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Commercial & Light Industrial Filters With Doulton® Silver Impregnated Sterasyl® Ceramic Cartridges For 100% Cysts Removal and >99.99% E.coli Reduction - Cleanable& Reusable For Over 50 Times.

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High Quality Stainless Steel Filters Fitted With Genuine Doulton® Cleanable Ceramic Cartridges For Economical Absolute Micro-filtration - A Practical Alternative to Costly Throw-Away membranes!

Ceramic cartridges for critical micro-filtrationThe ceramic cartridge membrane offers both; absolute dead-end filtration and depth filtration. Far more economical absolute micro-filtration than any thin film poly-carbonate, polyester or teflon® dead-end membrane or throw-away depth filtration membrane made of PVC, PVDF, PTFE, cellulose, nylon, polyethersulfone, polypropylene. For more details on how Doulton's ceramic micro-filtration works>>

Polypropylene cartridges for absolute filtrationThe ceramic cartridge is less expensive no matter what you pay for it than any absolute membrane because it can be cleaned and reused over 50 times. Unlike the man-made materials used in dead-end and depth filter membranes, Sterasyl® have pure silver through-out the ceramic shell preventing bacterial growth for safe handling and cleaning. Cartridge efficiency is >99.99% at 0.9 µm absolute (0.5 µm absolute ANSI standard), >99.9% at 0.5 - 0.8 µm and >98% at 0.2 - 0.5 µm. Tested with live cysts and e.coli to 100% removal of cryptosporidium parvum and giardia lamblia cysts and >99.99% e.coli bacteria removal.

Stainless Steel Commercial and Industrial Water Filters With Doulton Ceramic Cartridges HSS24 to HSS48
Twelve Round Models

We stock a complete line of twelve round models for flow rates to 48/180 GPM/LPM all 316L construction; band clamp, swing-bolt closures available. Knife edge seal at both cartridge ends to eliminate by-pass. Standard pipe fittings are 3" flange, BSP, grooved and sanitary connections available. Electro-polishing or passivation can be provided by special order. Protective poly-coat over stainless steel is standard finish.

Flow rate varies with other cartridges. To see the ceramic cartridge operating conditions in pdf format >>


  • Designed for industrial and commercial filtration needs
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction for durability
  • Band clamp closures for quick cartridge change-out
  • Knife edge seal at both cartridge ends to eliminate by-pass
  • Standard housings accept double-open-end cartridges
  • Adapters for cartridges with 222, 226 and fin ends available
  • Electro-polishing available for increased resistance to corrosion
  • Adjustable top plate for more cartridge options

System designed for industrial and commercial water purification needs

Adjustable top plate accepts variable length cartridges

Specifications & Pricing

No, of 9-3/4" X 2" cartridges required
Pipe size
Flow rate GPM/LPM
Shipping* weight lb.
Price in USD
3" flange
Call for stock availability. Toll free in US 1.888.664.3336 all others +
3" flange
3" flange
Doulton silver impregnated ceramic cartridge
Case of cartridges (25) $62.90 ea.

*Housing shipped empty F.O.B. factory, USA. The ceramic cartridges are shipped separately F.O.B. Michigan, USA or UK, which ever is closer to destination. Shipping cost will be confirmed prior shipping.

True absolute sub-micron water filtrationNOTE: For filters operating conditions follow the ceramic cartridge conditions and specifications>>

Clean cartridges at 35/2.5 psi/bars. Change cartridges when diameter reaches 1.75/45 inch/mm or approximately 50-60 clean out. Service log and 5 µm pre-filter highly recommended.

The single and triple element modules are ideal for larger pilot plant studies, either on site, or within a laboratory environment. Scale up from this modules is linear, therefore negating extensive installation of larger plant for verification of performance.

Note: Information and recommendations contained in this bulletin are believed to be reliable. User is responsible to determine suitability.

Model A B C D
HSS-12X2 39.5" 15.375" 10" 17"
HSS-12X3 49.5" 15.375" 10" 17"
HSS-12X4 59.5" 15.375" 10" 17"

Custom and higher flow rate can be attained by mix and match filters in parallel.

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1/3.8 and 3/11.5 GPM/LM flow rate* water filters >>

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