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Under-sink water filters > IP200UC plus > Contaminants removal chart

Which Drinking Water System is Right for You? In most cases the least expensive system will provide you with highest quality drinking water that will meet and or exceed the most stringent potable water standards in the world.

Which of these Doulton residential drinking water systems will…
Remove turbidity from my drinking water?
residential inline system
Solve my common taste and odor problems, like those of chlorine and sulfur?
water taste
Reduces dissolved lead below EPA standards?
reduce lead water
Reduces particulate lead below 1/2 micron absolute ANSI standard?
0.5 micron
Removes 100% of parasitic cysts, such as Giardia, Entamoeba and Cryptosporidium?
removes 100% parasitic cystis
Reduces particulates like rust, dirt, oxidized iron and asbestos?
filter cryptosporydium
Removes pathogenic bacteria such as fecal, cholerae, salmonella etc. >99.99%?
pathogenic bacteria
Exceeds NSF/EPA standards for live cysts reduction?
NSF/EPA standards
Reduces VOC's (volatile organic chemicals), pesticides, herbicides and industrial solvents?
filter industrial solvents
Prevents bacterial growth and multiplication on the filter cartridge?
prevent bacterial growth
Provides better biological protection than RO, ultraviolet (UV) and bottled water?
better than RO
Removes natural minerals and oxygen that gives water spring-like fresh taste?
Softens water?*
Reduces fluoride?*
Reduces chloramines?*
Can be used on city water, well water or lake/river water?
can be used on city water
Can be used on sea water?
Can be used for travel including third world countries?
filter for travel
Cleanable, reusable cartridge?
cleanable cartrige
Using all natural filtration technology?
natural filtration
NSF 42 & 53 in US, WRC in EU, ISO 9002 international certifications?
NSF 42,53 in US

* The second housing of IP200UC+ can be fitted with a choice of sediment, fluoride, chloramines reduction or water softening cartridge.

For other options see I-series 300's or 100's models selector of Doulton point of use home water filters.

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