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Reverse Osmosis Systems With Doulton Ceramic Filter


RO water treatment system feature high quality membrane technology using Doulton ceramics as membrane protection for bacteria and cysts removal as well as turbidity reduction down to 0.05 NTU. These T.F.C. water treatment units remove 10% to 20% more contaminants than other accepted systems. Ideal for mini laboratories, small shops and other applications not requiring double-pass RO water.
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Five Stage Reverse Osmosis System 75/280 gallons/litres per day

Standard Features:

  • Large 4 gallon storage tank NSF listed
  • T.D.S. rejection
  • Complete DIY installation kit
  • Compact design
  • 24 volt quiet booster pump to 80/5 psi/bars
  • Auto flush
  • Our Neoclassical faucet in chrome is a standard
  • 15 year limited warranty

  • 75 G.P.D membrane filtration
  • 5 micron pre-filter
  • 10 micron carbon block
  • Doulton Imperial ceramic cartridge pre-filter as membrane bio fouling guard
  • 5 micron coconut shell carbon polish filter
  • >99.99% bacteria removal
  • 100% cysts removal
  • Up to 98% rejection rate
Doulton ceramic bio-guard cartridge $249.95

Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis System 200/760 gallons/litres per day

200 gallons per day light commercial RO system with Carbosyl final filter
  • Large 14 gallon storage tank NSF listed
  • Compact design
  • 24 volt quiet booster pump
  • Inlet pressure gauge
  • Dual digital TDS meter
  • 20" 5 µm sediment filter
  • 20" carbon block
  • 20" coconut shell GAC filter
  • 2 - 100 G.P.D membrane filtration
  • Doulton Carbosyl candle as a final polish filter. Unlike conventional GAC polish filters Carbosyl considerably reduces the heterotrophic bacteria plate count (HPC).
  • >99.99% pathogenic bacteria removal
  • 100% cysts removal

Introducing soon high volume desalinators with various voltage and frequency pumps.

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