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Whole house water treatment systems>>  Iron, Sulphur and Manganese Removal Filters

ARAD well water treatment systems are the latest addition in a complete line of well water treatment options, the AquaRinse systems incorporating exclusive Ironsorb medias for complete removal of troublesome iron, sulphur and manganese in residential well applications. Made in USA by AquaCera®

    Conditions for Proper Operation:
  • pH 6.8 to 8.8
  • Iron <12 ppm
  • Manganese <5 ppm
  • Sulphur <5 ppm
  • Chemical Oxidants <0.2 ppm
  • Well pump sufficient to provide at least 5 gallons per minute continuous flow.

Please select model and port size. Model No. Price
Tank Size (inches)
Iron Removal
Service Flow
Height (inches) Media Qty
3/4 in copper 1 in copper port 1 in CPVC port

ARAD-FCE105 $1849.00
10 x 54
<12 ppm
1 cu. ft.
ARAD-FCE12 $2089.00
12 x52
<12 ppm
1.5 cu. ft.
100$ Shipping by UPS ground for lower 48 states
The benefits of the ARAD well water systems include:
  • 100% money back guarantee performance based on qualified water analysis report furnished to us prior sale
  • Easy Setup
  • No Chemicals for regeneration
  • No Chemicals required for pre-oxidization
  • No mechanical air injection devices
  • Annual Preventative maintenance only
  • Fully Automatic - Set it and forget it
  • 8 hour battery backup
  • Fully programmable for future upgradability
  • 10 year warranty on physical components
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Environmentally Friendly and Safe for our planet!
  • High levels of filtration efficacy
  • WQA Gold Seal Certified Media to NSF/ANSI-61 materials safety protocol
  • Eco Friendly Technology

Printable iron, sulphur and manganese removal consumer brochure>>


How do ARADs Function ?

The Ironsorb medias are capable of removing the unwanted contaminants for a period of 5 –7 years of
continued service without replacement.
These systems work on the premise of air injection directly into the unit during the regeneration process.
Regeneration occurs every 3 days during periods of no water usage whereby the filtered contaminants
are flushed to drain. There are no restrictions on the waste stream as no chemicals or byproducts are

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