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Doulton and British Berkefeld Fresh Water Systems for Boats, Yachts, Offshore Rigs etc.

Freshwater Systems for Boats, Yachts, Offshore Rigs etc

Boat owners fill their water storage tanks at the docks and often from questionable sources.

Ideally, treated water should be consumed immediately after treatment to prevent deterioration. Water that is stored in tanks at room temperatures – as in boats, for this purpose – poses a special problem. Air, heat and “sloshing” of the water will quickly dissipate bacteria inhibitors and revitalize any microorganisms that the reserve chlorine had inhibited but not killed. This hearty new culture will render the water with objectionable odours and perhaps unsafe, producing slimes and algae in the supply lines and tank.

As you enjoy your days of leisure, protect your health by keeping dangerous chemicals and pathogenic bacteria out of your water with a Doulton water purifier.

Information on how to maintain a healthy fresh water systems>>

Doulton's Extensive Development Laboratories are continually setting new standards in water quality throughout the world. Their commitment to quality has been demonstrated by achieving ISO 9002 certification, certificate number 90082, tested and approved by:

  • The British Standard 5750
  • The World Health Organization
  • Department of Health (Toronto, Ontario)
  • Water Research Council (London, England)
  • University of Arizona (USA)
  • Spectrum Labs (Minneapolis, USA)
  • WRC (Buckingham Shire, England)
  • National Sanitation Foundation standards 42 & 53 (USA)
  • Hyder Labs, Cheshire England
  • Loughborough University, England
  • Thresh, Beale & Suckling Laboratories, England.
  • Clare Microbiological Laboratories, England
  • Severn Trent Laboratories, England
  • And Many Other Independent Laboratories Worldwide
  • EPA Reg. No. 69096-1 (Sterasyl)
  • EPA Establishment No. 69096-GBR-001

Over 170 years experience in the design, development, manufacture and supply of finest water filters. Today, Doulton is acknowledged world leader in water purification, with millions systems sold each year in over 150 countries.

Existing customers:

Medicines Sans Frontiers
US and Foreign Embassies
British Embassies
Crown Agents
IDA Foundation
Save the Children Fund

League of Red Cross
Green Crescent
Governments Agencies, US and other military, industrial concerns and above all by millions of satisfied individuals.

Doulton and British Berkefeld single candle marine-duty filters are manufactured in a range of proven filter designs for pressurized fresh water systems installation in undersink, or worktop locations. Ideal for small crafts providing about 1/2 gal./2 L./min. of safe, clean drinking water direct from your holding tank, river or lake.

Doulton worktop filterThese filter designs combine high reliability with ease of operation to provide a proven and tested solution to the problem of providing a safe drinking water supply in anyUndersink filter location and from any fresh* water source.

All water filtration systems are manufactured in high grade materials to produce durable designs capable of providing many years of trouble free service.

A full range of self sterilizing cleanable filter candles can be fitted allowing filter performance to be matched to the requirements of any local water conditions.

British Berkefeld marine-duty filters fitted with Doulton Supercarb cleanable candle remove chlorine, bromine and other disinfectants used in the craft fresh water system.

10.000 gallons boat/motor home water purification systemRIF-10 - Whole craft purifier system with 2.3 GPM flow rate . Pump your water directly out of lake or from your holding tank, 15.000 gallons capacity.

20.000 gal wahole craft water purifier systemRIF20 - Discontinued Whole craft purifier system with 4.6 GPM flow rate, 30.000 gallons capacity. Replacement cartridges for RIF-20 >>

FSC3 - Salt free water conditionerFSC3 - Salt free water conditioner for small and medium size crafts with 3 GPM flow rate.


FSC6.2 - Salt free water conditionerFSC6.2 - Salt free water conditioner for large crafts with 6 GPM flow rate.
For more info on salt free technology >>


Large crafts water filtration system with up to 8 GPM flow rateNEW! RIF-10J - Large crafts water filtration system fitted with Doulton's multi candle carrousel with up to 8 GPM flow rate.

Rio 2000 Multi Candle Filter Module

The gravity British Berkefeld water gravity British Berkefeldfilters are perfect match for boats without fresh water systems such as antique crafts etc. Just top them up with raw water from lake or river they can provide up to 20/80 gal./L. a day.

The galley of HMS 'Discovery' features an original British Berkefeld water filter as used on the early expeditions.

*Any fresh water source other than sea and brackish water.

Boats manufacturers and stockist inquiry welcome.

UK defense standard approvedApproved to UK Defense Standard AQAP4 Reg. No. 1232580 Doulton water systems ISO 9000 accreditation Doulton water filters NSF approved Doulton water filters WRAS approved

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