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Now that you have bought a Doulton drinking water filter you have taken the first step towards protecting you and or your family from the dangers of water-borne contaminants.

IP100, IP200, IP300 & IS100 filters installation instructions using John Guest™ push-fit (speed-fit) tee.

John Guest& push-fit (speed-fit) tee john guest push fit installation Make sure that your cold water riser is not braided stainless steel or reinforced polyvinyl before you proceed with the installation. Should this be the case please give us a call and will send you JG-M fitting to ease the installation.

Water filter installationJG-T is designed to be used on smooth chrome, copper or plastic risers. Shut the cold water. Cut the riser on a convenient location, insert the ends into the tee for at least ¾ inch. Insert shutoff valve into the tee.

Faucet installation

Faucet installation: On stainless steel sink; drill 1/2 inch hole on the ledge of the sink using steel drill bit. On porcelain steel sink; drill 1/8-inch pilot hole with a steel drill bit, finish drilling with 1/2 inch steel drill bit at a low speed. On cast iron sink drill1/8 in. hole using carbide tipped bit followed by 1/4 inch bit finishing it with 1/2 inch. Apply masking tape onto the area you are drilling on porcelain and cast iron sinks to avoid enamel chipping and drill bit "traveling". For vitreous china sinks contact your local plumber or plumbing supply for further instructions.

Filter installation

Water filter constructionUnscrew the sump from the head. REMOVE THE CERAMIC CANDLE FROM ITS PROTECTIVE SLEEVE.

Install filter bracketInstall filter bracket using 2 large screws on a convenient position and line up the filter on the sink base cabinet wall. Screw in 2 small screws onto the wall of the cabinet half way through.
Insert tubing into the filter on front end of the arrow 3/4 of an inch. The other end of the tube is then inserted into the speed-fit connector of the “Pure Water Tap”. Open Pure Water Tap and let the initial water flow to waste for about 2-3 minutes.


Cleaning, removal and replacement of the ceramic candle is carried out as follows: Shut the cold-water valve. Unscrew the body, which will be full of water, from the head. The candle can now be unscrewed from the head and cleaned with scouring pad or stiff nylon brush under cold running water. NEVER USE STEEL WOOL OR DETERGENTS. The housing can be washed with dishwashing soaps followed by a thorough rinse.

If normal use of the filter is interrupted by holidays or vacations, the first quart/liter of water may have “flat” or “stale” taste. Flushing the system for several minutes after any prolonged period of inactivity will eliminate this problem.


Your Doulton water filter can also be diverted to your chilled water and or ice maker dispenser. To do so you need to cut the pure water tubing, install our speed-fit tee and connect your tubing. The 3/8x3/8x1/4 speed-fit tee can be purchased from us for additional $5.95.

REFRIGERATOR ICE MAKER KIT INSTALLATIONSShould you ever need to remove the tubing out of the speed fittings, simply press and hold the gray ring (collette) of the fitting while pulling the tubing. Please remember to cut the end of the tube before reinserting.

Should you have difficulty or questions about the installations please do not hesitate to call us at (toll free) 1 888-664-3336 in US, +1 248-258-5500 international or email us at

Thank you for purchasing Doulton water filter and enjoy pure water for years to come as millions of individuals enjoying it in over 150 countries worldwide.

NOTE: All Doulton water filters carry a lifetime* warrantee with the exception of the replacement candle(s). Should any of the components fail give us a call and we will ship you new component at no charge. The candles should be changed every 6 months to a year on a typical household use.

John Guest push-fit faucet connector

Faucet speed-fit connector

John Guest shutoff valve

Shutoff valve included in all under-sink residential systems

* For retail customers purchasing pressure filter directly from us.

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