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Doulton Water Filter for Vacation Home

Doulton water filters for vacation homesThe last thing you want to do when enjoying your vacation properly, is worry about the water you drink. Whether your water is drawn straight from a well, river or lake and not adequately disinfected can contain pathogenic bacteria and cysts and if ingested can ruin your vacation, or your life.

While on vacation water should be for fishing, swimming, boating etc. By installing a Doulton water purifier for all your drinking and cooking needs that's exactly how it will be.

With it's exclusive all 100% natural multi stage purification technology, Doulton restore even heavily polluted water into safe, wholesome, great-tasting healthful drinking water without the use of harsh, distasteful disinfectants.

Doulton water is fresher, better tasting and less costly than bottled water and more convenient. With Doulton water you don't have to compromise the quality of your vacation.

The simple design of Doulton system assures a long lasting and easy to maintain device that can far outlast any other filtration system on the market today.

The gravity British Berkefeld water British Berkefeld gravity water purifier model GSSMini gravity fed ceramic water filterpurifier is perfect match for vacation home. Just top it up with water from your nearest pond, creek, lake or in winter fill it with snow. Portable filter can provide you with up to 40 gal. of delicious drinking water a day.

Fitted with 1-4 Doulton Supersterasyl ceramic candles these filters provide safe to drink clean water. Energy efficient, versatile and convenient alternative to bottled water, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet or rented bottled water coolers.

Doulton countertop water purifierThe Doulton countertop water filter CP100 model is versatile and economical attaches to your faucet in seconds. Compact, attractive and stylish finish complements any decor. No plumbing required.

Or permanently plumbed inline under counter Doulton water filter models.

All Doulton filters have an anti-bacterial matrix integrated into the ceramic mix, making the candle self-sterilising and inhibiting bacterial growth on the filter ceramic candles. The average ceramic filter pore diameter of 0.2 micron prevents even the smallest bacteria from passing through. In this way, the micro-organisms that cause dangerous illnesses including typhoid, dysentery, cholera, e-coli, collibacillosis, amoebic dysentery and bilharziasis are safely filtered from the water. Protozoa cysts including Giardia and Cryptosporidium, fungi, parasites, and spores are also prevented from passing through the filter. Activated Carbon Block of the Supercarb Candle entraps chlorine, iodine and other potential health threatening chemicals including insecticides, pesticides, and industrial solvents.

Doulton Water Filters for Vacation Homes