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Whole House Water Filters Backwash Valves Timer Programming

ACTC timed metered controller

Water softener backwash valve

backwash valve timer programmingInstallers Displays & Settings (1-99 Days Between Regeneration Option)

STEP 11D – From normal mode, press SET HOUR + UP buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds and release.

STEP 21D – Regeneration Time: Set the clock to the hour the regeneration should occur by using the UP or DOWN buttons. An arrow points to PM after 12. Press SET HOUR to go to STEP 31D.

STEP 31D – Days to Regen: Set the number of days between regenerations. The allowable range is 1 to 99. Press SET HOUR to exit Installer Displays & Settings.

Please Ignore Images to the left after Step 31D

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