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Instructions Manuals Specifications >> Countertop water filter installation

Doulton Countertop water filters CP100 and 200+ Series Installation Instructions

Now that you have bought a Doulton drinking water filter you have taken the first step towards protecting you and or your family from the dangers water-borne contaminants.

Remove the aerator from your faucet spoutRemove the aerator from your faucet spout. (See Figure A) Usually you can take it off with your fingers, if needed use pliers. It's a normal "right hand" thread remove by turning counter clockwise. Save the aerator in case you move your filter to a different location in the future.

Use adapters included with filterNext, simply screw the diverter valve on in place of the aerator. It will screw right on to most faucets without a problem. If the valve doesn't fit use one of the adapters included with your filter. (See Figure B.)

Diverter valve attached to the adapterPicture (Figure C) shows a faucet, which needs an adapter. The adapter is screwed onto the faucet, then the diverter valve is attached to the adapter. Remember that in most cases you won't need an adapter; the diverter will attach directly to the faucet threads.

Filter faucet diverter valveHold the filter upside down making sure the filter spout is facing the sink, turn on the cold water, start the filter (Figure D) by turning the lever clockwise on the diverter valve. This will divert water through the filter and ensure air purging. When you first start the filter, there will be a considerable delay while the filter fills with water. Eventually, water will come out of the filter's spout and let it run for 3-5 minutes and then let it sit overnight to condition the filter, then run the water through again. Your filter is now ready for use!.

NOTE: CP200+ insert white tubing for about ¾ inch into the back of the ceramic filter housing then pull back to ensure positive lock. To separate the housing hold down gray tube collet (round ring around the tube) while pulling the filter.


Cleaning, removal and replacement of the ceramic candle is carried out as follows:
Turn the filter upside down; unscrew the body from the head which will be full of water. The cartridge can now be unscrewed from the head and cleaned with scouring pad or stiff nylon brush under cold running water. (NEVER USE STEEL WOOL OR DETERGENTS. Use sensible hygiene procedures such as gloves and handle the candle as any fragile item. Cover the nozzle with plastic using the candle O-ring or rubber band, this will prevent internal contamination. The housing can be washed with dishwashing soaps followed by a thorough rinse. IT IS IMPORTANT to wash your hands thoroughly after servicing the cartridge.

Servicing countertop water filter VIDEO>>

CAUTION: Should the candle have been accidentally dropped and did not break do not put it into the filter, there may be invisible crack which can affect microbiological filtration effectiveness. Leave the candle in open space and let it dry for at least 24 hours. Fill a container with water, hold the nozzle in your forefingers covering it with your thumb then submerge the candle and observe for air bubbles. Should you see air bubbles discard it.

Should you have difficulty or questions about the installations please do not hesitate to call us at (toll free) 1 888-664-3336 in USA, +1 248.258.5500 all other regions or email us at

Thank you for purchasing Doulton water purifier and enjoy pure water for years to come as millions of individuals enjoying it in over 150 countries worldwide.

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Doulton ceramic filtration elements

Specialty elements for Doulton filters models CP200+, IP200 and 300 series

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