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Safe drinking water is often taken for granted, yet in many parts of the world reliable supplies of clean water are at a premium.
In many circumstances a piped supply is not available and surface water from rivers, streams or water holes present the only source of water. In this case the water may appear unclear and have an unpleasant taste, but more importantly is often a source for disease. Even clear and apparently fresh water may be polluted with disease causing pathogens.


Compare Premium Quality Mineral Water vs. Doulton Quality Water

Mineral (spring) water vs. Doulton water is fresher and  retains all minerals as any spring water

  • Based on the USDA 1194-96 Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals (CSFII), the average use of drinking water is 32oz./1 litres/person/day. From this it can be determined that an individual would consume approximately 365 litres of water per year.
  • The average cost of premium quality spring water in the U.S. is $1.50 /litres.
Premium Quality Mineral (Spring) Water
- 1st Year $547.50
- Subsequent Years $547.50
- Five Year Avg. $547.50
- Five Year Total 1825L $2700.00
Doulton CP100UC Countertop model 4.000 litres capacity (the least expensive)
1st Year $199.00
Cost/litre 5 cents, at this price you can afford to use premium quality water for cooking, rinsing salad etc., other than just for drinking.
4.000 litres spring water $6.000.00
Doulton water $199.00 a saving of $5801.00
Doulton under sink model IS100UC 4.000 litres capacity (most expensive)
- 1st Year $385.00
Cost 9 cents/litre
4.000 litres spring water $6.000.00
Doulton water $385.00 a saving of $5615.00
The next 4.000 litres cost using replacement element model UC10 $55.00
Doulton water 1 cent, at this price you can afford highest quality drinking water to use for watering your plants, give it to your favourite pet, etc.
4.000 litres spring water $6000.00 a saving of $5952.00

Switch from bottled water to a Doulton drinking water system and do away with:

  • High Cost
  • Inconvenience
  • Flat, Stale Taste
  • Possible Contamination
  • Water Rationing
  • Storage, etc.

News and articles about world water problems, about water pollution by CNN, ABC, BBC, Fox, NBC, other news sources

Washington Post - District to Issue Warning on Lead. Health Advisory on Water to Target Pregnant Women, Small Children - February 25, 2004

Coca - Cola Admits That Dasani is Nothing But Tap Water

Coke Recalls Bottled Water Newly Introduced to Britain

Troubled waters keep Coke's Dasani off French shelves

"What's on Tap? Grading Drinking Water in U.S. Cities" Report released on June 11th 2003 by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Compare Spring water vs. Doulton water

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