated water-supply, the prime minister, John Howard, has described the situation as an international embarrassment.
81% relevance | 01/08/1998

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