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Fairey Industrial Ceramics have been involved in the manufacture of porous ceramic products for many years. Through a continuous and dedicated Research and Development program, new and innovative ideas reach the market. One of the most significant of these in recent times is the unique 'star' shaped ceramic membrane.

Membrane Specs
Housing specs

Ceramic Crossflow Membranes housings

Ceramic Crossflow Membranes


Ceramic Crossflow Membranes

The FICL membrane filter has been developed for efficient Crossflow Microfiltration. The filter channel's unique 'star' form both increases the filtration area and induces turbulence at lower crossflow velocities. Not only does this reduce the flow volume compared with a circular channel of the same diameter, but it also reduces the necessary pumping power. The Cost effectiveness of this process is therefore substantially improved. The individual Membrane elements are available for inclusion in either customer or OEM systems. Alternatively they can be specified fully fitted and sealed into standard stainless steel single or multi element housings.

Industrial Sectors Typical Applications
Pharmaceutical   Biomass Separation
Dairy Blood Plasma
Brewery Effluent Concentration
Chemical Sterile Filtration
Petrochemical Purification of Proteins
Food Wine Clarification
Water Treatment Fermentation
   Solvent Purification
Fruit Juice Clarification
Enzyme Concentration

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